Man Sucker Punches Black Trump Supporter, Self-Described ‘Racially Conscious’ Media Yawns

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The above man,R.C. Maxwell, was punched in the face by the accurately named Richard Lousy in Laguna Beach this week, because the  black Donald Trump supporter wouldn’t stop talking.

Watch this video:

Maxwell had a very astute observation:

“If the optics were completely different and I was a black lives matter supporter and I was attacked on the Trump side of a protest I would be in the spotlight on CNN right now. I went over to the left side to see if I could engage them with dialogue and I was instantly encircled by the so called anti fascists.”

“I think the fact that I’m a black conservative causes a lot of problems for the left side because there’s no way they can really resolve that according to their narrative of what they think trump supporters are, so I think that was a bit triggering to the other side. I was getting lots of specific comments like you’re a sellout, you’re an Uncle Tom.”

He’s exactly right.  Okay, mainstream media, how do you want to spin this?  Was Maxwell hit because…because…because…he’s a racist?  He’s a Nazi?  Wait… no… it’s because they don’t agree with him. 

This. Is. Fascism. 

This is the face of the New Democratic Fascist Party.  The violence is coming…every day…from the fascist left.  And the media wing (virtually all of the mainstream, legacy media) of the New Fascist Democratic Party will not report it.  The media is complicit in all of this violence.  In the name of… get this… stopping violence.

Lousy knows this.  He even bragged on Twitter about attacking Maxwell, because he “wouldn’t stop talking about Trump.” Then, he taunted, “arrest me, lmfao [laughing my fucking ass off].”

Oops.  Guess the police aren’t as down with the mainstream media’s cover up.  Lousy got arrested and hopefully has a little time to think about what he did in jail.

Image Credit: Screen Cap

h/t Legal Insurrection

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  • Tim Stolinski

    They should start filling “HATE CRIME CHARGES” against the left because they hate and attack people just because they support the President of the United States!