Saying Grace: Paula Deen, Progressives, and Race

I am sure that it had to be hard for them. After all, it was clear that they were going to have to explain to their African American professor why going to Brixton was so uncomfortable. I had seen that look many times before. The search for the right words; the really right words that would convince both the teacher and their peers that their reactions were normal. I felt for them in that moment–knowing that they were facing a fear worse than being in Brixton–the fear of being perceived as a racist. They knew that if they said the wrong thing; used the wrong metaphor; emphasized the wrong syllable they would be marked forever, with the scarlet R that would make them outcasts–at least in our study abroad program. I wish I could have told them it was ok. I wish I could have told them to ‘be you’ and we will talk it out, interrogate it, and leave you to work it out. But I knew that if this ‘so-called’ group of ‘cool and informed college kids’ heard anything that sounded like an excuse based on race, these two students would be forever ostracized.

Now according to the party line, I was supposed to jump down these two students throats and explain to them the facts of historical racism and how they had been cultivated to fear anything with a skin color deeper than olive. I was supposed to hold up my fist, label them hate mongers; Fox Television disciples; and cast them into the utter darkness of a C- (these days anything below a B is considered the kiss of death amongst our grade sensitive co-eds). But I didn’t and I won’t.

When it comes to discussing race, progressives have little tolerance for intolerance–past or present. We throw labels around as easily as the Pharisees threw stones at adulterous women. How dare someone not have OUR enlightened view on the world!  How dare they not have been born with the innate view of justice, righteousness, and soul that we have!

So when Paula Deen’s transcript was leaked to the press last week, the script was already in place. The media would report that she used the “N” word–everybody would gasp–then the outrage would begin. She would be crucified by the New York Times, Facebook pundits, and of course, her fellow chefs. She would be tried by the court of public opinion who would judge her entire life’s work and character by the use of the “N” word in a private conversation. RACIST! we would yell. She would cry. Her business would be destroyed and progressives would declare victory.

Yet, here is the reality: Deen told the truth about her past. Knowing everything: her empire, her contracts, and sponsorships were at stake–she told the truth. She was more honest under oath than at least 3 US Presidents, several dozen Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, and Non-Denominational preachers and countless business leaders. Unlike the Pope, Joe Paterno, or Donald Trump, she acknowledged she hadn’t always gotten it right but that she and her company was committed to doing it better and were doing better.

Let’s get this straight. I am not condoning anyone calling me or anyone who looks like me by any racial slur. But neither am I going to kill someone’s career because they admit that they have in anger, fear, or IN THE PAST have used one. Here it is in a nutshell–Paula Deen has used the N word. She has either told or listened to racial jokes. She has probably said stuff and joked about stuff that went over the line. So here is the dilemma my oh so righteous progressive friends–any one who hasn’t–please step right up and throw the first stone. But before you reach down to pick it up, you better check YouTube; your best friend’s IPHONE; your high school squeeze’s slam book; or your grandma’s video tapes before you do.

Progressives Christians love to talk about grace except when they have to extend it to someone who has offended their political reality. The grace that we proclaim that washes us clean and entitled us to a new life is for everybody as long as they have not offended our politics. A cursory look at the progressive schizophrenic (and hypocritical) view of who deserves grace bears this out. Anthony Weiner shows his weiner to someone other than his wife–Grace abounds. My beloved Bill Clinton gets a handy j in the oval office–Grace abounds. Barney Frank shacks up with a male prostitute–Grace Abounds. President Obama–doesn’t close Gitmo; listens to our conversations; and uses drones to kill civilians–Grace Abounds. A woman uses the N word  AND admits it knowing that a great portion of her clientele is African American (I’d say Paula probably has used it more than that)–our verdict: Off with her head, her show, and her ham.

What really angers me is the fact that most of the people really tripping about Deen’s past are from the North. That’s not to say that Southern African Americans are passive about the use of racial slurs but we are also aware of the reality that mindsets don’t all change at the same pace and that if we judged every white southerner over the age of 50 by what they said in the past, we could never buy a car; house, or eat in a Waffle House ever again. Perhaps the reason that much of the civil rights establishment, the men and women who got their heads beat in on the regular, have not condemned Paula Deen is because they know the complexity of the human heart on matters of race. Moreover, they are also aware that someone’s past doesn’t predict their present. Perhaps they remembered that the same George Wallace that stood in the door at the University of Alabama saying that Blacks would never be welcomed, returned in 1985 to the campus to crown and kiss that year’s Black Homecoming Queen, my sorority sister Deidra Chestang at a time when our campus was threatening to boil over in racial turmoil. That kiss silenced the bigots that day and his words begged all of us to embrace a new South. Though we lost that game to Vanderbilt, that kiss symbolized the magnificent change that God’s grace can make in a man’s heart. Many African Americans are standing by Deen, especially those that through the years she has launched into business because they are judging her actions as well as her words.

The South, which houses the largest concentration of African American wealth, politicians, PhD’s, doctors, lawyers, and yes, even the most Division I head coaches in the 8 time BCS juggernaut SEC– is no longer the black and white film of Eyes on the Prize. It ain’t perfect. God knows it isn’t. Racism still exists in the South–as it does in the North, as it does in the East, as it does in the West. It still exists because people are not perfect. It exists because fear is far more comfortable than love. Yet a whole region of people should not be condemn because of its past and neither should a person.

The students struggled with their words–but in the end they learned. More importantly for all of us, their classmates were willing to love them through the process of naming their fear; embracing their root; and challenging them to find a new way of being. At the end of a very tense yet powerful discussion, one student said, “ well all we can say to this moment is–AMEN.” Indeed, Amen.



About Maria Dixon Hall

The Rev. Dr. Maria Dixon Hall is an associate professor of organizational communication/Non-Profit studies at Southern Methodist University and a commissioned deacon of the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church

  • Terri Davison

    Beautifully stated!

    • GoDeeper

      This post comes across as apologist at best & offensive at worst. What’s relevant is not what Deen did 20yrs ago, but how in the 20yrs since she’s continued to discriminate against black people. Society cannot sanction discrimination. Christ indeed instructs us to forgive, but Christ also instructs us that sin has consequences: Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

      • jpo321

        How has she been discriminating since? Seriously, I have no idea. As for reaping what you sow, it’s not up to Christians to enforce the reaping. It’s a consequence of sin. That gets lost when revenge is so sweet! Woe be the Christian that takes the reaping into their own hands.

        • Pam Nath

          You asked how has she been discriminating since? Here is just one story on that: You could find more by googling. I think this is such a big part of the problem is that this much more important reality is being overlooked and forgotten in all the focus on what she SAID.

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate
          • Pam Nath

            Thanks for this link. “If she is willing to acknowledge mistakes and make changes, ‘she should
            be reclaimed rather than destroyed,’ said Jackson, adding that he’s more
            troubled by ongoing racial disparities in jobs, lending, health care,
            business opportunities and the criminal justice system.” Its the racial disparities in jobs that Paula Deen has contributed to that are the most troublesome.

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate

            If you go back and re-read the article, that quote you posted does NOT refer to Paula Deen’s, but a reference to ALL COMPANIES across our nation.

            Paula Deen has enough money that she will survive easily but we can not say that for the food banks for the poor of Savannah. Without her donations there will be quite a few more poor people going hungry. It does not seem to matter that 3/4 of these people are of the black race. The implications of this lawsuit will hurt so, so very many people who look to her for help, even if she is found not-guilty.

            And you can bet that giving one white woman $1.2 million will help in no way but to make Lisa Jackson and her attorney happy.

          • Rachael Ustorf

            THis is another good article about what Paula Deen is really accused of doing, and saying the N word is only the tip of the iceberg.

          • philla12

            Huffington Post! Ah well.

          • Maceo

            When it comes to gays & illegal immigrants a lot of posters here say “we can’t tolerate sin” or “society must punish criminals”, but when it comes to discrimination they’re all happy talk & judge not lest ye be judged. Its a total, unBiblical double-standard. As individual Christians we’re supposed to forgive those who repent, but as a society we must punish criminals. If we jail illegal immigrants for breaking the law, there’s no reason not to jail those who discriminate for breaking the law.

        • GoDeeper

          Who said anything abt revenge? Society is allowed to exact punishment against ppl who violate the law–in fact its supposed to–unless you’re suggesting emptying all the prisons. I could be wrong but I suspect from your answer that you don’t think there should be any penalty at all for discrimination. And, unfortunately, it seems most ppl on this blog agree with you. How terribly disappointing. And just this week the Supreme Court said we didn’t need the Voting Rights Act b/cs the country was no longer racist. My Lord.

      • Darnell Moonda Fugate
        • Pam Nath

          You keep reposting this but I wonder if you’ve read it closely yourself. Jackson said “IF she is willing to acknowledge mistakes and make changes.” That is all the people you are responding to are trying to say.

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate

            But if you read all the articles and apologies Paula Deen has said she is sorry OVER & OVER AGAIN. She has already acknowledged mistakes and made changes in her life. What more do people want her to say?

            The problem is her brother is the one who should be going through the mill. The only reason this came about is Paula Deen has lots of money and her brother does not. I would hate to know that anyone would hold me responsible for what I did years ago.

            Besides, I commend anyone for telling the truth, not condemned for it.

          • yippeekayay

            People don’t care what she says. The ugly old men that write the news for us every day have a template. In their twisted Progessive-infested brains, White, Christian, Racist, Meat-eating, Fat, and Tea Party are all words that should be linked together at every opportunity. Paula Deen was a perfect target and she blundered right into their trap. This lawsuit was designed for this move. As soon as they had her on record they sprung their trap. They don’t care about the truth. They don’t care about Deen. It’s all about manipulating the minds of idiot college students and other dumb people, low information Ohbummer voters and so on. They love that they’ve got Deen cornered. Now they can link Racist and Southern White and Christian all that much more.

          • Robert Altman

            Could you possibly say something intelligent? The second you made fun of the President of the United States I turned you off.

          • yippeekayay

            Who cares?

      • Kenny

        Progressive Christians are wrong and Conservative Christians are right. Paula Deen has not told the truth and has not accepted responsibilities for her actions, and neither has her brother. If she had we wouldn’t be having this discussion about her. She would have settled the lawsuit before it went to court and admitted her faults to her accuser. We would have never found out about her racist views or her brother watching porn in the workplace. I have forgiven her and pray she turns her life around. But she can’t move forward by ignoring her past transgressions. It ain’t that easy and I am speaking from experience.

        • yippeekayay

          The lawsuit hasn’t gone to court. It’s still in discovery. She *was* trying to settle before the Lame Stream Media took matters in their own hands and made themselves her judge, jury and executioner. Way to be a lemming.

      • Ronald Green

        He also said “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Something you should consider. I am absolutely certain that there aren’t Any Skeletons in your closet, are there?

        • Maceo

          This makes no sense. Society has always punished criminals. Its blatantly hypocritical that many of the conservative Christians who regularly heap condemnation & scorn upon others are so quick to defend someone who admittedly is racist & discriminates. When it comes to illegal immigrants a lot of conservative Christians say its ok to toss them in jail & when it comes to gays its ok to kick them out of the Boy Scouts. But when it comes to someone who reminds you of ‘grandma’ then punishment is wrong & society should just overlook her mistakes–since, of course, everyone makes mistakes. Well, Martha Stewart broke the law too, and if she took her lumps then Deen has to also. … Double standards went out with Jim Crow.

          • Ronald Green

            Except for liberals like you who get to judge solely on hear-say. Double standards are the main stay of the left. And really, what ‘crime’ did she commit? Last I looked, saying bad words wasn’t a punishable offense. Unless you liberals have decided you don’t like the 1 st Amendment now.

          • Maceo

            This isn’t hearsay because we have her own testimony from a sworn deposition , Mr. Green. And saying n—-r is only the start of it unfortunately. She has discriminated against her employees for years now & its certainly against the law to discriminate. And if you’re a true “law & order” conservative you know and respect that. …If illegal immigrants can be jailed for a civil offense–which they normally are–then ppl should be equally jailed for the civil offense of discrimination…And btw this isn’t about politics its about morality, but for your information I’m a conservative Christian & a political independent–and a true believer in law & order… And, finally, unless you’re one of my few conservative brethren who don’t think illegal immigrants are criminals & shouldn’t be locked up, then you really shouldn’t harp on others’ double standards b/cs most conservative Christians certainly think illegal immigrants should be locked up.

          • Ronald Green

            Oh please… SMH. Deported… like every other country on the planet does. Hard to grasp I know, but that’s the normal result of illegally entering any country. Oh and if you Illegally enter Mexico, you’ll not only get locked up and fined out the wazoo, they’ll confiscate everything you have except the clothes on your back and then they’ll put you on a bus when you’ve paid your fine and then they’ll dump you on the American side of the border and say adios. Now get off your soap box and go protest at the Mexican Embassy. As to the rest of your rant, your idea of justice scares anyone with a brain.

          • Maceo

            It certainly scares racists.

          • Ronald Green

            Ohhh… throw out your pathetic race card. Now I know you’re just a liberal whack job.

          • Maceo

            You’re just a bigot pretending to be a Christian.

          • Ronald Green

            Hahahahahaa… Oh, that’s a good one. You assume to know someone you’ve never met and don’t Know anything about, but you Assume you do. Hahahaa… That’s rich. Have a good and happy life in Lala land. Bye…

  • jimbobka

    Thanks for this!

  • Ambaa

    I wrote a post about Deen too, but yours is so much better. You have really made the situation so much clearer for me!

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Thanks for this! All week many of my friends who weren’t raised in the Deep South like myself have been calling or emailing asking my thoughts on this and I’ve had to tell them pretty much what you’ve said. I’ve explained about race and culture and how in some different age brackets in the South that people still sometimes use that horrible word. Not surprised at all she did it. Not a fan of Paula’s because her food is so awful for your body but really, should she lose her business because of a foolish moment or two?

    • ahcl

      Losing her business after all the hard work she put in to make it a success is a high price to pay for using the N-word a few times. However, if the statements in the deposition are true, her use of the N-word are the least of her mistakes. Planning a plantation-themed party using an all-Black staff as a “cute throwback” to slavery times (she later scratched the idea). Allowing her brother who managed her restaurants to bully, abuse, and intimidate African-American employees and sexually harass women employees. I am not sure if she knew these incidents were continually happening under her nose, and the complaints made in the deposition ( were disheartening to read. But they happened in her restaurants, and no employees (of any color) should be subject to such treatment.

      • philla12

        There has been no verdict in this as yet….you are stating everything as fact. Can you direct us to a link (other than the statement of a woman who has decided she needs a million and Paula is the best place to go for it.) I can’t believe you haven’t heard many, many slurs and unkind words uttered before (maybe even hurt people’s feelings by the things you have said) but there seems to be such glee in bringing down someone just because they are successful. When I first came to this country years ago, a woman told me I was a wh… because all the women from my country were wh…. Maybe I should go after her and sue her. If only we could see and hear everything Deen’s detractors have said in the past! Like the Pharisees that walked away in shame, if truth were known many would have to drop their rocks and walk away in shame.

        • philla12

          Don’t just give me a down vote…be brave and post a response to tell me why you don’t agree. I’m interested!

          • GoDeeper

            I gave you a down vote b/cs this isn’t really abt you–or me. This is abt what that woman did to those poor black ppl who worked for her. You seem to be arguing that b/cs someone called you a w—e, its ok for her to call other people N—-R. That makes no sense at all.
            And in terms of justifying her behavior by saying her employees must surely have done something wrong too…Well, golly gee, why not just let everyone out of jail b/cs we know that those cops surely, just must have, done something wrong too.
            By this logic no one is guilty of anything as long as anyone is guilty of something. Discrimination deserves punishment same as any other crime. Its a hard lesson to learn; but then crime always is.

          • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

            as the man above said no one has proven anything just the word of someone else.

          • GoDeeper

            I’ve watched Deen’s apologies–all 3 of them–she looks guilty as sin to me.

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate

            And anyone is supposed to care that YOU think Paula Deen LOOKS to be ‘guilty as sin’? And you have the gall to even voice an opinion when you are only going by how someone looks?

          • just wondering

            Oh Boy, you are just burying yourself deeper and deeper. Now she needs to be condemned because she LOOKS guilty to you!

          • Ronald Green

            Judge not, lest ye be judged.

          • GeorgiaPeach

            Aren’t we all guilty as sin? Didn’t Jesus say that man looks at the outward appearance while God looks at the heart? And would you really want to be judged by those who only looked at your outward appearance? Wouldn’t that mean that the better actor, the more believable liar, would be most deserving of forgiveness?

          • Dee

            For the record, the employee stated that she had never heard Paula use the N word. This lawsuit it not about something Paula did but something that Paula owned. The person that did the abusing doesn’t have the deep pockets that Paula has.

          • GoDeeper

            Its about both actually. She owned a restaurant at which she (and her brother) discriminated against black ppl. You own something, you’re responsible for it. That’s how the free market works.

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate

            Correction! Paula Deen owned a restaurant at which HER BROTHER discriminated against black people.

            At this point everything being said is all hearsay and many of your comments, and some others,demonstrate how easily and quickly people are willing to believe accusations as facts.

            You, nor anyone else, has a right to be her judge, jury and executioner.

          • Carol Diane O’Brocki

            This is true. I finally read the lawsuit document today, and most all of the things that were said and done to the woman filing the suit were done by Bubba. The woman worked at his restaurant and that is where 95 percent of the things happened in this case, according to the lawsuit. Why isn’t he the one they are going after? I mean if what I read it correct, why don’t you hear people putting him down? It’s like he wasn’t even a part of this, and yet it sounds like almost every one of the claims was done by him. I don’t totally get it.

          • Tanae

            I do not know about the employee… but in the deposition, Paula admitted she used it. She has not hidden that fact.

          • philla12

            This is actually about all of us, that we all have said and done things that we wish we could take back, you have done your part in contributing to the pain of others, and your response shows that kind of attitude. Anyone that condemns without clear evidence shows themselves to be eager to jump on someone else, to possess a very unforgiving spirit and therefore must have a lot of guilt on their own mind. “she looks as guilty as sin to me”!!! What a harsh, judgmental spirit that shows. Let us hope that you will not be judged with the kind of judgment you have meted out.

          • GoDeeper

            What Deen did is no more abt all of us than it was abt all of us when Joe Paterno did what he did. Is it abt all of us when the guy at 7-11 gets shot by some thief? No, its abt the thief..Discrimination is just like any other crime… You seem to be hung up on the fact that someone discriminated against you, or treated you in a sexist manner. That is equally as wrong as what Deen did to her workers, but what they did to you does not excuse what Deen did to her crew.

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate

            And it is equally wrong for you to judge and condemn Paula Deen based on what you do not know.

            What are you suggesting now that she did to her workers? As I keep posting YOU are making up things just to try to justify what you are posting.

            Not one of us has a right to be her judge and jury and condemn her for an ALLEGED crime.

          • philla12

            What you have JUDGED Deen did to her crew. You have judged and condemned her already. I’m not hung up on anything, (and that was discrimination by your definition) I just know that people can judge on the word of someone without bothering to consider the actual facts or having any real proof. And to bring up Joe Paterno, that’s like taking a sledge hammer to a gnat. Let’s wait until there are some concrete facts before getting on our high horses. There is a deposition out there, it will be investigated, but right now it’s just in the “she said” stage.

