Science-Denying California Parents Sue a Private School for Treating Their Biological Boy Like a Boy

Science-Denying California Parents Sue a Private School for Treating Their Biological Boy Like a Boy August 8, 2017

Priya Shah and Jaspret Brar have a seven-year-old transgender child, Nicole. The child is biologically a boy, which means that he is a boy. But the parents are indulging this child in his fantasy that he’s a girl, and they are fuming mad that their school is not playing along.  Check out this family photo: Nicole is second from left. 

According to Breitbart, a recent lawsuit against their school alleges:

The complaint alleges that the Heritage Oak Private Education school in Yorba Linda “unlawfully discriminated against Nikki,” and elaborates: “Heritage Oak repudiated Nikki’s core identity. It refused to use the name, pronoun, and gender corresponding to Nikki’s gender identity, required Nikki to wear the boy’s uniform and use the boy’s restroom, and failed to address the bullying that Nikki was subjected to because of her gender identity and gender expression.”

So, what “injury” did their son experience?

Seven-year-old Nikki became depressed and talked about self-harm; she isolated herself socially and would not play with other children at recess because she could not be herself with them; she would not participate in school-related events after hours when she had to wear boy’s clothes; and she felt that the school was blocking her “inner light.” On the day when she tore a photograph of herself in half and cried out, “I hate myself,” Nikki’s parents had no choice but to remove her from the school and homeschool her for the rest of the year.

His “inner light?” So now schools need to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, and be the protectors of “inner lights?” Please. Here’s the best part of the complaint, listed hilariously under the “statement of facts.”

“It is a scientific truth that, for certain children, their inner sense of themselves—their gender identity—does not correspond to the sex assigned to them at birth.”

Here’s the kicker: the parents are suing what seems to be a very progressive school (they had accommodated other transgendered students, but the Shah and Brar didn’t agree with their approach).  The bottom line is you can’t be liberal enough for the radical leftists who are trying to dominate the world with their radical science-denying ideology.

I’d love to sit in a biology class at Heritage Oak Private Education just to see how they skirt the issue of chromosomes.  But as comical as these parents’ shenanigans are, this is s a sober reminder that there’s a little boy underneath that red dress, being drowned under the cultural waters of science-denying leftists.

It must stop.

Featured image credit: Twitter

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  • Lisa Kleinman Wolford

    Mark, it is not the liberals who are science deniers. By your snarky remarks you clearly know nothing about people who are transgender. Do some research and you will discover no one would choose to be transgender. Careful or they may include you in their law suit.

    • Mary Kilbride

      They are choosing it.

  • Eileen Nicely

    Oh give me a fuckin break….these parents are the real abusers, weirdos……!!