College Bans Criticism of Black Lives Matter, Says It Violates Non-Discrimination Policy


Do you remember when colleges were the bastions of free speech and political discourse?  Me either.  An article in The College Fix pushes that further back into the recesses of my memory.  I’ve written about Evergreen College many times on this blog, but this is even more egregious than their typical political correctness run amok.

Recently some students put up posters that depicted African Americans and police, with tips on how not to experience police brutality.  Another poster depicted black-on-black crime with the text “Tell me again whose life mattered?’”

Well, that was enough to cause a college employee and a student to sound the alarms. They immediately contacted the school so that they could be protected from ideas they disagreed with.  The College Fix has the story:

The Evergreen State College had previously banned criticisms of Black Lives Matter, saying somewhat innocuous posters critiquing the movement hung on campus “diminish the disparities experienced by people of color” and are a violation of the school’s non-discrimination policy.

The 2016 determination was made by its Bias Incident Response Team roughly one year before the school was engulfed in controversy and chaos, a recently uncovered document shows.

A campus spokesman did not respond to repeated recent email and phone call requests for comment from The College Fix to weigh in on whether the team had made a mistake in its determination and if the school would continue to banish public criticisms of Black Lives Matter.

These college administrators are absolutely useless.  College is supposed to be where students are challenged and intellectually stretched.

Note to Evergreen: your college has become a $24,000-per-year daycare center.

Hat Tip: The College Fix

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