          • Chris Drolet

            I come from a very Southern Family, My Father was a Pastor of a Lutheran Church, I was raised and taught that everyone is equal, does not matter the color of their skin, or what they drive, or where they live, or where they work. I was raised to believe in the Bible, and not to judge others, least you be judged. So for all of you who are judging, throw the first stone, no one in this world or country is without sin. There are bigger things going on that should be looked at, or talked about, Paula Deen made a comment, big Deal. It’s in the Past. There is a saying, what happens in the past stays in the past. Forget and forgive, move on with your life. The one saying I love is the one my Grandmother said. “God made a baby, made him in the night, made him in a hurry, and forgot to paint him white”. In other words, all men and women were created by God. Yes there is Discrimination, but we can stop it, by teaching our children that it is wrong, and that everyone is equal, and should be treated with respect. It starts at home, not what your children or my children learn in school or on the streets. Children should say “Thank You”, and “please” and “Your Welcome”. Bullying is another act that needs to be stopped at home. I am not perfect, but I try to be, I believe that Morals are nowhere to be found, and that is what’s wrong in our Country.. No MORALS!!!!

          • SpHawks

            The one saying I love is the one my Grandmother said. “God made a baby,
            made him in the night, made him in a hurry, and forgot to paint him
            AND you think that’s ok? Do you understand how that sounds?

          • Chris Drolet

            Yes it is, did you not read, where I said “In others words, God Created all Men and Women EQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is not racist in any way….

          • SpHawks

            Let me get this right, you believe that saying is ok?! Unfortunately, you have a long way to go. What you wrote was ” In other words, all men and women were created by God. ” I guess what you really mean is all men and women are equal as long as they are white.

          • Chris Drolet

            So you are calling me Racist??? How sad for you, that you are judging me, when you do not know who I am. Will let me set you straight. I have several members of my family that are Black, and I love them very much. And no matter the color of someones skin, we are ALL EQUAL!!!! and before I forget my Grandmother was BLACK!!!! and she was the one who got that saying from her mother… Y’all have a good day

          • SpHawks

            How sad for you…you still don’t get it. I’m not calling you anything. Critical thinking is a huge problem for those who may not understand how to view simple little sayings that impart views of superiority. If we are all equal in the eyes of God, why would he have to paint the baby white? It seems we are still living in a time when the white person was deemed superior and “blacks” knew their places. The entire Deen family is alleged to have treated their black employees as “less” than, remember the 3/5th of a person? Seems as though not much has changed.

          • Chris Drolet

            Will Sweetie Y’all keep livin in the “those” times. And I will go on with my life, and treat everyone as equal. No I never treat anyone with harmful words, or harmful actions. I believe everyone who was and is created by God has a reason and a purpose on this Earth, those who don’t see, cause their eyes are blind to all of Gods Children, because of their Color, I will pray for them and for you.

          • SpHawks

            Ok, Chris. For some reason there is a lack of understanding what I am saying. Paula Deen and her sons used racial slurs, made the “help” use the back door, only one bathroom, wanted the (her words, not mine) N*ggers to wear black shorts and white shirts at her Plantation wedding in 2007 and tap dance like in a Shirley Temple movie, Brother Bubba wished he could put all the N*ggers on a boat back to Africa. How can you people defend her or her sons? That’s the whole point here. Racism is alive and well (well actually sick) in the South. I have witnessed it myself while on business in Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina. Keep thinking everything is fine. These alleged statements will be litigated, unless she settles the suit, but in the mean time hate continues whether you acknowledge it or not. Isn’t it the whole point of this conversation to say stop. That all people are created equal and afford everyone the same opportunities without prejudice? Recognize that words do hurt, marginalize ethnic groups and it’s time to move forward? It’s also time to call out those who abuse people in the workplace or anywhere for that matter. I hope you don’t stick you head in the sand and think it doesn’t happen anymore. It’s also important to understand history, both the good and bad, but especially the bad so that we are not doomed to repeat it. And please, don’t use the condescending I will pray for you spiel. I know exactly where I stand and it’s not with the Deen’s.

          • CassandraDawn

            you can’t just throw “all men and women equal” after something and pretend therefore it’s a statement of equality.

            your grandmother’s saying boils down to – god was in a rush and didn’t finish the job. black people aren’t “finished.” which is about as white supremacist as you can get. white is a complete and unhurried job and black is slipshod work . . . yeah, that’s pretty racist.

          • Chris Drolet

            My Grandmother was a black Southern Lady, I have family members that are black. She got this saying from her Mother.. I am white. And I love all my family , no matter their color. I also have quite a few friends who are black, and I love them as well. Do not judge me, you do not know me. Nor do you know my Family. God made man in his own image. Jesus was not a racist, he loved everyone, forgave everyone, and Died on the cross for everyone. Those without sin, cast the first stone. Can you do that???? I know I can’t, but I have been forgiven by Jesus. No one in my Family has ever been racist. Way back in Pre Civil War days, my family never owned any slaves, we did all the work ourselves, we helped them to escape to freedom. Now call me and my Family Racist.

          • CassandraDawn

            to quote myself “your grandmother’s SAYING . . ..”

            i made no judgments about people. i judged a statement and its content and i stand by that. even black people can say racist things. even nonracists can say racist things.

            now, i don’t know you and so i still won’t make a judgment but it seems to me that if someone tells you that certain words are hurtful you might want to consider that instead of arguing a point that wasn’t made. i didn’t call YOU a racist – i didn’t call anyone in your family anything.

            to say that god didn’t finish his work with black people is to state that they are inferior. your interpretation of it is nice but it doesn’t jibe with the words.

            your character is not something you make and be done with – you make it every day.

          • Chris Drolet

            Excuse Me, God’s work is never finished… He works in several different ways everyday. So God is not finished with Blacks, Whites, Asians. Or anyone of any Color, Race, or Creed, or lifestyle. So please Y’all have a good day. And maybe just maybe We can all get on with our lives.

          • CassandraDawn

            the statement says that he “forgot” to paint white – so the ‘correct’ version is white but god was busy. i think you well understand the point i was making. but . . . okay . ..

            if god’s work is never finished then wouldn’t it be arrogant for us to not keep working? to work to watch our words and our lives and re-examine them to be sure we aren’t adding to the divide?

            we should be getting on with our lives and i want my life to include always trying to better myself and the world around me.

          • Ronald Green

            Judge not, let ye be judged.

          • CassandraDawn

            unless the judging your doing is on all the black youth of the country, amirite?

          • Ronald Green

            No, you idiot liberal troll. My comment is specifically targeted to one person so try again and throw out your pathetic little race card where it isn’t directed. .

          • CassandraDawn

            yes, that comment is. on this thread. but i took a roll of the dice and thought – hmm, would i find this guy insulting black people at large on other threads. took less than 1.5 minutes to prove myself right.

            from three different threads: all the black youth of america are mad because they don’t have enough free stuff. black people are for democrats because they give them free stuff. and there was one more but i didn’t screen cap and i’m not going back into that wasteland.

            “idiot liberal troll” – dig deeper. all that anger and self-righteousness should be able to be channeled into something more creative. like what if you call me a “witless gadfly whose buzz awakened no one” or . . . hmmm, i don’t know but mix it up a bit. cuz i bet if i went back into the abyss that is your comment history i’d find that exact phrase used a few dozen times, amirite??! ;)

            take care now.

          • Ronald Green

            Hahahahah, you really are a libtard trill aren’t you! Witless gadfly, I like that one but it isn’t appropriate; more like the gnat I smacked into the window today. You can assume all you want, but always remember what that word, ASSume means.

          • Ronald Green

            Idiot & liberal go together like peas in a pod. You can hardly
            separate them and trolling is what your doing, so if you don’t like
            getting labeled with that, don’t do it. I almost laughed at the self
            righteous remark. But you’d really have to know more about me to
            understand why. But I’ll give you a bit there… 20 years in the Army
            taught me that the best defense is a good offense, so what you are
            calling anger is actually aggressiveness. But you do flatter me buy
            going so far back into my comment history. I, on the other hand, do not
            wish to research yours. If the pomposity that you display here is any
            indication, yours will be filled with more of the same and there are two
            things that irritate my greatly. One is a pompous azz, and the other is
            a hypocrite. Which is why I jumped on Mr. ‘I’m a preacher’ who goes by
            the tag of GoDeeper.

          • CassandraDawn

            almost missed this cuz you replied to yourself.

            i didn’t go so deep and i don’t know what self righteous remark you’re referring to.

            and i don’t mind being labeled by you. i’ve not seen you interact with anyone that you didn’t label so i knew what i was stepping in.

            hypocrisy and meanness are my pet peeves. and one can be aggressive or even angry without being mean.

          • Ronald Green

            And condescending pomposity are your stock in trade.

          • CassandraDawn

            i can see how it appears that way. martial arts taught me that the best defense is “don’t be there.”

          • CassandraDawn

            what’s a trill?

            ooooooo – gnat you smacked – dam! that stings — get it?

            you’re boring dude.

            but, for anyone reading – i didn’t assume a thing. i read your comment history. and you make broad damning generalizations about black people.

            and to stick to this thread – every other post of yours is you shaming someone for “judging” and the posts in between those are you insulting people and calling them names. typical.

          • CassandraDawn

            yeah, all i’m saying is if you’re going to be venomous put some work into it – have some pride in your craft. gnat that you smacked . . . meh. why are you smacking gnats into windows?

            anywhooooooo – i didn’t assume a thing. i read your comment history. and you judge black people in them. apparently, according to you, black people will do anything for free stuff and get really mad when they don’t get it. it’s all in your comments. i didn’t have to assume.

            as to this thread – in between all your comments damning people for judging are comments where you call people you don’t know vile names and dismiss them as people. how’s that cognitive dissonance working out for ya?

            now, since i did look through your comments – as an aside from this unpleasant exchange – thank you for your service to our country.

          • Ronald Green

            Vile names? liberal troll is a vile name? Hypocrite…. well maybe, but still accurate. Stupid? descriptive and derogatory, but vile? Libtard? Again descriptive and unfortunately accurate too much of the time. As to a ‘trill’, you can google it. Conjecture is not judging, sorry, but nice try anyway. If you can’t tell the difference, that’s your problem, not mine. What you don’t know and assume you do would fill volumes but that is often true of all us. To bad you don’t see that. Tell me, do you know LBJ’s reason for wanting his ‘Great Society Programs’ so badly? I do and it didn’t have anything to do with helping anyone … except for the Democrat Party.

          • CassandraDawn

            liberal troll is hardly the most vile thing you’ve said here. if you want to play semantics re: conjecture and judging . . . shrug – some places you’ve used conjecture and some you’ve flat out judged.

            i’m certain there is plenty i don’t know and i go and assume. further, i feel certain that there are places that i’m not even aware i’m making assumptions. but i made my statements here based on your comment history.

            as a good for instance about assumptions – - – you haven’t gone and assumed i’m a democrat, have you?

            let me ask you another question – what have you /assumed/ is my reasoning in engaging you in conversation/argument? do you think that i think this is going somewhere? do you think that i think at some point you are going to say, “oh, gee, i see your point?”

          • Ronald Green

            The only thing I have ‘assumed’ about you is that you are a liberal troll and you have emphatically proven that so that’s not assumption any more. And for where you think this is going, that’s a damned good question, perhaps you’re just wanting the last word to ‘prove’ your superiority, perhaps it’s become an obsession with you, or maybe you do think that you will ‘convert’ me to your view point, or maybe you’re just bored and this is a distraction. Where ever you think this is going, it isn’t so… What’s you’re point? Just trying to put me in my place? Is that all it is? If that’s all it is, I’ve got one word for you…. fail.

          • CassandraDawn

            how is that? that i’ve proven to be a liberal troll? i’m liberal because i think there is still racism? that’s really the only political stance i’ve made here. as to troll i’m actually the opposite – which reminds me . . .
            trill is the sound your tongue makes when you roll your rrrrr’s – which is very sexy so i guess that is appropriate for me

            boy howdy, you sure did make a lot of assumptions about my motivation, dintcha? there are more things under heaven horatio

            anyhooooo – the reason i’m actually sort of the opposite of a troll

            i said nothing that upset you nor was designed to nor anything off topic – i simply gave you a target. you obviously need to call someone names: stupid, idiot, liberal, troll, libtard . .. whatever. you were going after multiple people and at least one seemed to be actually upset.

            not my usual MO – i tend to seek actual conversations and if i get rebuked then i will be snarky in reply. not to say i never call someone out, but this much back and forth with someone that i know isn’t going to consider for a minute that there is humanity on the other side of the keyboard? nah. what would be the point?? i can’t imagine that you’ve ever seen anyone else’s point of view.

            and yes, for the record, i can see yours even though i may not agree with it. for instance, the woman suing – she probably is a gold digger. i just happen to think she’s probably telling the truth as well. the two need not be mutually exclusive. but i digress . . .

            anyway, this was kind of satisfying. i’m not frustrated because i had no expectation of civility, let alone exchange, and you have in fact left the other people on this thread alone and it didn’t cost me any effort at all – maybe a little more time than i should have spent but still.

            anyway, i’m sure you have your reasons for how you feel and what you do (don’t we all) and i hope that the online release serves to make your RL free of aggravation. i do thank you again for your service.


          • Ronald Green

            I’ll say this again…

            Quite honestly, I have no idea why you have kept at this, but I am now very weary of it. I have a bigger problem than discussing the inequalities of the world with you. I need to get ready to go and bury my half black nephew who died last night apparently from to much alcohol. You see, I told you that what you don’t know could fill volumes. So stop with your ‘racism’ ‘racist’ and hate. My nephew was a good man with a young son and a truly hateful black ex-wife. He will be missed.

          • CassandraDawn

            i told you why – so now i’ll try again – i figured i would take your fire for a while so that some others could be spared. that’s it.

            what any one of us don’t know about another could fill volumes; that’s obvious. all of us – you, me and the other people you were targeting – we all have our stories and our own pains. spreading pain around doesn’t ease it.

            i am sorry to hear of yours. light and grace and healing to you and yours.

          • Grazel

            Except that Paula so far has only been deemed guilty of discrimination by lynch mob. There hasn’t been a court ruling stating that she indeed discriminated, or permitted it to happen in her business by others. Would she still be a racist if she fired her young black employees who called each other a nigga (to use the supposedly acceptable alternate spelling) since they were black and only fired because they said a word that was ‘acceptable’ for them to say? You can’t demonize her for past use of a word that by the deposition implies it didn’t even happen at a time or place in relation to the case but also demonize her for punishing someone else for using the same word. The question was worded, then leaked, for a reason. It was meant to make her look bad in the court of public opinion. If she’d lied and said she’d never used it they probably would have provided just enough ‘proof’ that she had to brand her a liar. This is what is classically called a catch 22. I think she took the high road by choosing honesty rather than trying to save face and hope to get away with lying. Overall I couldn’t tell you if the case bears merit, or if Paula is racist and a bigot (some prejudice does not a racist or bigot make as we all have prejudices) since I’ve never been in one of her restaurants, worked for her, or met her. I however refuse to label her quickly just for being honest that she in the past used nigger when she comes from a time and place that at some point earlier in her life it wasn’t frowned upon and was much more prevalent outside of the rapper/ghetto subculture of blacks.

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate


            What are you saying that Paula Deen DID TO THOSE POOR BLACK PPL WHO WORKED FOR HER?

            Well, GOLLY GEE why not post FACTS. Accusations have to be proven. So far that is all that has been said.

            You have no right to judge and condemn her without FACTS.

          • Ronald Green

            So it’s off with her head, but when it’s one of your Northern Liberal heroes that do this, then it’s…… *crickets*. Happens all the time so don’t try to say it isn’t so.

          • John Waldrep

            “Those poor black ppl”! I won’t judge you to be a racist because of a poorly chosen phrase, but something tells me you’re not aware how racially insensitive that phrase is.

        • chris aguilar garcia

          it’s an apt comparison if the woman who called you that was your employer? was your livelihood dependent on her view and treatment of you?

          • philla12

            What are you talking about? Where did you read that Deen called a woman (the women who is suing) by THAT word? As I understand it, she’s white, so how would that affect her livelihood. No, my livelihood was not dependent upon her view and treatment of me, but my reputation was when that opinion was spread around. Many people do that kind of thing all the time, at some time I think most everyone has said something to hurt someone else (yes, including you and me) but in this pc society our first priority is to throw a tantrum and sue. We have become a nation of petulant children.

          • chris aguilar garcia

            I didn’t say paula used the word. the point i’m making is that a random woman making a comment about you is not the same as an employer making a comment about the employee. in other words, i’m saying that your experience is not the same as the woman filing suit. if paula yelled it as a person on the street, and that person sued, call that person petulant. the person who had to work in that environment? not petulant.

          • philla12

            Sigh…you have the facts mixed up….you are the only person saying that Paula said that about the woman filing suit. She didn’t. You are still judging Paula on the word of someone trying to get a million dollars out of her. It’s a bad idea to judge someone on such flawed testimony. Wait until the facts are verified before judging. And I mentioned my experience because you are judging Paula the way that woman was judging me and was encouraging others to judge me. And my whole point is: judging and condemning is a bad idea anyway, because we have all (be honest – you too? I know that includes every one of us) done and said things we should be ashamed of; it’s a sad part of the human condition, and none of us are guiltless. By the way, I have never watched Paula Deen, have no interest in her style of cooking, her politics are the polar opposite of mine, so I’m not blindly supporting her, but it’s time we all stopped this insanity of trying to destroy each other.

          • Ronald Green

            The woman suing is just a money grubbing troll so, is that better to you?

          • CassandraDawn

            how do you know that? the case hasn’t been decided yet, right? so there’s still a chance the woman wasn’t lying – unless we can’t judge people on trial but we can judge their accusers? hmmm, what is the difference there – must be some fundamental difference . . .

          • Ronald Green

            Because it’s white woman suing her for her brother maintaining a ‘hostile work environment’. She isn’t suing her brother because her brother isn’t worth as much as Paula. Make you feel better now?

          • CassandraDawn

            they own the restaurant together. are you sure that paula is 51% owner?

            btw, i like your tag line.

            edited to add: why the hell did i take you word for it? now THAT was dumb. the woman is suing both of them – paula and bubba. because they own the restaurant together.

          • Ronald Green

            Really? I was not aware the money grubber was suing both. Even so, she’s still just a money grubbin’ cretin who thinks her ship has come in off the hard work of somebody else.

            But do tell me, what is your theory of why black youth seem so angry? It sure isn’t that they’ve got it so bad. And please try to not whimper too much about ‘racism’. Give me something more than an excuse that most of them do not and have never had to deal with.

          • CassandraDawn

            or maybe it all really happened. what do you know for a fact that points to otherwise?

            i rarely whimper. but there is racism. if you think there isn’t well, you’re willfully blind. i could write a dissertation on what is unfair but i’ll write only two points because i am certain i will be dismissed 1. the education in black communities is completely subpar and 2. now, black people are more likely to go to prison (making up 60% of the prison population) but i’m sure that you believe they are just more likely to commit crime. after all, the justice system has certainly never been skewed in any way. so, put that aside – once convicted they receive longer sentences for the same crime as whites.

            now, all that said – black youth don’t seem any angrier to me than any other youth. (the occupy kids were, by and large, a sea of white faces). my conjecture here would be that you liked the way things used to be when black people showed you a certain amount of deference and you are reading the lack of deference as anger. not a judgment mind you – purely conjecture.

            but by all means, feel free to explain why you think there is no racism and on what you are basing that they “seem so angry.” and – why- if we should avoid assuming you would ask me instead of say . . . a black person, what makes them angry. certainly you don’t assume you already know everything.

            the demographic that seems angriest to me is white cis males 20-30 and 50-70.

