A Question Regarding Book Reviews

At the rate I am currently reviewing Created To Be His Help Meet, I will be reviewing it for years. This isn’t necessarily a problem except that I have other books I want to review in the same way, including:

I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by Joshua Harris

So Much More, by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkins

To Train Up a Child, by Michael Pearl

So I thought I’d solicit your opinions. One option is that I can start posting Created To Be His Help Meet installations twice a week instead of once a week. Another option is that I can start reviewing a second book and post one segment of that a week in addition to the segment of Created To Be His Help Meet.

I’m also going to start posting reviews of additional books, but just one-post reviews rather than page-by-page reviews. These books will be ones written about evangelicalism, the Christian Right, and related topics, and my reviews will be geared toward looking at what these books tell us about these subjects.

Your thoughts on all this?

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