          • Ronald Green

            Who said there was no racism? Except for you assuming that I somehow believe that. But perhaps that’s just your own projection. You want to think that, so to you it must be true. And ‘unfair’ is not necessarily ‘racism’. Show me any two things that are equal and have an even chance and therefore ‘fair’. You can’t because it doesn’t exist. All we can hope to achieve is equality before before the law and we still don’t do that very well. And all your propaganda doesn’t change anything, but your hate is showing. And to answer your first question.. what do you have that says it did, except for the allegations of a money grubbing sleaze bag? Let the tort lawyers have fun with it and make a ton of money off it and then we might know what happened. They are they real winners in these things.

          • CassandraDawn

            you implied.
            why do i want to think there is no racism.
            no shit dick tracy
            hate for who?
            i don’t have anything to say it did. you don’t want to judge deen as wrong because it hasn’t been proven yet but you want to judge her accuser. more cognitive dissonance.

          • Ronald Green

            Quite honestly, I have no idea why you have kept at this, but I am now very weary of it. I have a bigger problem than discussing the inequalities of the world with you. I need to get ready to go and bury my half black nephew who died last night apparently from to much alcohol. You see, I told you that what you don’t know could fill volumes. So stop with your ‘racism’ ‘racist’ and hate. My nephew was a good man with a young son and a truly hateful black ex-wife. He will be missed.

        • ahcl

          Thanks for your response. You are right that it is premature to accept the allegations as facts. I have no interest in seeing her “punished.” The descriptions of the supposed behaviors happening in these workplaces were just disturbing to read, so my reaction was an emotional one in wanting the situation to be corrected. I hope that the truth comes to light and justice is served, for whomever is telling the truth.

          • philla12

            I appreciate your integrity. It is heartbreaking to see our country so torn up and apparently wanting to see others hurt. As a teacher and a parent, I have seen so many hasty conclusions drawn before all the facts are in, and these companies and people climbing on the bandwagon before they really know what is going on is really disturbing. There were things my students and children did that they learned from and did not want to repeat, …can anyone honestly say that doesn’t apply to them?….. I know it does to me. It would be wonderful to see the same standard of respect and longsuffering applied to Ms Deen that we would like applied to ourselves and those we love. Thank you for your part in making that happen.

          • Ronald Green

            And so you rush to judge Paula Dean… again… hypocrite much?

          • philla12

            What in the world are you talking about….do you know? I have been outraged at the judgmental attitude of people who don’t even have the facts and jump to conclusions that she is a guilty, horrible person. People have been jumping all over me for a day because I have been defending her right to not be judged until all the facts are known, and then consider all the mistakes they have made in their lives and at least consider they have done things as bad, or even worse. How does that make me judging her and a hypocrite? I would be interested to know.

          • Ronald Green

            My apologies. I was in the wrong place and getting a bit short of patience with another. I was incorrect.

          • philla12

            No problem, this is making us all exasperated.

        • Elizabeth

          Go to the trouble to read the deposition. It’s said under oath, which is probably the only reason Ms. Deen admitted to saying the N word because she knew she’d be in big trouble if she lied in a deposition. educate yourself before you spout of. And then when you’ve read it, ask yourself if you or any one you care about should ghave to work undr thise conditions her brother inflicted on others and no one decided to do anything about it including Ms. Deen and their legal team. It’s despicable, she’s reaping what she’s sown.

          • philla12

            As so many people have pointed out, so many times, (of course to you this is “spouting off”), this is a deposition only, and strange as it may seem, that does not mean a judgment. Believe it or not, people have frequently been known to lie in depositions, especially when they are trying to get $1.5 million from someone. That is why depositions are not the final say in any litigation. Also fact, you, me, everyone on this sad old world have said and done things to and about others that are at least hurtful, and sometimes very damaging. Everyone is guilty of something, even if it is just judgment of another human being. That is why we are told “let him that is without sin cast the first stone.” Even the man Paula used the word about is appalled at the hypocrisy of the crowds yelling for blood, saying he has changed his life and from what he says, he really has. His attitude is 100% better than the crowd demanding her blood.

      • MindlessHack

        I am one of the few people that actually have read the deposition regarding the potential wedding party. She didn’t say what you assert nor did she say what the court of public opinion says she said. All of the negative comments regarding the party is attributable to the interviewer and it is important to note that Paula Deen frequently corrected the interviewer reminding him that he was drawing conclusions that she did not make.

        • ahcl

          Thank you for your response. I mistakenly referred to the lawsuit as the deposition – my error.

          I acknowledge that her brother’s alleged mistreatment of
          their employees requires further corroboration, before drawing conclusions about her responsibility as owner.

          Reading her deposition more closely, I see that her statements about the plantation-style wedding and having an all-Black waitstaff do not prove that she is a racist. God only knows why she wanted this, and I will not speculate further. I have no interest in attempting to read her motives and in vilifying her. I was dismayed when I read about her brother’s alleged mistreatment of their employees. Perhaps I was cynically too willing to believe that this happened without waiting for further evidence, given that racism continues to thrive in our society. I find it easier to dwell on the ugliness of human behavior, perhaps even more so when it is continuously highlighted in the media. Perhaps we could get more done in moving forward as a society when we make it our business to bring positive change to our respective spheres of influence, rather than to vilify each other.

  • Jesse Suphan


  • AnnieO19

    This was a beautiful and honest post.

  • cruzchix

    Thank you for an eloquent commentary on a very sad situation.

  • Marty Aguilar

    Ms. Dixon, I admire and respect your very cogent and profound posting on this issue. Thank you for writing this! I hear this and it gives me hope. It is so encouraging to hear a voice of reason on the issue of race.

  • AuntieCoagulant

    Brilliantly stated! Now I want to read all of your stuff!

  • Carleen Clay Duncan

    What a wonderful article. Thanks for taking the time to pen it. I too think that most of the folks who are disconcerted over Paula’s use of the N word are either from the North or too young to understand that it is just an offshoot of the word Negro. When the Portuguese brought the Negros over and sold them as slaves the owners made an attempt to say Negro but they pronounced it as Nigga and that’s how the word came to be. It simply means a dark skinned person. Everyone was okay with the N word until the late 80s when Jessie Jackson made a todo about it and coined African American and popularized it. Paula is being unjustly crucified and as we say in the south: what goes around comes around and the media, establishments and people and Ms Lisa Jackson will get their comings up.

    • Emr1970

      “Everyone was okay with the N word until the late 80s when Jessie Jackson
      made a todo about it and coined African American and popularized it.” Really? I was taught from the beginning of my life (1970) that that word was 100% forbidden. You can justify its use all you want, but that doesn’t make it ok.

      • Daisiemae

        And now Jessie Jackson is offering support to Paula Deen. He says that “she can be redeemed” and that she should not be made the “sacrificial lamb” over racial intolerance.

        • CassandraDawn

          and while i agree with him i find it a bit amusing that white people who have HATED him are suddenly, “well, jesse jackson said . .. “

    • REC

      No matter how you try to say it, it was used as a derogatory means of referring to a black person, The word also happens to mean a person of any race who is ignorant. So my feeling is when a non black person uses the “N” word, they are in fact calling that black person ignorant, or inferior to them, not all black people are niggers, just as all non whites aren’t.

      • CassandraDawn

        please look the word up. it does not mean ignorant.

    • ahcl

      Ms. Duncan: I believe that some people may sincerely use the word Negro and its derivatives as simply meaning “Black,” as the word’s simple dictionary meaning states. But too many other people have not. You state that “everyone was okay with the N word,” but does that make it right? Does “everyone” include those who were called it, and did they feel fully valued and respected as first-class members of society when they were called it? Or were they called “Nigger” (and grown men “Boy”) as they were spat upon, hosed, had dogs let upon, refused service, refused equal education, and lynched?

      Perhaps in countries other than the U.S. does the word Negro simply mean “dark-skinned.” Countries in which slavery was not embedded in its founding. We here have robbed the word of its neutral meaning when we used it to designate those whom we for too long treated as second-class citizens. “African-American” may be cumbersome, but it is a small “inconvenience” that moves us forward from the ugliness that was put upon the N-word and that it continues to carry.

    • GoDeeper

      OMG! What got Deen into trouble was the very same mindset that you have! The word N—-R has been offensive for 400 years now! And the fact that ppl like yourself are ok with the word N—-R is why society has to come down so hard on people like Deen who abuse others with it! I’m voting up your post because it so patently displays the unrepentant bigotry that makes racism such a problem in 2013.

      • Darnell Moonda Fugate

        There you go again… stating untruths about Paula Deen as if you are an expert but have not taken time to read up on this subject.

        Where do you get she “abused others” by using any racial slur?

        You are the one who just knows she is guilty because as you posted you watched all three of her apologies and her “LOOK” told you she was guilty.

        You talk about unrepentant bigotry being wrong so tell me what do you call yourself by being Paula Deen’s judge, jury and the executioner when you don’t even care enough to find out the FACTS of this subject?

    • CassandraDawn

      everyone was okay with it? the woman who wrote this article even says she doesn’t condone it. i’m thinking black people weren’t as thrilled about it.

  • Guest

    I enjoyed reading your post. I am in agreement about casting the first stone, I know I could not.
    Thank you
    Susan U

  • Martha Foy

    Thank you for eloquently describing what should be obvious, that issues of race and racism are not– excuse the pun– black and white issues. They are complicated. We should not be judged by the culture in which we are raised that affects our thoughts no matter how we hope it doesn’t; we can just choose to DO the right thing as often as possible. I do not know much about Paula Dean, am not a fan, and have no idea what is in her heart, but the point is that my job as a Christian is to love her and forgive her regardless…just as it is my job to love and forgive everyone else, no exceptions.

    • GoDeeper

      There’s nothing complicated abt racism and discrimination. N—-R has been an offensive word for, oh, about 400 yrs now.
      Saying we shouldn’t be judged for the culture in which we’re raised is completely unChristian. Christ holds us accountable for leading Christian lives irrespective of how our parents raised us. We don’t let the guy who robbed a bank go free simply b/cs he was raised by bank robbers!

      • Darnell Moonda Fugate

        And a true Christian will not take it on themselves to be Paula Deen’s only judge, jury and executioner as you are doing… all because you posted that you watched all three of her apologies and her “LOOK” told you she was guilty.

        • Lavender

          What does it mean to be a “true” Christian, exactly? How do you feel comfortable defining that as you talk about not judging others?

          • yippeekayay

            You sound very judgmental yourself. I take it’s okay to be a socialist and to judge others?

          • Robert Altman

            WOW-you are really something else. I am a supporter of Paula Deen. I JUST ate at her restaurant in Cherokee NC. The food is great. I am also a Democrat, white, male that hates racism and neo conservatives like yourself. That being said, I dont agree with punishing someone for an act that occurred 30 years ago. But your continued ignorance and constant blaming of the so called liberal media and our president is about as I can stand. The media reports the “news” get it…its news…The GOP and the conservatives think if disagree with them you are a socialist, un Christian, etc. No wonder I ditched the Republican party and right wing nuts years ago

          • yippeekayay

            You ditched them because you never really knew what you believed anyway. You have no idea what either a socialist or a neo-conservative is. You probably still don’t know what you believe. You just like being in the mainstream. I’m not blaming others for my problems. I’m just calling a spade a spade. You just don’t have the courage to really see the truth of what’s happening.

          • Mugwomp

            He’s working with 2,000+ year old superstitions and ancient texts. Give the guy some wiggle room…

        • Elizabeth

          I was kind of under the impression that in order to be forgiven, you had to confess to wrong doing and apologize and humbly and truly ask for forgiveness. What I’ve seen so far from Ms. Deen has just been one big “pity party”, a lot of “poor me, poor me” and not of lot of “poor them” that we treated like crap. Karma can be a —–!

          • CatherineA

            Elizabeth: She DID confess. She DID apologize. She HAS asked for forgiveness. You seem to be refusing to give her the benefit of the doubt with regard to her sincerity, based on… what, exactly?

      • Martha Foy

        You are correct. If you will re-read my post, that is exactly what I said…I am responsible for doing the right thing. I am responsible for fighting racism, regardless of how I was raised, and I am responsible for loving and forgiving all my fellows here on the planet. I never said that we don’t have consequences for our behavior; obviously we do and should and Paula D. seems to be receiving many. Is it enough for you? I don’t know. I do know that if you perceive her to be your enemy, your best bet is to pray for her.

      • Ann Fendesack

        It’s a word I hear every day from students, on the radio, and the movies. I hear it much more today than I ever heard it in Texas back in the day. Besides the point and I don’t want to hear the rationalizations for tolerating in in some contexts, but not others. Regardless of when or how or why she said it, the internet mob response is scary. This woman lost a lot of her life for something she said in the past because of the power of the internet and the smug, self-righteous response of the all parties. She is a person, not a sacrificial lamb. I think the point is that lynchings are unjust, regardless of the recipient.

  • Barbara Thomas

    Beautifully done. We have all made mistakes so let whoever has not made the Paula mistake cast the first stone. I also question if we cannot be on earth in tranquility how do we plan to be in heaven together.

  • Billie Korting

    wow wow wow So well said that I am left with no better words

  • BrotherRog

    Indeed. Ms. Deen was the victim of scape-goating. Our PC society lashed out at her admission (of a past usage of an ugly word) and then hung her out to dry in order to absolve ourselves from our own latent racism — or at least from our own past use of that term. Her honesty is to be commended — our scapegoating is to be repented from. – Roger Wolsey

    • Daisiemae

      I agree. I think most of the people who are so rabid against her are burying their own guilt or fear of being exposed.

  • Ken Owens

    Couldn’t have said it any better.

  • Sherry Walker

    Pretty awesome!

  • Gary Coltharp

    Well done…

    • Janie Perdue

      This was a great example of all people understanding that age and location are fundamental to how they were raised and may have reacted at one time. I agree wholeheartedly that the North and progressives are causing so much fuss; but, has anyone thought about the people who will be affected by Ms Deen’s loss. If most of here employees are African American, they may lose jobs, homes, etc.if they live pay check to pay check like so many other Americans. Ms. Deen has enough money to get by but what about the average worker. Are the progressives thinking about the workers who depend on the business for their lively hood. I agree words like the N-word are offensive and taught my children not to use this word and why. But what a person did 30-40 years ago doesn’t make that person who they are today. As we age we learn and grow, or so we all hope.

      Thanks again for this article that so clearly articulates what many are thinking but few are willing to say.

      • GoDeeper

        The reason for the suit–and it should be for $10M not $1M–is to make sure that if Deen goes out of business, those poor black people she RECENTLY discriminated against can still pay their rent, buy their groceries, and keep their lights on. I’m glad they’re at the top of your mind.

        • Darnell Moonda Fugate

          Here you go again… making us stuff to sound like you know what you are talking about.

          Racial and sexual harassment was ALLEGED to have happened in the workplace…alleged by Lisa Jackson who demanded $1.25 million in a settlement letter FOR HERSELF. The very same Lisa Jackson who testified
          under oath that she NEVER heard Paula Deen say a racial slur and NEVER saw
          Paula Deen discriminate against anyone.

          How in the world would any money, even if won by Jackson, “help those poor black people she supposedly discriminated against pay their rent, buy groceries, and keep their light on?”

          Oh, certainly you are not suggesting that Lisa Jackson would give any of them HER MONEY.

          Now that has made my day and will be laughing at that joke for a long time.

          • GoDeeper

            Well then the rest of them will clearly have to sue her too. I suppose that would make you happiest, right?

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate

            The rest of WHO will clearly sue Paula Deen?

            There is NO ONE waiting to sue Paula Deen… or do you know something the rest of us do not?

            What would make me happy is if we ALL were of the same race. But even if we were people would find other reasons to fight each other.

        • Daisiemae

          So how are “those poor black people” who work for her going to “pay their rent, buy their groceries, and keep their lights on” when their employer goes bankrupt and they lose their jobs?

          How are “those poor black people” who benefit from the millions of dollars Paula generates for charity going to make ends meet when all those charity dollars disappear?

          How are “those poor black people” going to manage when their jobs and charitable donations are sitting in Lisa Jackson’s pocket?

          Do you plan to step up and make it up to them? After all, it is you and scandal mongers like you who are stealing it from them.

          BTW, “poor black people” is pretty presumptuous and racist if you ask me. It makes an assumption that a group of people are pathetic and can’t manage for themselves (sort of like the old argument that slavery was good for Africans because the slaves couldn’t take care of themselves.)

          Now that you are making racist comments, can we get you fired from your job and make you a pariah across America?

          What happened to that Christian attitude that you are always bragging about?

        • Ronald Green

          You really are a sad little man and a hateful one as well. But that is typical of most liberals.

  • Joyce Hilburn

    What a wonderful message. This should be published on the front of the NY Times!

  • erikcampano

    Trenchantly argued.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      Trenchantly means forceful, effective, and vigorous argued. Why would anyone vote this comment down?

  • donna binder

    You reflect the kind of grace I hope to see from God one day.

  • Kelli Crackel

    Well said, Ma’am. I am in complete agreement that our past shouldn’t always dictate our present and future. Also, honesty should count for something.

  • Bonita J. Bays Axley

    Very well said! This Southerner thanks you!

  • Jerry Barlow


  • Dianne Shelley

    Thank you for summing this situation up so eloquently! I hope this viewpoint will open up some dangerously closed minds.

  • cbpenn

    Well said, Ms Dixon! I know of NO ONE who could’ve said it better. <3

  • Echo Moon

    this is probably the best thing i have read!!! woman! you rock. i love the fact that you speak from reason, experience, understanding and maybe forgiveness.
    thank you so much for writing this, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      You are so right as she does speak from reason, experience, understanding and yes, even forgiveness.

  • Debbie

    What a wonderful writing Ms. Dixon. You are a woman of grace, integrity, high morals, values and a kind and beautiful spirit. God Bless You!!!

  • Andrew Davison

    Simply and perfectly said. Well done.

  • Sharon Lee Ryce Reeves

    Amen! Beautifully said…. Shame… Shame…. Shame…. on the judgmental.

  • Marilon Furman

    What a great article. Wish more people of any color had the sense of this woman!

  • Beth

    Your blog post brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for a beautiful and eloquent voice of reason in the midst of the frenzy!

  • Stacy M. Baker

    Brilliantly said!

  • Dona Hill

    Thank you so much! Beautifully written. Yes, the human heart is what it is. The beautiful woman who helped me raise my children while I was at work for too many hours in a family business creating jobs and making good lives for other families was more of a mother to me than my mother. She taught me so many things about life and she lives on each day in my children who are now grown. Her important and I mean important job helping with my children was the same as with any of our other employees with medical insurance and also a retirement program. After over 20 years she retired. God bless her. Also God has blessed all of my friends who line up each Christmas as I give out pints of potato salad that is made just like it was made by her. Were things always rosy? No, but we learned and grew as a family. I even remember when her son became involved in drugs and was locked up for robbing a Fast Fare. My husband and I put our children in our vehicle in their pajamas and went down to the jail to bail him out. My husband waited in the parking deck as I used our house as collateral. We gave the son a job to get himself straight. We got him an attorney. Did he pay the attorney? No. He got probation but then violated his probation and went to prison for seven years. Today her son and I are still in contact and he has turned his life around. Not up to my standards but who is to judge. Doris is deceased now and I miss her so much.

  • Bob Meister

    Maria is an Uncle Tom.

  • Carolyn Huggins

    Thank you, lovely lady, for stating in such clear and factual terms, what everyone would profit from reading. Where I go to church, our “motto” is “This is a Place of Grace,” and everyone strives to carry that over into their daily lives. The “politically correct” seem to take joy in crushing Paula Dean, but not all who have fallen by the wayside.
    I believe also that those who feel so judgemental toward her, should begin worrying about all people, and how their actions are not those as we, as Christians, have been taught to do. Thank you for your understanding heart, Maria Dixon!

  • disqus_M3apN6HxiQ

    I got a C- on a paper once in my multi-cultural class when I wrote that I could empathize with the way people who were a minority in a society, because I had been a 20 year old pregnant college student for a few months with lots of stares and people treating me differently. This was in the 90′s . I wish you had been my professor. :)

  • mletort

    That was Awesome, Maria! Thank you for writing it!

  • Zigadenus

    Thank you Ms Dixon, for putting the thoughts of so many into words. I appreciate your honesty and candor and ability to look at the issues without falling into the messy name calling that is so prevailent today. I am sure that you have taught your students more from your example than they will ever learn from any book.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      I couldn’t agree more… nicely put.

  • Pam Nath

    Although I think we should extend grace to all, including Paula Deen, I’m really
    troubled by this article and the narrow way it frames the issue. This is not just about her using the n-word in the past, but about so much more, including and probably most importantly, her actions in terms of workplace discrimination. See for example,
    Also, what does it mean to extend grace? Does it mean that there are no consequences for behavior (including speech) which has hurt others? I think there’s a lot going on in the uproar over Paula Deen including the white culture’s resistance to seeing racism as anything beyond an individual attitudinal thing, which largely serves to divert attention away from structural racism in a way that undermines attempts at change. What its most troubling to me about this article is the way it
    colludes in this focus. Extend grace to Paula Deen, but also call her to repent for her sins–the sins of her action, as well as her heart.

    • GoDeeper

      Amen, and amen!

      • Ronald Green


  • LaDonna Martin

    Thanks for saying what I could not put into words.

  • Dick Knupp

    WTH was the swipe at Joe Paterno about? What part of, “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more” doesn’t sound like a man admitting to fallibility?

  • CarriePadgett

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s profound and full of truth.

  • ahcl

    As a Christ-follower, I agree that no one and no sin is beyond forgiveness, racism included. As Dr. Dixon has pointed out, Ms. Deen has not hidden her use of the N-word, and her honesty is commendable. The issue goes beyond her use of the word, however. If Ms. Lisa Jackson’s testimony as given in the deposition is true, Ms. Deen’s brother is guilty of bullying and abusing his African-American employees (as well as the women he sexually harassed). This happened continuously under Ms. Deen’s watch, in her restaurants. By not taking action against it, she has passively condoned these destructive actions.

    • vsdgrandma

      The article you refer to is not a is the lawsuit which is designed to add shock value.. Nothing has been proven. All this hype and rush to judgment is really a horrible testimony to how we have allowed the media to act as judge, jury and executioner. At this point it is all hearsay and many of the comments demonstrate how easily and quickly people are willing to believe accusations (as facts) and blow private conversations out-of-portion. Sad state of affairs.

      • ahcl

        Thank you for your response. I posted and referred to the lawsuit as the deposition — my error. Thank you for the correction. I agree that the media’s treatment of Ms. Deen and this case is out of hand. You are right that it is not anyone’s place to rush to judgment when the accusations have not been established as facts. If the allegations are found false, I hope that Ms. Deen recovers from the harm of being defamed. By the same token, I will not make assumptions about the motives behind the lawsuit brought against her.

    • Daisiemae

      “If Ms. Lisa Jackson’s testimony as given in the deposition is true”

      Very important words. If the testimony is found to be true, then of course, consequences should follow. And they should be serious consequences indeed.

      But entertain for the moment that the testimony is never proven or that the testimony is definitely found to be untrue. What then?

      How do we restore what has been destroyed? What do we do? Say “Oops, my bad?”

      Lives, careers, and an industry have been destroyed here all on the basis of accusation, rumor, and hysterical hype.

      How will that be repaired if Lisa Jackson is found to be lying? How will that be repaired if Lisa Jackson is being partially truthful and blame is only partially attributable to Paula?

      If it turns out to be true that Paula’s brother was indeed doing all these things, then why is she being punished for the crimes of another person. Remember, Lisa Jackson testified that she never heard Paula Deen use a racial slur or saw Paula harass anyone.

      If it turns out that Paula’s brother was indeed doing all these things, ow do we know that Paula even knew about it? What if it turns out that she was totally unaware? If so, then her reputation and career will have been destroyed because of the actions of another person.

      This is the problem. There is nothing but accusation, speculation, and rumor at this point. And devastating irreparable damage has been done without proof of any wrong doing on Paula’s part.

      And how can it ever be fixed if it turns out that Paula is innocent? That is the problem with meting out punishment based on media hype rather than solid evidence in a court of law. Innocent people get destroyed and the media and its rabid bloggers move on to the next victim.

      • ahcl

        Thanks for your response as food for thought. I acknowledge
        that the allegations are only that and agree with your assessment of the problem of punishment based on media hype and insufficient evidence.

        Perhaps I was cynically too willing to believe that this happened without waiting for further evidence, given that racism continues to thrive in our society. I was disheartened reading the allegations as yet another example of the persistence of racism and find it easier to dwell on the ugliness of human behavior, even more so when it is continuously highlighted in the media. Perhaps we could get more done in moving forward as a society when we make it our business to bring positive change to our respective spheres of influence, rather than on vilifying each other when we are guilty of wrongdoing, as we all are.

  • Jimmy in TxHillcountry

    You, Mr professor, obviously let your bias and self righteousness get in the way of your intellectual capacity for comprehension. Perhaps you should go back and read what this fine lady wrote again and again and perhaps you will eventually get it. You, sir, are exactly the type of people she was referring to.

    • GoDeeper

      Frankly, Jimmy, what this fine lady wrote is at best apologist & at worst offensive. The fact that you seem to condone discrimination & racism gives the Hill Country–an area I love–a bad name. You’re the one who needs to think “again and again” how racism & discrimination impact other people.

      • Jimmy in TxHillcountry

        I do not condone any of the sort GoDeeper. I do condone everyone putting this in the proper perspective and seeing this for what it is. Mob hysteria of the worst sort. The majority of the people screaming for her head are as ignorant of the facts as you seem to be. You have a fine day,,,,,,, sir.

      • wallace gary

        Enlightenment – if you don’t agree that my point of view is correct, then you are racist. That is basically what you are saying. Get over yourself. Nobody wants to hear how you love your country and how GREAT you are because you are not racist. We don’t need a history lesson. This is not the 1960s or 1950s and people do not think the same way. That word doesn’t even have the same connotations to this generation. She doesn’t owe you an apology.

        • GoDeeper

          No, she doesn’t owe me an apology she owes the ppl who work for her an apology. And Deen apparently thinks PRECISELY the same way that they did in the ’50s and ’60s or else she wouldn’t call ppl N—-R and discriminate against black ppl! You may or may not be a racist–I don’t know you–but you’re clearly an apologist for racists. And the fact that you can’t see that she’s racist, well, that suggests a extraordinary level of indifference or ignorance.

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate

            And YOU have the gall to suggest that someone other than yourself has has an extraordinary level of indifference or ignorance.

            You, who is judge and jury and condemned someone who has not even had a trial for an ALLEGED crime?

          • wallace gary

            Yada, yada, yada. There is no blinder man than one with a mission! Your one-track mind is just as evil as the racist you hate – a zealot is a zealot, no matter what side you are on. I guess since our country has went through the whole racism period, we have to go to the other extreme and go through the whole politically incorrect period. We can only hope that our country can stand the stress.

          • Ronald Green

            Judging yet again?, “if they don’t agree my hateful opinion, they must be racist.” A rather pathetic pompous opinion.

        • Darnell Moonda Fugate

          No use to respond to GoDeeper. If you read all the post this person has on here you will see very quickly they have no clue what is really going on. And certainly prove they have not read any of the FACTS about the ALLEGED so called crime in the Paula Deen case.

          • Ronald Green

            He has heard all he wants to, someone said Paula Dean is a “Racist”. Never mind she was about as far left wing liberal as you can go. To this clown, she is just a Southern White woman and therefore must be “evil” .

      • Ronald Green

        Maybe you should as well… hypocrite.

  • Katie Hutton

    I live in Memphis. Racism is a way of life here. I hate it. I grew up white and privileged. My grandparents had a cotton plantation with colored servants. Yes we called them colored. And black people called each other and themselves Negroes. It was not a slur. My grandparents called them “Nigras” which was a bit closer to the N word. My grandmother used to boast that she would do anything for the nigras, nurse them, give them money or whatnot, but she would never have them sit at her table. Do you think she considered herself racist? Heavens no! That was the way she was raised. Thank you Madam, for a thoughtful and honest evaluation.

  • Tricia D.

    Wondering too if it has to do with being a woman? All those examples of “Grace Abounds?” Men. Are we less forgiving to women?

  • kghart


  • Bill89

    Excellent response. It’s not what she did in the past but her current attitude that has gotten her in trouble.

  • vsdgrandma

    Excellent and well written. Truer words were never spoken. Again, AMEN, this to will pass and God is the only one who knows what is and was in Paula’s heart. The PC crowd will move on to someone else ……..yet their Brands have now been tarnished……for worse than Paula……..

    • GoDeeper

      You really think those ppl who are outraged at Deen’s discrimination are worse than Deen? What planet are you from, and what strange Bible did you pick that up in???

      • vsdgrandma

        Matthew 7.1 “Judge Not….so that you are not judged”. King James Version. Yes, people on either side of the isle do not have any way of knowing what is really in Paula’s heart. Only God does. Rushing to judgment, embellishing the circumstances and character assassination is just as bad as calling someone a name. Revenge and destroying someone who said the same thing being used in todays rap lyrics, black comedy routines, quoted on twitter, Facebook as of June 27,2013 (not 27 years ago) is also wrong. As usual, liberals have to hurl insults and cannot have a rational conversation. I was born in the United States…pretty sure the planet is earth.

        • GoDeeper

          We don’t know what’s in her heart? She calls black ppl N—-R, asks them to dress up like slaves at a plantation, and pays the employees who work overtime for her in beer. And you say we don’t know what’s in her heart??? Frankly asyour attempt to deflect the issue by bringing up twitter & facebook (lol) demonstrates that you don’t even care. Christ also warns us of false prophets & wolves in sheep’s clothing. Quoting Matthew to justify Deen’s racism seems pretty ‘wolfish’ to me.
          Honestly, ppl like you leave me more dejected abt the state of this nation–and esp the state of Christianity–than I could ever imagine. There is simply so much hatred out there. Still.

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate

            Here you go yet again… just making up stuff to sound like you know what you are talking about.

            Reading your many post it is clear that you do not have a clue as to what was said or done and have not even taken the time to even read what Paula Deen was ALLEGEDLY accused of…all alleged by a person who
            wants $1.25 million.

            Where did you ever read that Paula Deen asked her workers to pretend to be slaves at her brother’s wedding? I sure would like for you to post the link to that story but sure you can not fine any.

            And where in the world did you read Paula Deen forced her black employees to work unpaid overtime and gave them beer instead of wages? Would like you to post the link this story link too if you think you can find one.

            Have you even bothered to read the letter sent to Paula Deen demanding the 1.25M, were it was clearly stated that if not paid, his client would do everything they could to destroy the Deen brand?

            Guess he knew there would be people like yourself who would condemn her without a trial first. Just pray that no one ever accuses you of any wrong doing and your reputation is put at risk before your day in court.

      • Darnell Moonda Fugate

        I thought you just posted you were leaving this site.

        That would be a blessing since you refuse to base your words on truth but are so willing to make up the “facts” you are spouting.

        You say you are a Christian but you are so willing to condemn Paula Deen even before she has had a trial to find out if the ALLEGED accusations can even be proven.

  • Dave2240

    My take on the subject- The Lynching of Paula Deen-

    • GoDeeper

      Lynching is what they did to black boys & men who looked at white women back in the day. This is just society showing its disgust at discrimination & saying that we will no longer tolerate it. I read your blog. The fact that you’re attempting to deflect attention from her actions by citing the actions of someone else 30yrs ago indicates that you’re nothing more than an apologist yourself! Two wrongs don’t make a right. Have you ever held anyone responsible for being racist or discriminating against black people? Ever??? With your logic since one person 30 yrs ago got away with a racial slur, no one could ever be sued for discrimination again. Your theory is the same as saying that because OJ Simpson got away with murder, Aaron Hernandez should be able to get away with murder too. It doesn’t make an anthill’s worth of sense.

      • Ronald Green

        Still judging others…. hypocrite.

      • Dave2240

        Apparently, you don’t quite understand metaphors, or much else that you read, nor do you know anything about what I have or haven’t done with regard to railing against racism. It’s also apparent that you think the only racism that is objectionable is that which affects black people. Hope things are nice and cozy in the bigoted world in which you live.

  • Sweetie Berry

    Amen and Amen.

  • Peg Lucas

    Good article but why did you bring the Pope into it? And Joe Paterno, who said “in hindsight I wish I had done more”? If a person in a small crowd makes an intolerant remark concerning race, religious affiliation or sexual orientation it is most likely that someone in that small crowd has been offended. I agree with what my mom used to say, “if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all”.

  • Peg Lucas

    Good article but why did you bring the Pope and Joe Paterno who stated “in hindsight I wish I had done more” into this? I feel badly for Paula because she said something that she should not have and someone was offended. If you are in a crowd of say 30 people who are listening to you, and you make casual remarks about race, sexual orientation, religion, it is most likely that you have offended about 10 of those people. It is so easy to offend. Just like you offended me by the use of the Pope and Joe Paterno as examples.We all need to be more careful.

    • Barbara

      Maybe we all just need to be less offended.

      • Peg Lucas

        Not likely

        • Barbara

          Well, good luck with that. Being offended is a choice that tends to separate people rather than bring them together and foster understanding.

          • Peg Lucas

            Barbara, that would be great if that was how the human psyche worked. Being offended is not a choice, it is the result of many things, as you know, i.e. primarily past experiences. My point was that people, without meaning to, offend others all the time. I’m sure you have been offended by something you heard or read. And probably instead of acting on it, you just tucked it away as a learning experience. I like Paula Deen. She is only human, and did what humans do, and is being punished for it in a crazy, overreactive way. My response was not about me being easily offended, it was all about how easily it is for anyone to offend anyone.

          • Barbara

            Certainly in today’s society that has encouraged the elevation of self above all, it would seem incompatible with the human psyche. The idea of taking responsibility for our responses to things has been all but ridiculed out of existence, and yet it is the one hope that people have so that they are not eternally victims of their own “psyches” and what everyone else says and does. It’s freeing! But as with anything else, it takes practice to learn good habits and to humble oneself for the greater good.

  • SesameHealth

    You are truly inspirational. I wish all black white red green saw things from the viewpoint of reality and love as you do. The world would be a better place.

  • Chris Madison

    I am totally blown away, Maria. Your writing is so balanced and so fair. Paula said something, probably uttered without thought, maybe an epithet from her past, and voila! A lot of folks are ready to write her off! Jesus wasn’t like that. He said to forgive not just seven times, but seventy times seven! (I know that in some places Jesus is no longer in vogue!). Bless you, Maria. Bless you.

  • Daisiemae

    Maria Dixon,

    You are one classy lady! I wish I could shake your hand…better yet, hug your neck! I am crying right now after reading your essay.

  • Daisiemae

    Your position that Paula “doesn’t seem to have a clear grasp of racism even now” is somewhat off base.

    “Excusing it as a cultural bias is as bad as suggesting that someone who grew up in 1930′s Germany should be given a pass for anti-Semitic attitudes”

    If you look at Paula’s famous apology video on Youtube, you will see that she states that using hurtful language is “totally, totally unacceptable” and she specifically says “that is no excuse.”

    ‘her recent “black as a blackboard comment”

    On the surface, that comment certainly sounds derogatory. Out of context, it definitely is. However, if you watch the entire interview in which that statement was made, you will see that the comment was not meant to be derogatory at all. It was meant as an extreme contrast to demonstrate good relations between the races. A more accurate paraphrase of her comment would be “Yes, we have good race relations in the South. In fact, let me introduce you to my dear friend Hollis Johnson, and he is as black as could be.” Not a very elegant way of expressing it, but meaning and intention is everything…far more important than using perfect words but perhaps still having ill intent behind that perfection.

    BTW, if you think there was no legitimate reason for her to make the point that Mr. Hollis had particularly dark skin, you don’t know very much about racism. Historically, people with lighter skin were judged “better” than people with darker skin. In fact, one of the spurious accusations against Ms. Deen is that she showed preferential treatment to lighter skinned blacks over darker skinned blacks. So pointing out that her good friend had very dark skin was certainly a salient point in answering a question about race relations in the South. That video is living proof that the accusation of showing preferential treatment to lighter skinned blacks is ridiculous.

    As a matter of fact, when Paula introduced Mr. Johnson, she took him by the hand and kissed him. Mr. Benson, I have known many racists from mild ones to Ku Kluckers, and not one of them ever kissed a black man or woman. In fact, every racist I ever knew would condemn Paula Deen roundly using a specific slur that I would never sully my tongue or fingers with.

    “somehow thinking owning another human being is a quaint and charming aspect of our beloved South”

    Please point to the evidence that supports this outrageous statement. Paula certainly did not say that in her deposition. You will not find such a statement there. In fact, I would point you to Paula Deen’s episode on “Who Do You Think You Are.” When Paula found out that one of her ancestors had been a slave owner, she was horrified and sickened. At the conclusion of the show, she expressed her abhorrence and passionately stated “you cannot own another person.”

    Instead of repeating accusations and slanders that have been fabricated by people who don’t know Paula Deen (or who want $1.25 million from her), why don’t you look at the words of someone who knows her intimately. To find out whether Paula Deen is a racist, I look at the testimony of Pastor Gregory A Tyson Sr of the Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Tyson has known Paula for years. His testimony is “That woman can’t be a racist.”

    Pastor Tyson went on to enumerate all the wonderful charitable things Paula Deen has done for African American friends, employees, and charities that serve the African American community. One of those charities is the Bethesda Academy.

    Even Lisa Jackson, the woman filing the lawsuit, testified under oath that she never heard Paula Deen use a racial slur.

    When I think over some of the racists I have known in my lifetime, Paula Deen is their polar opposite. Every good racist would hate her for the aid, support, love, and friendship she offers to people of all races. Looks like they are not the only ones. Small minded people who envy her success and hate Southerners hate her too.

    I think it’s better to look at the evidence rather than get outraged by trash repeated on the media and by closed minded bloggers.

    • GoDeeper

      I bet you also think Trayvon Martin deserved to be shot… And that Obama is the Anti-Christ.. And if you’re representative of race relations in the South, then the South needs much more prayer than I thought. God help us.

      • Darnell Moonda Fugate

        You have it all wrong GoDeeper… By your post YOU are the one I am seeing that needs even much more prayer than I thought at first. Your total lack of being able to show forgiveness really saddens me.

  • Daisiemae

    Good point about sexism. Guy Fieri has openly disparaged gays and women. He demanded that his producer warn him whenever he had to deal with gays. Food Network hasn’t dropped him and the media hasn’t said a peep about him. It’s much more fun to persecute Paula with her big blue eyes, her Dollie Parton hair, and her Southern accent.

  • Daisiemae

    Racial and sexual harassment was ALLEGED to have happened in the workplace…alleged by a person who wants $1.25 million.

    Have there been any criminal charges against Paula Deen by the EEOC? Have there been any black employees who have approached authorities to complain about discrimination in the workplace? Have any criminal or government charges arisen from any such complaints?

    Or is there only this one person, Lisa Jackson, who is seeking money in a civil lawsuit? Lisa Jackson, who testified under oath that she never heard Paula Deen say a racial slur and never saw Paula Deen discriminate against anyone? Lisa Jackson, who threatened to ruin Paula’s reputation unless she paid hush money to the tune of $1 million.

    How do you know that racial and sexual harassment was ALLOWED in the workplace? All we have is Lisa Jackson’s unproven accusations.

    And which workplace are you referring to? Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House? The one that is run by her brother, where Paula has no regular presence? If any racial and sexual harassment actually happened there, who “allowed” it? Paula wasn’t even there. If someone “allowed” this harassment at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, what does that have to do with Paula’s contracts with Food Network, Walmart, Target, and Smithfield? They have no connection to Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House.

    Lastly, why do people full of hate who rush to judgement without any facts or evidence get to ruin a person’s life just because that person was accused of something. Accusations are easy and plentiful. Defending one’s innocence against spiteful pundits is not.

    • GoDeeper

      Alleged by a woman who want $1.25M? Pity her; she deserves at least $11.25M. Yes, 10X that much. When there’s a heavy price to pay for discrimination we’ll see less discrimination.

      • Darnell Moonda Fugate

        Do you really not read what you are responding to with your comments?

        Even Lisa Jackson states that Paula Deen has NEVER discriminated again anyone in her deposition. Please take time to read the FACTS.

      • Daisiemae

        Yes, because raising the ante would completely eradicate any incentive for Lisa Jackson to lie, wouldn’t it?

    • vsdgrandma

      Thank you for pointing out the facts, that seem to be lost on some people in this and other post. Paula has not been found guilty of anything. She could have lied in her deposition and this whole thing would not have exploded. Lisa’s (her accuser) deposition stated she had not heard or witnessed Paula using discriminating language or actions; so if Paula had denied it….their stories would have matched. Lisa based on previous letters she wrote was given the opportunity to succeed and become a General Manager. That does not appear on the surface to be a bad thing. Demanding 1.25 M in a settlement letter in order to remain silent prior to the actual suit being filed is generally viewed as very underhanded. The problem is now due to this outrageous outcry without facts, a fair trial or finding an unspoiled jury will be very difficult. At any rate, name calling whether it be blacks by blacks, blacks against whites, whites against whites, whites against blacks is something that continues today. Go out and read twitter, Facebook, listen to rap music and listen to certain comedians who use very derogatory comments and statements, It all needs to stop.

  • GoDeeper

    I’m sorry, Prof. Dixon, but
    there’s nothing complicated about discrimination.

    too, am willing to overlook what she said 20yrs ago to a man who held a gun on
    her, but I’m not willing to overlook her cruelty to blacks in the 20yrs
    since–and including very recently. She asked her workers to pretend to be
    slaves at her brother’s wedding. She forced her black employees to work unpaid
    overtime & gave them beer instead of wages. That’s plain

    Christ indeed teaches us to forgive–even those who steal, rape, and murder. But
    He also teaches us that those who steal, rape, and murder face consequences–as
    do those who hate and discriminate.

    So, yes, forgiveness is in order. And so
    is punishment.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      No wonder you have such a warped viewpoint of Paula Deen…

      Reading your many post it is clear that you do not have a clue as to what was said or done and have not even taken the time to even read what Paula Deen was ALLEGEDLY accused of…all alleged by a person who
      wants $1.25 million.

      Where did you ever read that Paula Deen asked her workers to pretend to be slaves at her brother’s wedding? I sure would like for you to post the link to that story but sure you can not fine any.

      And where in the world did you read Paula Deen forced her black employees to work unpaid overtime and gave them beer instead of wages? Would like you to post the link this story link too if you think you can find one.

      Have you even bothered to read the letter sent to Paula Deen demanding the 1.25M, were it was clearly stated that if not paid, his client would do everything they could to destroy the Deen brand?

      Guess he knew there would be people like yourself who would condemn her without a trial first. Just pray that no one ever accuses you of any wrong doing and your reputation is put at risk before your day in court.

      • GoDeeper

        To be perfectly honest, Darnell, I immediately forgave Deen soon as I heard that she had called that guy N—-R 20yrs ago. It was the more recent issues that caught my eye. And then I watched all 3 of her apologies. She clearly was unapologetic: You don’t apologize for a crime by saying: Let him without sin cast the first stone. Is that what the thief on the Cross said to Jesus? I didn’t think so… Here’s the link: that will update you on this woman’s heinous treatment of her workers: As a general rule what I find is that people who spend a lot of time apologizing for racists do so b/cs it reminds themselves of their own behavior. I hope & pray that you’re simply misguided abt the seriousness of her actions & the negative impact it has on others.

        • Ronald Green

          Just more allegations.

  • Melanie B

    Dear Maria, This is really a beautiful piece, a wonderful reflection on the need to extend grace to all people. So I was so sad to see it marred by a thoughtless bit of anti-Catholicism, especially on Patheos, a site dedicated to helping people of various faiths create bridges of understanding. You wrote: “Unlike the Pope, Joe Paterno, or Donald Trump, she acknowledged she
    hadn’t always gotten it right but that she and her company was committed
    to doing it better and were doing better.”

    I don’t know why you included the Pope in that list of people who don’t acknowledge that they haven’t always gotten it right, but he doesn’t belong there and to me as a Catholic it really rankled. (Honestly, I think that whole list doesn’t belong in this piece, singling out a list of people like that just seems to be against the spirit of everything else you have written here.)

    But about the Pope. Just Google “Pope apology.” The first thing that comes up is a Wikipedia page listing all the various apologies Pope John Paul II made about all sorts of things (I know, Wikipedia, but it does provide links to various news sources. That makes it a good place to start.)

    Next comes a letter from Pope Benedict XVI apologizing for the sex abuse scandal in Ireland: “To the victims of abuse and their families
    You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry. I know that nothing can undo
    the wrong you have endured. Your trust has been betrayed and your dignity has
    been violated.”
    Read the whole letter here:

    If your comment was meant to refer to the Catholic doctrine of papal infallibility, it totally misunderstands what that means. It doesn’t mean the Pope is never wrong or that he cannot sin or that he never needs to say I’m sorry. It only means that we believe that when it comes to teaching on matters of faith and morals we believe the Holy Spirit protects the Pope from teaching error. See this article:

  • Carleen Clay Duncan

    To all of you who replied to my comment. I am not trying to justify anything. I am simply trying to explain why the southern senior citizens use the N word even today. Maybe y’all are much younger than I am. I am 75 years old & the term African American didn’t exist until the late 80s-I never heard the term in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s & most of the 80s. I have been in the south since the day I was born and I understand that older white folks still use the N word today without any racial intent. If we want to slur the black race there are plenty of derogatory words we can use such as jigaboo, coon, porch monkey, spade, pickaninny and the list goes on & on. I also understand that people who live in the north think differently than we do about this subject. Personally, I don’t care what people call me as long as they call me to dinner and if everyone felt as I do there would be a lot less people up in arms over this Paula situation and the N word. I say let’s not be so quick to pass judgement and condemn Paula until we see how the lawsuit plays out. There will be plenty of time for y’all to hang her if she is found guilty.

  • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

    bottom line is while people have been so concerned about what one white woman said a man from the black peoples own race did far worse to them than Paula Deen or any other white person can do.. A Black man Clarance Thomas stomped on the rights that millions have worked for their right to vote so I suggest that this country get over paula deen and watch these republicans before the destroy what is left of this country

    • Victoria H. Yawn

      What about what the Democrats are doing to this country? It seems to me, it is far worse. Just look at how they are trying to destroy God and His commands for us. You have to believe in God first though, don’t you? I am afraid too many have forgotten Him.

      • Lavender

        Your personal beliefs don’t have supremacy over human rights. If you want religion to dictate social policy, please remove yourself to a country where they have not yet separated Church and State. In a democracy, you live and worship as you wish but you do not impose it on others.

        • yippeekayay

          what exactly is a human right? can you describe it to me? Everyone is religious. And oh, a true democracy has never existed. America has never been a democracy. It’s a republic. Go read the Federalist Papers. I’m assuming that in your entire “education” you never read them once.

  • chris aguilar garcia

    Anthony Weiner resigned his elected seat, Bill Clinton was impeached. How is that grace, but Paula Deen being fired is not?

    The sentiments of the post are all warm and fuzzy, but what does it mean? Turn the other cheek and see who else Deen chooses to discriminate against? Tell me how we move forward on race issues if we don’t have meaningful consequences.

    And as a person of color born and raised in the West, how long do we wait until it is acceptable to find blatant racism intolerable, and hold citizens of the USA accountable to raising to a level of justice and righteousness?

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      What blatant racism are you referring to and who has Paula Deen discriminated against?

      Even the woman suing her, Lisa Jackson, testified, under oath, she NEVER heard Paula Deen say a racial slur and NEVER saw Paula Deen discriminate against anyone. The same woman who threatened to ruin the Deen’s reputation unless she was paid hush money to the tune of $1.2 million.

      Since Lisa Jackson is white, tell me how will any level of justice and righteousness be reached by her being the only person getting $1.2 million?

      As far as I know not any other employee has joined, nor been asked to join, in this lawsuit.

      I agree that justice and righteousness should be everyone’s right but it will never happen in this world.

      • chris aguilar garcia

        “In her deposition, Deen said she was speaking of an experience she had had in which the wait staff was composed of black men in white jackets and bow ties, and that she had said she would love for Hier to “experience a very Southern style wedding” such as that.”

        well, there’s one example of paula’s blatant racism, right out out of her depo.

        • Daisiemae

          Black men wearing white jackets and bow ties! My God, the racism! How dare she suggest that black men wear white jackets and bow ties!

          • Darnell Moonda Fugate

            Sad indeed. People are people and I know EVERY ONE OF US has said something to hurt someone else in the past.

            Can we ever take it back, No. Can we apologize, Yes. That is all we can ever do.

            It seem that Paula Deen is to be hung out to dry for EVERYTHING we all have done.

  • KA

    I hope you all are as outraged as far as the use of the n word when you hear the blk rappers using it to the extreme in their songs, along with Whitey, cracker, bitches and ho’s. I hope you are all also sufficiently outraged with the high rate of single parents in the blk community. With the XL pipeline, with the lack of forward momentum on clean energy…. These arguments around the use of the sacred worse word in the world evidently, the N WORD, are so minor compared to the world at large. The env issues, overcrowded prisons, wars, climate change, overpopulation that I have just enough time to write this opinion on the Deen issues. My time is spent on worthwhile things; saving animals from worthless humans, trying to chg my senators votes, supporting my family, stopping the slaughter of wolves in the USA,,,,etc.

    • Ronald Green

      I wonder where the left’s outrage is over Trayvon’s use of the racially derogatory term “cracker”?

  • Tanae

    Ms. Dixon — Thank you for your well-written explanation on your view of race relations in today’s society, and while I do not agree with Ms. Deen’s actions, I certainly forgive her and hold her no ill will. I do disagree with you on a couple of issues you addressed. I am white. I have lived in both the Midwest and the South. I currently live in the Carolinas after moving from Arkansas. I see racism on a daily basis. I also hear white people say that they are not responsible for what happened to black people “all those years ago.” I suppose I don’t have a problem with that. That being said, I do have a slight problem with not taking any responsibility for what happened to black people in the past but then using the past and the culture it created as an excuse to continue the cycle.

    I am also curious as to your thoughts on the reaction of conservative Christians. I had to smile at the irony of your discourse on the progressive Christian being judgmental while you yourself in doing so judged a group of people — many who are kind, forgiving and tolerant — with a rather wide brushstroke. But I do digress so back to my original query: What are your thoughts on conservative Christians? You see, you used several democratic politicians as examples of progressive Christians picking and choosing whom to forgive. I have several progressive Christian friends who may have forgiven these men’s actions, but they certainly do not condone them. I have even more conservative Christian friends and family members whom I love that say and post hateful things about these men and/or others like them simply because they disagree with them. I am curious as to your thoughts on why a number of conservative Christians think no forgiveness is necessary in the cases like you mentioned but for the Paula Deens in this world, its only right. I think you know the reason as do I, and it has nothing to do with whether one is a non-progressive or progressive Christian. It has everything to do with what that person’s world-view is and what is in his or her heart. And you know what, Ms. Dixon? I may not agree with whatever that world-view is and I may take a stand against it, but I will continue to love and forgive because that is what Jesus calls me to do and that is what my heart leads me to do…as a Progressive Christian.

    • Diane Shiffer

      Tanae, I actually teared up as I read your gracious comment. Within our Christian subculture anyone who doesn’t toe the politically conservative/Republican/Libertarian party line is ostracized, criticized, and has the veracity of their faith called into question. It’s a lonely walk and a narrow way. I also am a progressive Christian although I rarely own it publicly… thank you for helping me to own it today ♥

    • Keith D.

      I have no idea why anyone would vote your comment down.

  • Jennifer Jenkins

    Wow!! This is by far the best article I have read concerning this subject. Thank you!

  • Guest

    I certainly hope that everyone’s closet is free of hidden skeletons…I have never seen a more “perfect” generation of people in my life. I am so glad some people weren’t around when the prostitute was led to Jesus……she wouldn’t have had a chance…

  • chris aguilar garcia

    if someone gets fired for the color of their hair or is made to use separate entrances because of it, then yes, maybe we will. this isn’t just a random stranger making a joke, it’s a business owner, in a position of power, speaking to an employee.

    • vsdgrandma

      Having read your post it is obvious that you would behead Paula and serve it on a platter. You do not have a clue as to what was said or done. The lawsuit (as all lawsuits) is riddled with accusations that might or might not be true. Generally it is a shade of gray and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Lawyers throw ever thing but the kitchen sink in a suit. It is accusations that have to be proven but are designed for shock value. This rush to judgment and unholy acceptance of taking everything at face value is exactly what is wrong with this country. People are now tried in the media be it TV, Facebook, Twitter etc. without the benefit of a fair and unbiased hearing in the court of law. Did you bother to read the letter sent to Paula demanding the 1.25M, were it was clearly stated that if the money was not paid, he and his client would do everything they could to destroy the Deen brand. Would say he knew there would be people like you that he could count on. Pray that no one ever accuses you of any wrong doing and your livelihood and reputation is put at risk before your day in court.

      • chris aguilar garcia

        likewise you don’t have a clue on what was said or done. but you’re quick on the rush to judge what i would do based on a statement that doesn’t insinuate that at all. i’m simply saying if it was said, there is a difference between an owner of a business making a derogatory comment to an employee who is dependent on the owner than a group of people making or laughing at a blond joke. good job judging me in a post where you decry judging. just right here on one internet page you’ve figured out my character and intent and hung me out to dry. are you praying that no one ever does the same to you?

        • Ronald Green

          Hypocrite much?

  • chris aguilar garcia

    It’s very disturbing to me that an African-American college professor is “really angry” that the outrage is coming from “northerners.” the march on washington happened 50 years ago, the civil act passed 49 years ago. maybe a little more grace toward the people decrying racist behavior and a little less to those exhibiting the racist behavior would speed up the change. dominant culture in a racist society is not going to change because you ask nicely, it’s going to change if the oppressed rise and say they won’t tolerate anything less. i hope you’re not teaching another generation of young people to keep waiting for a better day.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      To bad the American Indians didn’t decide to rise against their oppressors, oh wait, they did … and look what has happened to them.

      We are not teaching generation to keep waiting for a better day, we are trying to teach them better ways of acceptance for all races… and it is working, slowly with each generation.

      Fighting with each other makes us end up turning the races even more against each other causing more setbacks… and I do not mean just the black and white race.

  • Mary Rodgers Reed

    If the prostitute that was brought unto Jesus, had been brought to this fine, upstanding group of “Christians”, she would never have made it…..Only thing I can say is at least she didn’t lie…she told the truth. She could have, but didn’t. For someone to stand up & be honest, even when they know its going to hurt them, you have to respect them for having the guts to stick by their guns.I certainly hope that everyone’s closet is free of hidden skeletons…I have never seen a more “perfect” generation of people in my life. I am so glad some people weren’t around when the prostitute was led to Jesus……she wouldn’t have never made it off her knees…

    • GoDeeper

      She certainly does get credit for being honest, but part of being an honest Christian is not just repenting but gracefully accepting your punishment… From the 3 “apologies” I’ve seen so far she seems more defensive than sorry…and she–and her protectors–certainly aren’t interested in gracefully accepting her punishment. To want grace is to gracefully repent & gracefully accept punishment I’ve seen no evidence of this from her.

      • Darnell Moonda Fugate

        GoDeeper, Are you one of those people who think unless someone is punished they can not repent?

        Pray tell us how could Paula Deen react any differently to make someone like you believe she is sorry for what transpired years ago? From what you post I don’t think you are even willing to accept any “apologies”, no matter what and no matter how she said it. You have already judged and convicted her even before she has a trial.

        And even reading your many post it is clear that you do not have a clue as to what was said or done and have not even taken the time to read what Paula Deen was ALLEGEDLY accused of…all alleged by a person who wants $1.25 million.

        Just pray that no one ever accuses you of any wrong doing and your reputation is put at risk before your day in court.

        • Keith D.

          Here’s why people don’t think her apology was sincere. She apologized for what she did wrong, and then she said that “I is what I is, and I ain’t changin’”, or something to that effect. Generally, when someone is actually sorry for a wrongdoing they’ve committed, they say they’re sorry and that they won’t do it again… not that they aren’t going to change.

      • Ronald Green

        Judge not, lest ye be judged. Hypocrite.

        • Keith D.

          Well there’s an ironic comment. Because that verse is precisely about hypocrisy, not judging others. It says, “judge not, lest ye be judged likewise.” In other words, if you accuse someone of being a braggart for example, and suggest they be in some way punished for it, yet you yourself brag, then God will judge you according to the standard by which you judged that person, regardless of whether or not what you’re doing is against God’s law, because God does not suffer hypocrites.

          Further proof that this is what the verse is about is found throughout the Bible in the many verses which instruct us in exactly HOW we should judge others. Verses that say things like, “and ye will know them by their fruits”, or that our words may claim we know God, but if our actions don’t bear that out, then God will say he never knew us. There are dozens and dozens of verses in the Bible instructing us in how we should correctly judge others. There are zero verses telling us that we can be hypocrites and expect salvation. The story of the prostitute where Jesus said, “let him who is without blame cast the first stone” is another example of how God doesn’t suffer hypocrites.

          So it’s ironic to me to see you cite that verse as though it means something it doesn’t, while simultaneously accusing someone of the one thing the verse is actually cautioning against doing.

          • Ronald Green

            The twisted logic of a liberal does not impress me. Read all the comments by “GoDeeper’ and you should understand. That is if you are not just a liberal hypocrite yourself.

  • vsdgrandma

    The black and blackboard comment is being overblown. If I am white with white clothes and I stand next to a White Board, the exact same thing would and has been said to me. “Move over here…it is hard to see were the white board starts and you start”. I did not and would not take offense. Another example of how totally out-of-touch PC has become in this country. Have any one of you looked into facts or all of the good things Paula has done for her community, including employment and help for many black people. I trust the spec in everyone else’s eye is never blown up for the world to see or judge.

  • Meg

    Who cares about this story. Stop revolving yourselves around media. Just worry about your lives and spread kindness everyday to impact your surroundings.

  • Darnell Moonda Fugate

    Wonderful points made in this blog by Maria Dixon………….. I have a question for all you who want to stab Paula Deen in the back… WHY DIDN’T THE FOOD NETWORK FIRE ALL THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE? MALTO MARIO who had to pay out $6 million for skimping tips from his employees. ANNE BURREL who was sued for sexual discrimination. CAT CORA who was arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol 3 time the legal limit and screamed profanities at people. ROBERT IRVINE who was caught lying about his background claiming he used to cook for the royal family. BOBBY FLAY for keeping tips from his employees and cheating on both his wives. MORIMOTO for skimming tips and wages from his employees. MARTHA STEWART who went to jail for insider trading. GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN who filed for bankruptcy to avoid a lawsuit when 152 of his disgruntled workers sued him. JUAN CARLOS CRUZ who hired a homeless man to kill his wife. INA ROSENGARTEN who refused to meet with a child dying of cancer. GUY FIERI for just always being obnoxious. And let’s not forget The Frugal Gourmet, JEFF SMITH, who sexually abused 20 or more men but settled payment to only 7 of them. Makes you wonder why they singled out Paula Deen, doesn’t it? No one is perfect and I am sure the people who fired Paula Deen also have their own demons. DON’T FORGET TO “UNLIKE” THE FOOD NETWORK’S FACEBOOK PAGE!

    • GoDeeper

      Why are you so eager to apologize for & protect a racist???

      • Darnell Moonda Fugate

        Why are you so sure Paula Deen is a racist???

        Racial and sexual harassment was ALLEGED to have happened in the workplace…alleged by a person who wants $1.25 million.

        Have there been any criminal charges against Paula Deen by the EEOC? Have there been any black employees who have approached authorities to complain about discrimination in the workplace? Have any criminal or government charges arisen from any such complaints?

    • Daisiemae

      I totally agree with your post. However in all fairness to Ina Garten, it turned out that she was a victim of media hype too.

      The event in which the child was turned down was some sort of snafu with her staff. When Ina found out about it, she made an effort to make it right. I can’t remember exactly what was done, but I remember at the time thinking how insane the media is about distorting things and blowing it all out of proportion.

      As to why they have singled Paula out, it’s not hard to figure that out. She’s a Southern white woman. That’s the popular group to hate now. That and overweight people. So Paula is two for two there.

      I listen to these people like Go Deeper raving and foaming at the mouth, and it’s remarkable to me how similar they sound to Ku Kluckers. They simply focus their hatred on different targets, but their behavior and language is surprisingly similar.

      • Darnell Moonda Fugate

        You are right about Ina Garten. Guess I have to be placed in the group as GoDeeper since I posted something I did not check as fact. I do apologize for that and hope it is accepted. Some people will accept it and some will not as they are doing with Paula Deen.

        Believe it or not I am not a Paula Deen fan but I am totally against lies and racism in any form. I have worked with putting out newspapers for years and know the media is only out to make money selling the paper, no matter how they distort the facts.

        I don’t understand why it is not Paula Deen’s brother who is being persecuted. If she knew he was doing such stuff as it states than I can not see Paula Deen not saying something to him. But then I don’t think my telling my brother to stop doing something would have any affect on him either. If she knew then I would think she would have cut ties with him. Did she, or did she not know.. a fact that will make some difference with me.

        I just don’t understand people I suppose, and it saddens me so very much that this woman seems to have to account for things she has done a long time ago. I know for a fact that anyone who has reached the age 60+ has certainly said things they wish they had not.

        Things are changing, even if just a little at a time, but they are changing. No one can expect to be rid of something overnight that has been in place for years and years.

        We have a wonderful niece of mixed race so easy for my family to see both sides of the race issue.

        • Daisiemae

          I have a whole branch of my family who are African American. Our family originates in NC. Part of them live in NC and part of them live in NJ.

          A lovelier group of people cannot be found. They have been incredibly loving and gracious to me. I certainly would not support anyone being cruel to them in any way.

          I have not had the opportunity to discuss this matter with them, but knowing how gracious and open minded they are, I cannot imagine any of them carrying on the way Go Deeper has. They have a very let’s forgive and move forward together type of attitude.

          I am not a strong Paula Deen fan either. But I am a strong supporter of fairness and justice. This whole thing stinks to high heaven and makes me ashamed of our hate-filled irresponsible society.

          WRT to Bubba, we still don’t know if he actually did the things he’s accused of…no real evidence offered yet, just accusations. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. According to Paula’s testimony, she was unaware of the people and events that Billips asked her about. She is seldom in that restaurnt due to her heavy schedule.

          But if she did find out, she may not have understood the full magnitude of the situation. Her corporation owned 50% of the restaurant but Bubba was the one running it.

          I’m not really certain either what she could have done if she had learned something like that was happening. Like you said, order him to stop? It’s not like she could fire him. He owns 50% of the business.

          Maybe she could divest her share of the business but I’m not certain how that could be done either. Might be very complicated and difficult to do.

          So it’s a very complex situation, not nearly as black Nd white as the media and the judge mental bloggers seem to think it is.

  • Talon Esparza

    Re-uping from my fb post.

    Yes I am a food lover, & I approve this message. Please read comments from some of my friends & myself.

    Don’t need forgiveness for something that happened 27 years ago. Why bring this up in the first place?

    Who cares?

    In the last 27 years has she not done any good at all? Would we be having this conversation if it were Oprah Winfrey having called someone on her staff “Honkey”?

    Yes, let he without sin cast the first stone!

    Well said all. My thought is this, has any one of us not ever flown off the handle, said something wrong, or something we didn’t mean? Over the years has all our views on things always stayed the same… If they haven’t changed, then you’ve lived in a bubble all your life. if you read a police report, when they describe people its Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, Male or female, or whatever. Racism exist in many forms & is alive & well in all corners of the world no matter how far we’ve come, it Still Exist! Why because we are human. I think what’s being done to Paula Dean is a huge mistake & in of it’s self is a form of prejudices. She admitted to it & told the truth, good for you to have the courage to admit your statements & that you are fallible like the rest of us. Many things can be said about Mrs. Deen but the one thing that comes to mind for me is “human”.
    T. S. Esparza

    • Keith D.

      I agree with parts of what you said, but telling the truth doesn’t and shouldn’t get anyone off the hook for something they’ve done if it was wrong. What if Jerry Sandusky had admitted he molested all of those boys and said he was sorry? Would we let him go without charging him with molesting them? I mean, he ran a charity for at risk kids for decades! Has he done NOTHING good? Shouldn’t we forgive him too?

      No, we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t forgive Sandusky for molesting kids, we shouldn’t forgive Paula Deen for being racist or discriminating if that’s what she did, but we also shouldn’t pretend that the good that either of them did suddenly ceases to exist. Sandusky did run a charity for at risk kids and that charity likely helped quite a few kids who made it through unscathed. Just as Paula Deen likely did some good things that helped a lot of people. They are separate things.

      When someone tells the truth about something they did that was wrong, and apologize for it, the apology is only so many empty words unless they mean it from their heart. And if they mean it from their heart, then their actions will back up those words of apology as a form of contrition. Without contrition, there is no apology, only the words “I’m sorry”. There is nothing but an attempt to manipulate others for personal advantage– and that should never be admired or tolerated either.

      And if we listen to Paula Deen’s own words in her own apology, she herself says, “I is what I is, and I ain’t changin’”. What conclusion are we to draw from her own apology in her own words that says she’s sorry, but she’s also not going to change? She leaves us with only one possible conclusion– that she’s not sorry for what she did, she’s sorry about the fallout it caused her.

      • missym

        Saying the “N” word (do we really have to do this, aren’t we mature,
        can’t we get back this and understand to type or say it in describing
        something offensive is okay for grown-ups because we all understand the
        point being made) does not make a person a racist. Your premise is not
        only flawed but damaging to the real meaning of what a racist is.

        worst she demonstrated racial prejudice, that isn’t necessarily racism.
        She does not view other races as less human or whites as superior which
        is the real meaning and the etymological history of the word “racist”.

        is people like you who think as you do that create monsters where
        lesser things exists and makes racists of everyone. You seem to not
        understand that during all of history which includes YOU my friend, in
        your closet are racially insensitive and prejudicial things. Paula
        opened up hers but since you don’t have to you get to pretend you are
        pristine and have never done such a thing.

        You don’t have a clue
        what the author is trying to point out in the article. She isn’t
        supporting Paula Deen’s foibles but she is acknowledging that the
        standard to which she is being held is a deceptive and dishonest one and
        because we are all guilty of such things.

        And it does matter with regard to the “degree” of an offense or the nature of it which you don’t appear to understand, either.

  • GoDeeper

    As a Christian, I’m actually profoundly dismayed by how many Christians appear to ignore the gravity of the crime. There appears to be a willful callousness here. Discrimination is a serious crime but I don’t see it taken seriously here.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      How many times do I have to repeat ALLEGED. Alleged means represented as existing or as being as described but not so proved; supposed.

      Paula Deen’s so called crime is only ALLEGED. If she is convicted and found GUILTY then it is time to take it seriously. You have NO RIGHT to judge and condemn her as you are doing in all your post here.

      • Daisiemae


    • Henry J. Martin

      I was not and do not underestimate the gravity of the crime, my remarks were meant to indicate that discrimination cuts both ways. Discrimination of all forms must be treated withs the same severity, yet it is not.

    • Ronald Green

      Hypocrite…. You judge others on the basis of hear say and you wonder why no one accepts your argument. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

  • GoDeeper

    I too was led to this post by a friend on FB who said it affected her profoundly. I had thought she meant that in a good way, but the vast number of people here who seem ready to excuse her racist & discriminatory behavior is profoundly disturbing–as a Christian. I expect that even in 2013 there are plenty of racists, but I, naively perhaps, expected much more from my Christian brethren. Sin has consequences, crime has punishment, and Godly grace is meted out to those who repent. I’ve heard 3 apologies from this woman so far and each has seemed more contrived than the last. And, ironically, when I first heard abt the case I immediately forgave her for what she had done. What’s so disturbing here is that the vast majority of ppl on this blog don’t seem to really care, and think that non-apology apology she gave was really repentant. When you start your apology off by saying those without sin should cast the first stone, then I know you’re not really sorry. Christ said that to the Pharisees, the woman did not say that herself. This is my first time visiting this site & I leave it profoundly disappointed in my fellow Christians. This is incredibly unChristian behavior.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      Oh, you are leaving this site… goody! :)

    • SpHawks

      I agree with you GoDeeper…..I, too, heard her non-apology apology. It did not seem sincere but more like she was trying to excuse herself. There are some other problems she has had recently which to me seems unethical so I will leave it at that for now. All of her sponsors would not have left her unless they saw other problems, as well.

  • IgotThis

    I don’t hate, condemn or even dislike Paula Deen. I am not happy that this will destroy her empire. However, as a society, we can not accept the way she has continued to treat black co-workers and co-workers who had been sexually harassed. As a society, we do have to stand up and reject this. Business professionals do want to and must disassociate themselves with her and this way of conducting business. Yes, it is sad for her, sad for everyone…a tough lesson learned. But this is not about her gender. It happened to Mel Gibson, the guy who played Kramer on Seinfield and many others. It happens to normal people all the time. You behave inappropriately, you are criticized by others, rejected, possibly ostracized. It could cost you your job. She should make her amends and not lose the lesson from all of this then do better. Stop whining and crying about it. People will forgive in time. I don’t think bullying or shaming people into seeing her as the victim helps. I don’t think accusing people of being righteous helps, when we simply want what is right for the others and for the world. I don’t think further division between the North and South, black and white helps. People feel how they feel, and you can’t change that. My heart breaks for the African American community when I hear things like this. That is genuine. I don’t see it as being tolerant or intolerant. I am intolerant of lots of things- child molesters, rapists, etc. I don’t consider myself “tolerant” of other races as though I am superior and doing them a favor. I see myself as genuinely feeling at one with all races, cultures, etc., and equal to them. I don’t want their rights denied any more than I would want my own rights denied. It is as simple as that.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      Your points would be very valid if it were Paula Deen who treated her co-workers as such but it was not. Her brother is the one who should have been sued but apparently he did not have enough money.

      Paula Deen was very seldom able to be at her own restaurant to see how it was run with her many other obligations, let alone take time to be at the one her brother ran. This is what she is guilty of and should have know what her brother was doing. Was she covering for him or did she know about his actions? I refuse to condemn anyone without all the facts.

      There hasn’t been a court ruling stating that she indeed discriminated, or permitted it to happen in her business by others. Even the woman suing has stated she NEVER saw that happen with Paula Deen, only with her brother.

      • IgotThis

        She knows her brother as well as I know my sisters, and it is HER restaurant. She had a responsibility to get her butt down there every now and then and make sure things were being run properly. What kind of excuse is that? And I guess this speaks to the credibility of the woman suing when she says she has witnessed only Deen’s brother behaving this way. So, it seems she’s not a liar. If she really just wanted money and was lying through her teeth, she would have said she witnessed Deen behaving this way as well. But then if Deen was never there, how would she witness it? That makes me curious, too. I am amazed at the desperation with which some people jump to defend this behavior…AMAZED. I think they are really trying to defend their culture and themselves, but it really needs to be addressed.

  • heymikey

    i get the forgiveness message, but i’m sorry, i find this piece overall to be a bit of a stretch, especially when the author goes so far as to invoke regionalism (it’s just uppity yankees who are holding paula deen accountable, apparently) and politics (uppity yankee progressives, i mean). the author just stopped short of calling us elitists because we might’ve read a book or two in our lives. i don’t think paula deen should be (or is being) called out for use of a single word in one instance, but for a pattern of behavior. she’s been pushing some of the most unhealthy food you can put in your body while making a fortune, and then we learned she hid her diabetes while still promoting the same “food.” she simply has no credibility left. and spare me the hyperbole about crucifixion (really? someone is literally nailing her to a cross? really?). no reasonable person wants her dead or ill or harmed. the woman made her fortune by exploiting her southern “charm” and southern “cooking” and she’s losing it now that we know the truth behind both. i’m sure there still are some who think there’s nothing wrong with her behavior because she was raised in the south and “that’s just how we do things down here”…well, bless your hearts.

    • philla12

      But we DO NOT know the truth yet. That has yet to be verified. It’s so easy to condemn someone, even without verification, because it takes our minds off the bad behavior we all know we have been guilty of at some time.

      • heymikey

        what truth are we lacking? she has apologized multiple times, so clearly she acknowledges the things she said as well as her behavior. personally, i think she’s more upset she was caught and is being held accountable than for the original offenses. (“i is what i is and i ain’t changin’.”) the things she has said have been documented by her own testimony, and you need only visit her restaurant in savannah to experience first hand the old (racist) south she seeks to perpetuate (not to mention the swill she passes off as food–but that’s another topic). like i said, i understand the case for forgiveness, none of us is perfect, we all have said things we later regret, etc. still, that is not a blank check, especially for a public figure who, unless she lives in a bubble, certainly should know better.

        • philla12

          She has said the word….most people have said that or equally as offensive words to and about people. If everyone were to be so viciously hounded for what they said, no one would be left standing. I hear really vicious and nasty things popping out of mouths all over the place all the time in the media. Are you as vigilant to demand retribution in those cases? I would guess you cherry pick the ones you want to hound. The word she admits using (along with 80% of the population at some time or another if we are to be honest) is about a person’s birth privilege, but many other things people say attack a person’s character, honesty and beliefs. Are you jumping on those offenders? My guess is – no. We all have things to be sorry for, and those that shout the loudest usually have the most. Teachers of experience know that when a child is caught in a misdeed, the usual reaction is to draw attention to something another child has done. It makes them feel less guilty and hope it will hide what they have done.

          • heymikey

            i think you either misread or did not understand my original post. i think the fact that she said this word is offensive enough, and it’s not only this that i think she is accountable for. it’s this act, combined with a long history of racist behavior and concealing her diabetes, that i believe is causing the uproar now. had the past history not been there, i question whether this indeed would be such a big deal.

            i feel you’re taking my posts out of context by veering so far off topic with things like guessing what i do and do not hold people accountable for or that i am somehow demanding retribution of anyone for anything. i don’t feel i’m in that position. all i ask is that we all, including myself, are held accountable for our own actions.

            to be direct, your invented and thinly veiled accusations about my own character are very much off topic and out of line. speaking of misdirecting attention from the offender in an attempt to draw attention to someone else…! i am simply expressing my opinion, just as you are expressing yours, and we need just agree to disagree on this one. have a nice day and a relaxing weekend.

          • philla12

            Past history? We all have that, and none of us can throw stones. All I am saying is, give her the same kind of treatment you would wish for yourself. I have no idea what your character is, and most of my comments are aimed at myself, because I know I have said and done things I wish I could take back. We all have if we are honest. And if we were judged on those things and everything we have ever done destroyed because of an inappropriate utterance in our past, we would all be doomed. And if you put your opinion out there, don’t cry when someone disagrees with you. If you don’t want disagreement, don’t post. And my main point is, wait until things have been proved about this deposition before drawing conclusions and stating things as facts.

          • Keith D.

            Everything she has ever done has not been destroyed, nor will it be. The shows she’s produced still exist. The books she’s published can still be purchased. The food she cooked still nourished (for certain definitions of the word “nourished”) people.

            The only thing that’s happened is some of her sponsors and employers have dropped their support of her based on these revelations. That is their right.

            And just as others who’ve had setbacks because of foolish mistakes they’ve made have recovered and are still living their lives, so too will Paula Deen recover and continue to live her life. She can still pick up the pieces and rebuild just the same as any of the rest of us do when we make foolish mistakes in our lives.

            What’s being just as blown out of proportion is the doom and gloom some people are painting as her future when there’s no evidence anywhere in history that that will be the case. She still has LOTS of supporters out there. She will be fine. She will recover. She will go on living her life and create something out of this. If nothing else, the racists will take up her mantle and fight for her cause, whether she’s a racist or not.

          • philla12

            To call someone a racist because of using an inappropriate word is a stretch, considering all the nasty things we hear coming from the press and Washington. But that’s how people exaggerate these days. Calling people racist is the flavor of the day, it keeps us from facing our own faults. Sure it’s the merchants’ rights to disconnect from her, but it is really stupid and over the top. Like a bunch of lemmings jumping off a cliff. I have never been a fan, and her politics are a long way from mine, but this self righteous finger pointing is really nauseating.

          • ahcl

            Philla12, I respectfully ask, is it fair to characterize heymikey as someone who hounds Paula Deen for retribution and cherry picks offenses to jump on, based on him finding her use of the racial epithet offensive, which we (especially those of us of color) have reason to be upset by?

            If you believe that 80% of the population has used the N-word, that tells you right there that racism is a still a widespread problem that should not be minimized, even if people hijack the racism issue to deflect attention away from their own, equally weighty sins. I agree that the reaction to Paula Deen’s admission of using the N-word has been severe, but it is not fair to lump those of us who do genuinely grieve the persistence of racism after all these years with the self-righteous, vengeance-seeking finger-pointers. None of us is without sin, but it doesn’t mean we should stay silent and accept the status quo of casual, everyday racism.

          • philla12

            But this overreaction to something uttered 30 years ago, and honestly confessed and repented of, does not help race relations at all. In fact, from what I am reading and hearing people say, it is causing an even deeper rift. I do also believe that many people of color have uttered racial slurs against white people. Is that not just as offensive? It happens, and we grieve for it both ways. However, to turn this Paula Deen episode into what it has become is beyond crazy, and has only stirred up passions on both sides that could have serious repercussions. I have never seen anything like it in my life, and I am very concerned about the long term effects. And of great concern to me is the posts that accuse, judge and condemn her of things that are a long way from being proven. “She looks guilty as sin” was one post that was especially of concern. When people are suing someone for large amounts of money, if we jump to conclusions about guilt or innocence, and then post it on a public forum, people are going to disagree with us. That’s the chance we take. I think the thrust of what I have said has been, all along, that we should not condemn because we have chosen to believe something that is not proven. And then remember that we have all caused others offense; it’s what we do as humans. If we have strengths in one area, we have weaknesses in another.

      • philla12

        Mikey, would you want something you said 30 years ago to be held against you? My guess would be that you have a way to go before you reach 30, but I’m sure you have said things in the past that could put you in as much or more hot water than Paula is in now. I know I have, and I regret it. Nothing can take back words, and none of us could claim to be innocent. Time for some in depth soul-searching!

  • disqus_pbEyrIZ4Lu

    its not that she said the Nword. It’s that she has a plantation slavery fantasy and contributed to a hostile racist work environment at her restaurant where
    segregated bathrooms and black waiters were novelties. Her joke about Obama being sent to the BP oil spill to N-r rig it. That’s the covert racist south joking about slavery because they are racist. I’ll see you in the food lines Paula. You can make some food for the homeless and work your way back up from the streets.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      WHAT? Paula Deen is being persecuted for fantasies now and she has contributed to a hostile racist work environment… WOW! Have not heard that yet. Wonder if Paula Deen knew her restaurant had segregated bathrooms?

      Do you really think any of this will place Paula Deen in the food lines she sponsors… No. She will do just fine with all the money she has, but it will place lots of poor people in a position of no longer having the food banks she sponsors. Therefore she will not be able to make ‘some food for the homeless’ as she will not be buying anymore food for them.

      I am a transplanted Yankee who has been the south for about as long and have never heard the Obama joke you just mentioned. But after checking it out found it WAS NOT PAULA DEEN who made that statement, as you posted, but her brother. Please get your FACTS straight.. You might want to read this article:

  • loddy65

    Bravo!!! Well said. I hope people read it and apply it. No one is perfect.

  • Anthony Miller

    Thank you!

    [ob. Disclaimer: The "you" above refers only to the author of the original post, not any racial, ethnic, gender or psycho-sexual special interest group.]

    • Agni Ashwin

      What do you mean “you people”?

      (Just kidding.)

  • Cat1984

    Excellent post! Thank you for your insight.

    I would make two observations; 1) the biggest outcry is coming from the “enlightened” WHITE progressives 2) my mother is from Philadelphia, moved to the south way before the civil rights movement, she said she heard the N word slung around more in Phillie than she ever did in the south. She heard it in “polite society” in Phillie as well as on mass transit. In the south she heard it some but not as much as she did in Phillie.

    That is not to say that southerners don’t say it, nor is it to intimate that it isn’t said much here, it is merely to point out that the south does not own that word. It is merely to point out that the north is just as bigoted but our perception is that it isn’t, after all the north fought against slavery didn’t it? Therefore, “it can’t be as prejudiced.”

    On another note, read “Black Like Me” by John Howard Griffin. It gives an eye opening view of the progressive northerner that you will never hear about in the media, on TV, or in Hollywood movies.

    • Darnell Moonda Fugate

      “Black Like Me” is a wonderful book that I also suggest people take time to read. I think he ‘step on the toes’ of so many is the reason Griffin, along with his family, was forced to move to Mexico for a number of years after publishing this book.

      I am a transplanted Yankee also and know first hand that the north is just as bigoted as the south.

    • IgotThis

      Yes let’s make all this about the Northerners. That will deflect the blame. Discrimination may exist here as well, but I have stood up against it since I was a child, and I will continue to do so. It is not okay. This is 2013. How much longer is it supposed to take? We are all one. No race is superior to any other. Nor is any religion or any culture. I don’t care if you live in the south, the north or on the moon, you are no better than the next guy. Except you seem to need to blame somebody else.

      • Cat1984

        Did you read my whole comment or just the parts that interest you? My mother was from the north, I have no ill will towards the north. (Especially since I was born and raised north of the Mason-Dixon). I was merely making a point that was missed in the article, and that is that the south does not own racism. Now I suggest you go back to school and learn to read. Clearly your public school education failed you.

  • Chris Drolet

    I come from a very Southern Family, My Father was a Pastor of a Lutheran Church, I was raised and taught that everyone is equal, does not matter the color of their skin, or what they drive, or where they live, or where they work. I was raised to believe in the Bible, and not to judge others, least you be judged. So for all of you who are judging, throw the first stone, no one in this world or country is without sin. There are bigger things going on that should be looked at, or talked about, Paula Deen made a comment, big Deal. It’s in the Past. There is a saying, what happens in the past stays in the past. Forget and forgive, move on with your life. The one saying I love is the one my Grandmother said. “God made a baby, made him in the night, made him in a hurry, and forgot to paint him white”. In other words, all men and women were created by God. Yes there is Discrimination, but we can stop it, by teaching our children that it is wrong, and that everyone is equal, and should be treated with respect. It starts at home, not what your children or my children learn in school or on the streets. Children should say “Thank You”, and “please” and “Your Welcome”. Bullying is another act that needs to be stopped at home. I am not perfect, but I try to be, I believe that Morals are nowhere to be found, and that is what’s wrong in our Country.. No MORALS!!!!

  • Lisa Lonidier Miller

    Thank you Maria! Well said, great point that most of the outrage is
    coming from the North, it’s crazy! Down here in the south Louisiana,
    blacks AND whites are saying, “what’s all the fuss about?!” We know
    we’ve all said and listened to jokes, etc about the other race. We all
    know we shouldn’t and that we should love each other. It’s a work in
    progress. I’m a white woman, have taught my children that we are all
    the same color underneath, precious is God’s sight, and they are not to
    judge. It’s ridiculous what people are doing to Paula Deen! Enough
    already, let’s get on to more important things!

  • Rev. Betsy

    Any good that may have come out of this article as it pertains to the issues of racism, media bias, popular opinion and most importantly, grace, is completely diffused by the blatant hypocrisy of the assumptions and accusations made in regard to Mr. Paterno. Where is Joe Paterno’s grace? Madam, you throw one pretty impressive stone with this:

    “She was more honest under oath than at least 3 US Presidents, several dozen Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, and Non-Denominational preachers and countless business leaders. Unlike the Pope, Joe Paterno, or Donald Trump, she acknowledged she hadn’t always gotten it right but that she and her company was committed to doing it better and were doing better.”

    Did you know that Joe Paterno was never accused, arrested or convicted of any mis-doing? Do you realize that Mr. Paterno never had to defend himself “under oath”, as he was never charged with anything? Did you actually read the Freeh report? I did. Did you know that Mr. Paterno was never interviewed for the report? Did you know that not one single email indicating any misdeed on his part was included in the report, as Mr. Paterno never used email? Did you know that he appropriately took the account reported to him by his graduate assistant and reported it directly to the de-facto head of the campus police AND his immediate supervisor, trusting that these authorities, along with the Board of The Second Mile, the DFACS office in Centre County, the State College Police and the State of Pennsylvania would do a proper investigation? And do you have any idea what he said when it all came out and he realized that these many agencies and authorities had failed to act? He said, “In hindsight, I wish I had done more.” So like Paula Deen, he DID acknowledge that he hadn’t always gotten it right.

    You see, you have done exactly what you are decrying in your piece. You have made assumptions not based on fact, but on the same extreme media bias machine that condemns Ms. Deen. You have withheld your grace and launched a bolder at a man based on months of hearing and reading half-truths, false reports, assumptions grounded in innuendo, and everybody’s opinion on the matter.

    Ms. Dixon, I respectfully suggest that if you want to lead the charge for grace, you’d better start by showing some.

  • Victoria H. Yawn

    You, madam, are a great American! Many could learn a thing or two from you!

  • Glenda Childers

    Thank you for this.

  • Steven Baker

    Thank you thank you thank you for so eloquently saying what I’ve been thinking all along. It’s criminal that Paula Deen’s entire career is being negated and she is being publicly crucified over one action 30 years ago. I’ve always said that if every skeleton in every closet came marching out at one time we’d have one MIGHTY population problem here in the US! #WeLovePaulaDeen

  • Elizabeth Sullivan

    One woman says a “bad word” and the entire world is ready to burn her at the stake, a dozen men do bad things and are then forgiven. THAT is the message that I got out of this.

    How many men end up losing EVERYTHING after they’ve screwed up? RARELY EVER; however, when Paula, AND Martha Stuart for that matter, do something that men have been forgiven for THEY are the ones who receive ALL of the blame that the men don’t get. It’s easier to destroy a woman’s life because, even in this time of (so called) “Equal Rights” she is still viewed as the one who should be at home taking care of the household. Take away her life so that she will have to go back home.

    Plus, how many of you people have NEVER called called a Gay Person a “faggot” or a Disabled Person a “retard”. How many of you do NOT judge ALL Muslims as “Terrorists”? Or is it “different” when it comes to Gay People because their lifestyle is a “sin against God”, and “Okay” when it comes to Muslims because they are ALL to “blame” for 9/11?

    When I was a kid in Sunday School I learned about how God is THE Judge and that Jesus died for our sins, but while growing up the message I got from the real world is that people just can’t wait for “The Judge” to do his job.

    Finally, how many of you believe that slavery doesn’t still exist in the U.S.A.? The saying “slave to the grind” isn’t just a figure of speech. You don’t think that people who work all day for minimum wage are “slaves”, just because they make minimum wage? But then, I guess it’s okay when “white” people work this way, as repayment for the years that “colored” people were forced to.

    • Keith D.

      Well actually it’s worse today than it was during institutionalized slavery. Before slavery was abolished, slaves were provided with places to live and food to eat. Today we want to deprive those minimum wage workers of those things by both not paying them enough to get them for their own work, and by wanting to take away any “benefits” they receive (and help pay for through their payroll taxes).

  • jrcomo35713

    Our society is doing a 180 in the wrong direction as we live each day. Yes, she may have crossed the line, but all these so called perfect sponsors are so worried about the court of public opinion as in sales futures, never gave a chance for the public to have an opinion before pulling the plug on this imperfect woman, we talking record time. I’m not so sure that the majority of the nation would stop buying from Target of Wal-Mart or QVC and Food Network gimme a break already. She told the truth. She could have denied it but she was honest. What in the world happened to honesty and forgiveness.

  • RicoSuaveGuapo

    Yet, Bill Maher publicly calls Sarah Palin a c*nt and still has a job.

    • Keith D.

      Bill Maher has been fired over things he’s said before too, so he’s no different from Paula Deen. He’s just working for someone who’s willing to overlook what he said that time, just as other people who’ve said and done things like Paula Deen have not lost their jobs when working for people who are willing to overlook that. They are the same.

    • MarkTemporis

      He was right on that one. Insulting her kids was of out of line.
      I will note that Maher has verbally stood up for Deen two weeks in a row, saying that nobody should lose their career because they said a word, and that numerous people who are obviously far more racist — Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, et. al. get away with it because they avoid that one word, and that’s sort of ridiculous.

  • trskms

    I am a Christian, but definitely NOT a Progressive. However, your writing was so powerful here, and in some of your other articles that this article caused me to read, that I was very blessed. While it certainly won’t change me from being a Conservative, it did make me realize that there actually ARE real Christians on the Progressive side (something I have rarely found … although, I’m sure I’m biased — grin). You write well, and with a good attempt to be balanced. You seem to see the other “side” as *people* rather than caricatures. Thanks. It makes me want to continue to read what you write. :-) I wish more people on BOTH sides of the spectrum could demonstrate similar traits.

  • savhsu

    I would agree all’s been blown out of proportion and she’s “apologized” and whatever, let it go. IF…. if it were about her saying the n-word once upon a time. But the lawsuit is about employment laws allegely having been broken including sexual & racial harrassment and discrimination. It is not about PD being personally racist. IF those laws were indeed broken then apologies just aren’t going to suffice.

  • Anna Khouri Rumsey

    Dear Maria– I’ve been silent on this subject until now. Thank you, thank you, thank you– you get it. I think anyone that is mentored by you has the living Word of God walking with them. I don’t say that to exalt you, I say it because it takes a woman of wisdom to be able to articulate this issue in the way that you did. You’re not an apologist, you’re just presenting the Gospel in a real life circumstance. If Jesus could crawl onto the cross, for those of us that deign to know Him and LOVE Him, we can certainly take the time and forgiveness to look over someone else’s sin, or perceived sin. Why is it alright to cut the jugular vein for every time we think that another person sins? I don’t know, but, it is a privilege to read this. God pour out His anointing more on you.

  • kayakkt7272

    Thank you for your richly eloquent communication Maria! Fabulous clarity
    that I identified with and wish I had the ability to communicate when I
    speak with friends about this very sad situation. I have read Paula
    Deen’s and Lisa K. Jackson’s depositions. The media, over and over, has
    and continues to extract, out of context, what Paula said in her
    deposition. If one (any of the news media outlets doing the reporting) were to read the complete communication (deposition) regarding what Paula said in full context, it would never have gotten to this pitched fever level. Lisa K. Jackson,
    who is suing Paula Deen, et. al., her deposition communications should
    be thrown out of the court. Her statements and recitations of events are so contradictory, flimsy and comes across as so
    disingenuous at best and self-serving manipulative untruths at the worst.

  • James Blocker

    Thank You for your article. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Margie Prine

    I’m not a fan of Ms. Deen’s work, but I don’t know her heart or her personal business.
    However, while I honor the author’s passion for equal treatment of people who sin, some of her statements about politicians (only the Liberal side) and her generalization about Progressive Christians, assuming that we are all being self righteous, actually defeat the purpose of the article. If we are all to forgive and let God make the judgements, then let it be so in all cases. Does God hate one of his children and love the other? Would God like the label we give each other (N word, B word, Progressive or Conservative)? Would God have us hate our leaders in government or entertainment or would he want us to work together to make things right?

  • Ron

    I have never heard a more eloquent way of putting it. Thank you so much for this.

  • kadacozarh

    I am just so sick of hearing about how awful Paula Deen is for what she said 30+ years ago and I can guarantee you all of those who are casting stones have at one time or another said a racial slur. On a side note my hubby tells of a black man he was talking to one day and that black man said “there are blacks and there are n——- the black men are good the n—— are bad just like there are good white people and bad white people” I have heard that said by other black people as well.

    I am just so tired of this stupid PC world we are living in where everyone seems to be looking for a reason to be offended. When did we become a country full of such “thin skinned” people?

    Another thing that is aggravating is that racism goes both ways. There are black people who are just as racist against whites. They cannot demand an end to racism until they are also willing to stop.

    I am sure when Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr. said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” he was referring to EVERYONE not just blacks. MS Deen has show the content of her character by admitting to something that she knew could destroy her career. She could have lied like so many have done.

  • CJ

    Amen Sister, may the “Lilly White” among the stoning crowd cast the first rock of forgiveness. “Forgive them, for they don’t know any better”

  • freedomfighter01

    Thank you. I have been preaching this gospel since long before Paula Deen’s past came to the present. I am also thankful that you called out the northern regressives for their own failings in the area of race, their hypocrisy and apparently short memories. Joe Biden & Harry Reed come to mind, which leads me to think that only certain types of white people are targeted for demonization for any missteps or past indiscretions. And if the use of this filthy slur rolling off the lips of any non-black is reason to ostracize and publicy “stone” one person (because of her race), then it’s use so common place in the African American communities, culture and music should no longer be tolerated anywhere. True equality comes when everyone is treated equally by each other and judged with the same set of standards.

  • Geri Sanders

    Slightly off topic but
    because of your friend comments I am compelled to have my thoughts heard. In our own life time Pope John Paul II has apologized
    for wrongs committed by the Catholic Church numerous times there has been
    others to offer apologizes as well. In
    2000 to the Jewish people For your friend to include ignorant and or false
    comments about the Pope truly takes away from the importances of the original
    message regarding Paula’s ethics and honesty.

    An infallible
    pronouncement—whether made by the pope alone or by an ecumenical
    council—usually is made only when some doctrine has been called into question.
    Most doctrines have never been doubted by the large majority of Catholics.

    Papal “infallibility”
    with “impeccability.” Non Catholics imagine that Catholics believe the pope cannot
    sin. Others, who avoid this elementary blunder, think the pope relies on some
    sort of amulet or magical incantation when an infallible. This infallibility claim does NOT include every
    word or action that the Pope does.

    If you are so
    inclined to educate yourself on the infallibility of the Pope and what that does
    or does not include and the very rarity that it has been claimed by the Church.
    Here is a link that explains it thoroughly

    I am sorry for my off
    topic rant. I am just extremely tired of
    people perpetuating false beliefs in regards to my faith. What they think they know about the Catholic
    Church and whether the Pope admits to wrongs.
    May peace and good will reign.

  • Bob Divine

    Right on. Brought tears.

  • Virginia Fleischman

    I am also thinking “judge lest not ye be judged” and remember a woman caught in the act of adultery who people wanted to stone. Well Jesus just stooped down and let the fools rattle on and then asked them who had not sinned and wanted to cast the first stone. Well the fools realized their folly and left silently one by one I believe. I am a while person, racism does exist, I had family members who were of the ilk, and I do not condone it. However, we seem to forget this biblical admonition and we also allow athletes to beat their loved ones of the human variety, condemn/hate Michael Vick for what he did, let Bill Clinton have sex in the white house, and top it all off “What about Mr. Jesse Jackson?” Do you know while he was counseling Bill Clinton that he was having/or had an affair and that he had a love child while married?” Geez isn’t it convenient our selective morality and who we select to sacrifice.
    Yes, Ms Deen was wrong but admitted it. If she did that and/or continues to do that then she needs to own up, clean up her act, and work on this facet of her life. However, sadly I am sure she is going to have to let people go and I wonder how many of those are afro american. Also if she stops her charitable contributions the same question. I am sure she will survive because I guarantee she is strong and her family supports her as do many fans. She may not be a role model as the use of this expletive shows but is when it comes to business acumen. Maybe as atonement she could give minority scholarships etc. Who knows?
    More the pity we do not have a forgiving spirit. For all those pointing the finger and acting the fool , Mr Martin Luther King Jr is probably in heaven pointing the finger back at you as is Gandhi is also. He took hate, spits, threats and walk in quiet grace. Yes do not take this mistreatment but consider how you use your so called power and as for using the n- word and taking it back the racists are laughing at you. I know cause I have heard the water cooler discusssions Whoopie Goldberg not withstanding with her opinion. They laugh at those of you who do this thinking if you call yourselves that it is self realization and entertaining as hell for them. Saves them time, trouble, and controversy by you doing it. They think whoever does has no self esteem. Geez what a mixed up situation. Pray for us all and hope you never do anything wrong because the unpure will crucify you too. Jesus got that done to him.

  • Colleen

    It’s easy to cherry pick who you want to call out in this issue. There are plenty of progressives and conservatives pointing fingers and calling names. Can we, just for once, stop separating ourselves into progressives and conservatives? Can’t we just be a broken humanity trying to learn how to live together in a broken world?

  • Sarah S.

    Thank you so much for this. I was raised in the south and am so ashamed of some of the language and jokes from my past. And am so thankful my career doesn’t hinge on that. Yes, may grace abound to us ALL!

  • Bonnie Hunter-Gillenwater

    Very well said! We have all said something inappropriate at one time or another…leave the Lady alone! This seems like a diversion tactic to me…

  • Ann Fendesack

    Well done.Thank you!

  • IgotThis

    This blog sums up what wrong with the world. I keep hearing Northerners, Southerners, Progressives, Christians, etc., etc., as many ways as a person can think of to DIVIDE people. We are all one. When you understand that, and the Paula Deens of the world finally understand that, we will all be okay.

  • TWard

    The media and the people… have lost focus. This did not happen 30 years ago this happened just a few years ago…. if you look past the main stream media which what they are reporting is causing such anger among the people…we deserve better! I have watched Paula for years, have her cookbook and did see the political correctness come after her after diagnosed with diabetes. Felt that unjust and she is now sharing recipes for those living with diabetes. Wonderful! I am a southern lady, but this is not political correctness… at first I thought it was when I heard about this one word …then I began to read and learn more of the situation…do you really think all these companies that are dropping her are doing so over one word that long ago? Not that it was right, it is never right for any person, any race…Paula and her brother co-own a restaurant and her choice not to deal with her brothers very INAPPROPRIATE behavior with women and race, has put her in this place today with a lawsuit. …I am disappointed to learn that as a woman working her way up to where she is today, she allowed it, That one will always be hard to understand… if she respects us as her followers she will be honest about what this is really about and what she did. I firmly believe once she is honest and shifts a few things in leadership in her company, we will all enjoy her returning to what she loves to do and we love to eat! Enjoy expanding your view…

  • ChickOK

    God bless you, Maria Dixon. I have struggled for a long time against the racism with which I was raised in the Deep South. And both of my parents were from the North. They met in FL and that’s where I was born.
    What I have learned is this. God made all the people from one blood, a blood that sustains life, and yet, powers the ability to make choices that are sometimes very selfish and evil. And so I try to keep in the forefront of my own mind, that God cares about no color except the color of the blood of His own Son, who shed His blood to pay my sin debt. The examples of Jesus show me that I need to not make decisions based upon things over which others have no control. Like skin color. MLK asked that we make decisions based upon character. I’m better than I used to be. But I am a child of the 60′s in the Deep South. And I struggle. Pray for me.

  • camad


  • Christie

    Thank you so much for saying this!

  • Ronald Webb

    Using this word is not against the law, lying under oath is.

  • Linda Smith

    Thank-you Maria Dixon

  • Kathy Loflin

    Thank you – thank you – thank you. You presented many people’s thoughts in your transcript. Love it and again – thank you for taking the time to write this.

  • Lita Johnson

    I am a Paula Deen supporter, I have started a facebook page, “Support for Paula Deen”. with that being said, let me thank you, for understand White Southern Culture/Heritage. My Dad. was a Foreman for a farmer, in the 50″s he made $25 dollars a week . He job was to over see the black workers. He never mistreated them, they respected him and he respected them. He taught us to respect a person as a person, not judge by the color of their skin. My Mom raised us the same way, both worked side by side with blacks. Forming friendships that lasted for their life times. My Mom picked strawberries all season, at 5 cents a quart, to buy my 13 year old brother a coat. My brother saw a worker in the field and gave him his new coat. My mom, asked him what happened to the coat, he said. I gave it to one of the field hands, he was cold. Yes, the field hand was black. The color of skin is not important, the color of the heart is what matters. Mrs Dixon your heart is pure gold.

    • strega2012

      What’d your mother say? I sure hope she sent your brother out to pick more berries!

  • Steven Osterstrom

    What a wonderful use of my time! I loved reading every word of this.

  • yippeekayay

    I have lived most of my life a minority white boy in the communities I’ve lived in. The first black kids I knew were African, from central Africa. Later I met American black kids. I’ve lived amongst Asians, Africans, Romovia, Arabs. I’ve never been a racist. At least not until recently, not until 98% of “African Americans” voted for the cousin of a would-be African despot, a man on a vengeful redistributionist mission to remake America into something it has fought valiantly for the better part of a century not to be. Ohbummer (I can’t even bring myself to say his name) and his obamination of an Administration and the people who put him in office have finally made me a racist. I can’t look at a black person in America without thinking “You voted for a commie who hates this country that I love just because he’s black.” I have to fight to keep myself from scowling at them now. I don’t want to talk to them. I don’t want to sit next to them. I don’t want to listen to their music or read their literature. I loathe them because I loathe and have always loathed everything about the political ideology of the man we are calling our president right now. College students who want to ostracize someone like Paula Deen because the Lame Stream has branded her racist are idiots. Pure and simple. Idiots. I don’t care if they label me. In my mind their brains just haven’t fully formed yet and the chances of them reaching maturity at today’s Progressive-infested institutions of high learning are slim to none.

    • Lavender

      “his obamination of an Administration and the people who put him in office have finally made me a racist” > No one has made you into a racist. That’s all on you.

      • yippeekayay

        talk to me when you grow up, kid. you still have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Lavender

    Are we supposed to simply shrug off the allegation that Paula Deen has said and done numerous racist things as recently as 2007, because some people let Clinton off the hook? Infidelity is a matter between two people and is not in any way comparable to a privileged group of people who daily undermine the humanity of other human beings simply because they refuse to reject ignorance. And Obama not closing Gitmo? Believe me, progressives are pissed off about that and many other things he is doing. It’s a little rich that you have a problem with people not forgiving someone who hasn’t really apologized, but you’re comfortable lumping all “progressives” together as though we all feel the same way about Deen. It’s precisely this tendency to think categorically that is part of the problem in the first place. And need I remind you that the corporate media is not an accurate measure of what progressives are thinking about this issue?? Racism doesn’t exist because people aren’t “perfect”. That is a ridiculous oversimplification that is often used to rationalize injustice of all kinds. Racism exists because there is a social and financial benefit to perpetuating it. America was made rich and powerful only by expropriating resources from slaves and the indigenous. It continues today, perhaps more so, on many different fronts including the polluting of Native American lands, the gutting of public funding for black communities and the shocking, recent loss of voting rights for people of color. Deen’s supposedly historical racism is but a small part of the larger problem, but the issue is nevertheless emblematic, particularly in this case because it was a white woman who brought the case against Deen – which by the way goes way deeper than using the N-word – anyone who hasn’t read the case should. Did Paula Deen wake up one morning and realize on her own that she is racist and should change her ways? Unlikely. Should we crucify her? No. But should I defend her? No, I will not do that. If she realizes what she has done wrong, makes a significant effort to reverse the harm she’s caused (hint: tearful words don’t cut it), then I will say she deserves my compassion. Until then, I have no reason to defend her. That is her own job, and she is free to do so in court.

    • yippeekayay

      Wow. Where to start? You need severe remedial deprogramming. All I’m going to say is your analysis of America is straight Marxism. Marxism in case you didn’t know, was the most powerful and clear statement of socialism in the 20th century. Socialism as an ideology of government was responsible for more oppression and slaughter in the 20th century than all relgions throughout all of human history. Maybe before you so blithely repeat the lies and misconceptions it would have you imbibe in order to take your homeland and make it another of its wastelands, maybe you should try and see if your brain still works.

    • Matttheshark

      Interesting that you claim that infidelity is only a matter between two people, but racial slurs are somehow more detrimental to society. Moral relativism has jumped from race to sex in America. What used to be socially taboo sexually is now morally acceptable. What used to be morally acceptable racially is now socially taboo. You could make the same argument to defend both. That what someone does in their private life, either their sexual habits or the language they choose to use, is no one’s business but their own. But it was fortunate for Clinton that he sinned into the moral relativism of his day and unlucky for Dean that she sinned into the puritanism of hers.

  • Heidi L. Nordberg

    I agree, but… I’m not for scapegoating people for some stupid mis-statement. There’s more to the story, though. She’s not just racist but also abusive with it, using the power that she has had in her own sphere. I have deeper concerns around people who have greater institutional power to discriminate, but the pattern is the same and should be of some concern.

  • Emilianne Hackett

    While I like the article, I am not sure which Pope you are referring to, because all the Popes I know have always admitted that they don’t always get it right.

  • strega2012

    But if I disliked her before, then it’s totally cool for me to still think she’s a buffoon right?

  • dbvirago

    Thank you

  • libertarianwoman

    Amen, very well said. These are the discussions we should be having as a nation.

  • fights

    Maria, you are truly a loved child of the King! You are showing grace to Paula even though she may or may not deserve it, just the way our Lord, Jesus Christ has with us. God Bless you sister in Christ!!

  • Hanan

    >But neither am I going to kill someone’s career because they admit that they have in anger, fear, or IN THE PAST have used one.

    >Progressives Christians love to talk about grace except when they have to extend it to someone who has offended their political reality.

    I think I need to frame these statements. Indeed, people need to accept we are not perfect. There MUST be room to be human and make mistakes without having our lives destroyed. Where is the proportionality?

  • Steve Nolan

    Anne Rice on her facebook: I don’t believe in economic boycotts to
    pressure people out of their beliefs or opinions. I believe in
    reasonable persuasion and taking action when people break the law. I am a
    respecter of what I see as our American traditions. Economic boycotts
    are an effort to destroy people who hold different opinions. I associate
    them with McCarthyism and blacklisting.

    In other words, she
    believes in elitism and that a person’s value is linked to the size of
    their bank account. She also believes in fairy tales, but does not
    believe in personal responsibility. Anne Rice is just embarrassing
    herself, the same as she did with those silly costumes and that
    egotistical rant review of her own book. Or when she attacked that poor
    guy that lived next to her. Did she use reasonable persuasion with him,
    or did she try to drive him out of business by sending flyers to his
    neighbors? She is a hypocrite and most likely a bigot herself, that is
    the real reason she is in such a knot over Deen. She surrounds herself
    with sycophants, it won’t change the truth. Intelligent readers once
    looked up to her, but now we are embarrassed to admit we read her. She
    recently said Bon Jovi would make the perfect Lestat, please. No wonder
    Hollywood shuns her, she is mainstream, lame, and willfully ignorant.

  • Pamela Brown

    If all men were truly created equal we would cease to recognize one another by nationality or any derogative connotations of the same. We would simply be people with the same basic wants & needs. People just don’t get it, all we have to do is love one another…

  • Katherine Likely

    thank you for the calm words in the eye of the storm

  • Kimberly Weninger

    OH MY GAWD….You hit it in a nutshell. Although I’m white and from Colorado; my mama was from Texas…and yes she actually DID wash my oldest brothers mouth out for calling me the “N” word when I was 6. But you are right…..people that haven’t lived in the south do not get it….and liberals never will. I applaud you lady….a class act you are!

  • Linda Lewis

    How beautiful is grace and understanding shown in this article, much of which Paula’s supporters have been trying to say. This problem of racism is not only in the South but also North, East and West. It also is not only between black and white but also all races with one another. Over the weekend I read an article about a slave plantation in New York that is still owner by its original family. The family is giving the plantation away so that can be preserved. It will be used as a working farm education center. It is noted that slaves were not only black but also indian. The indians also were practically wiped out after the white man stole their land and destroyed their food sources and massacred their people, even children were not been spared. We ALL need to take a look at our histories and asked forgiveness for what has been done and accept one another as the flawed humans that we are and move on to a life free from negativity. Peace never comes from hatred and grudge holding. A peaceful life is joyful, free and progressive. Try it, you’ll like it but you have to do the forgiving first and stop looking back. Thank you Maria Dixon for being so eloquent.

  • Jason C. Johnson

    Well said my sister in Christ..


    Yankees love to run down people they don’t know…walk in their shoes, a good liberal never thinks of that. What happened to their high-and-mighty sense of “tolerance”? Oh yeh, that only works when white conservatives don’t agree with atheist and socialist supporters who use devious tactics to get their way. The media is mostly at fault as they have been since ’07 when they sold their souls to the devil, obummer. Now they only exist to brainwash and misguide the American public, being as insulting as they can along the way. I’ve asked this a hundred times since the Paula fiasco, “What person alive hasn’t said something they’d like to take back?” I guess Yankees are so pompous, they’d never admit to saying anything the least bit hurtful or angry. The truth is, most all Yankee liberals never uttered an original word or thought, the just repeat the vilest, most hateful things they’ve heard from their most vulgar Marxist leaders.

  • Mugwomp

    “Self-righteous Christians love to talk about grace except when they have to extend it to someone who has offended their political reality.”

    There – fixed it for ya – changed “progressive” to “self-righteous” for irony’s sake.

    “Judge lest not be judged”, eh???

  • venicementor

    Amen, Ms. Dixon, amen.

  • Dmoe

    Good word!

  • Sally Roach

    What is Brixton?

  • George Murrey

    I commend Maria for her honesty, just like Paul’s. Standing up to the left wing, whether it be the media or politicians, is an accomplishment to itself. She’s black and knows what it is to be black, she knows it’s the same for other ethnic groups. It’s too bad the media didn’t bother to witness the testimony that Paula gave and the time frame she used the N word, that’s where the problem was. Lastly, what bother me the most, is it’s ok to use the word “cracker” as a racial slur, but yet nobody sees it demeaning. How sad. Give Paula back what she deserves, a second, or throw the first stone.

  • Ronnan Cobb Moffett

    Ms. Dixon, thanks! What a great article!

  • momjones

    Since 1965 and civil rights, there has never been more overt showing of pure unadulterated racism than when a black president was elected president. It “should” disgust us all and yet it doesn’t…seems as long as “I’m not personally affected, it jis don’t matter”. Well it does. It matters because when we as a people tolerate racism in any form in any forum, then it belittles us as a people, as a nation established for life, liberty, and justice for ALL. Silence absolutely condones. The fact that racism is as openly prevelant in this woman’s business is enough said about Deen’s personal character. Power is money. Speak truth to power: Just cause you’re rich doesn’t give you license to denigrate any one.

  • Dana Seilhan

    This isn’t just about her using the N word. The lawsuit allegations against her, if true, reflect a pattern of misbehavior on the part of herself, her brother, and another individual (brother’s best friend? nephew’s best friend? something like that?) who routinely behaved in a racist manner toward their black employees, and there have been other troubling “slips” too.

    And apparently, some people *need* to be shouted down because here it is the 21st century and some people still don’t see what the big deal is about slingin’ an N-bomb. Or making your black employees use a separate entrance. Or only letting the white employees interact with the customers.

    I WANT it known that this is not okay. I don’t want to be one of those white people who just blows everything off and therefore makes it safe to continue in one’s racism for yet a little while. Aren’t we DONE with this already?

    (OK… I know we’re not. But the REASON we are not is BECAUSE excuses keep being made. Enough excuses. Racism is a CHOICE. Quit choosing it already, people. If you tried half as hard to do that as you do to convince everyone that’s not really what you meant, we’d be done now!)

  • Darlene S. Esser

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  • Katrina Greer

    Wonderful! Truth and logic. I am sure it will offend people who don’t have either. Thank you.

  • Maceo

    Deen’s apologies just weren’t sincere. She said “I is what I is and I ain’t gonna change.” She went on to say, “that those without sin should throw a rock”…When you ask for forgiveness by first saying everyone else has sinned too, we know you aren’t being sincere. As Christians we should ask for forgiveness as the thief on the cross did to Jesus: “We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve.” But far from gracefully accepting her punishment Deen has fought it every step of the way, declining restitution to her victims for years now…. If you can’t see this self-evident hypocrisy then you have as many issues as she does.

    • philla12

      I wonder who is the one with issues here??? You talk about forgiveness but then say “her apologies just weren’t sincere.” That would appear to be just a little judgmental. Have you read the articles by one of her waiters, and the one by the accuser’s partner? Why should she pay restitution to someone who has at the very least a big problem with being truthful? Why should she “gracefully” accept her punishment if she hasn’t done anything? I’m sorry, but in no way is your attitude Christian. Even the world has a standard of “innocent until proven guilty.” We will be judged as we judge others, and that should make us stop and think before we play judge without a trial. Perhaps then it won’t be Paula who has to issue an apology.

      • Maceo

        All 3 of her apologies just appeared contrived. That’s why she fired her agent & publicist, lol!…But the fact of the matter is that you don’t really care. You don’t think that saying N—-R is a big deal & you don’t think that discrimination is a big deal. Fact is, if all allegations were proved 10X over, you’d just say the plaintiffs were making a mountain out of a molehill. We get it. But what I don’t get is why you just don’t come out and say that? If you did that would at least be an honest argument. As it is you’re just fooling yourself & wasting our time…I shouldn’t even be surprised. Martin Luther King wrote his “Letters from a Birmingham Jail” to a group of Southern Christian Conservatives. You guys have never occupied the moral high ground…and you’re apparently uninterested in ever doing so. Such is the weight of hate. God bless you.

        • philla12

          You make so many assumptions and judgments about other people, don’t you think? You start from a conclusion and try to work up evidence. How do you know what I think about using the N word? I don’t use it, and wish black rappers wouldn’t….that is so hypocritical. I also don’t like to hear people called honkies and crackers, that is just as inappropriate. Many people think it is OK to do one but not the other. But racial slurs aren’t the only offensive words, and I would be surprised if you are making your way through life without hurting anyone with your words and actions. How do you feel qualified to judge me on so little evidence? But that’s no surprise…you have judged Deen guilty on the word of one person who is trying to extract $1.25 million out of her. Maybe you have led a very sheltered life and are unaware that people will lie in depositions, especially when they are looking for monetary gain. The complainant’s partner has said in her own deposition that the deposition is not true. One of the waiters who has actually worked at the restaurant has made a statement that the deposition is not true. The man that Deen used the word about has made a statement that he did an awful thing to her, and he bears her no malice. He seems to feel that what he did far outweighs her use of the word. And I am not a “Southern Christian Conservative.” I don’t hate anyone, I am not a Paula Deen fan, but I’m very saddened by the judgmental attitude and condemnation without a trial of anyone. That is true hatred.

          • Keith D.

            I don’t think using cracker or honkey are anywhere close to being on the same level as using the n-word. One was used historically over centuries to dehumanize an entire class of people so that it would be easier to subjugate them, abuse them, and enslave them– and even torture, rape, and murder them. And while the other words have likely been used in a similar fashion, they do not carry anywhere near the same weight as the n-word does from a historical perspective. You are right to classify them both as the same thing in terms of what they are, but they do not carry the same weight due to the history of each word.

            It’s ironic that you’re saying Maceo is judging Deen guilty just on the word of one person trying to extract $1.25 million from her, but you’re doing so in reply to a comment about HER 3 public apologies. That’s hardly judging her based on one person trying to get money out of her. I suspect Maceo (like myself) is judging her more on her own words and actions than on someone else’s claims about her words and actions.

            The man (or one of them anyway) whom Deen referred to using the n-word may be remorseful enough about his actions to accept responsibility for them, but Deen could learn a lesson or two from him if that’s the case– that’s how to be remorseful and repentant. Did the difference between the two escape you somehow? It’s pretty blatant.

            You’re accusing Maceo of making assumptions about you in your comment, but by the end of that very same comment, you’re making assumptions about the man Deen referred to by the n-word when you say he seems to feel that what he did far outweighs her use of the word. It seems that the one who is making assumptions, starting from a conclusion, and then work up evidence here is you. That’s not a judgment by the way– it’s an outside observation of what’s likely a blind spot that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Do with that information what you will.

            Also, far outweighing her use of the word doesn’t excuse her use of the word any more than a robber is absolved of his robbery because he only robbed a murderer, and murder far outweighs robbery. Two wrongs do not make a right, nor does one apparently sincere apology make up for two different wrongs committed by two different people.

          • philla12

            Really hard to follow some of your reasoning. Have you read the statement of the man she used the word about? I am just repeating what he said. He said he has changed, and by what he says he really has turned his life around; encouraging to read a statement like his. If more had his attitude there would be so much less bitterness and contention. You would judge him to be remorseful and repentant, but you have decided that Deen is not. What do you know? (and I’m talking about facts here.) We all need to be forgiven for words we have said, deeds we have done. Acknowledging that is part of growing and maturing. The person that does not accept an apology, but sits in judgment not only of the deed but the apology will keep the strife and tension going, with no hope of resolution. That’s where we are in America these days. Everyone wants to be a victim and make others the villain.

  • Lee Johnson

    In general, the political left doesn’t let something slide, never forgives, and never forgets. I saw it in New York in the 70s and 80s. Supposedly open-minded, but scratch a little bit and they were very doctrinaire.

  • Dave2240

    Well Emily, since we have never met, I don’t think you have any idea as to whether or not I’ve experienced racism. You also don’t seem to understand metaphors, nor much else that you read. If you think my post was excusing racism, you’re apparently in need of a reading comprehension class.