Berkeley Students Complain about White Privilege to Get Out of Test: The Best (Worst) Social Justice Protest Ever


This is maybe the best (worst) social justice protest ever! 

video of Berkeley students protesting an exam has emerged and it’s really so dumb… even though one of the protestors wore a tee shirt that read “CAUTION: Educated Student of Color.”  A few students walked into a class and stood in the front of the classroom, demanding a “take-home essay with significant time to prepare.”

One female student said, “Our well-beings are being put on the line because of our emotional, mental, and physical stress that [Berkeley] is compounding with what is already going on in our everyday lives.”

Another said, “The content of this class and the way it is being taught is not satisfactory. We demand that you make and [hold space] to [study] the voices of students of color.”

As Ashton Trumble over at See Thru Edu noted,Nothing screams entitlement like the word demand.”  Here’s more:

After about five minutes of non-stop screeching about white privilege, students of color, safe spaces, et cetera, one student had the nerve to ask “if this is a filibuster.” The girl in the front of the protest was horrified and screamed at the student: “You listen! You have to listen, okay? Listen to us, okay? You talk so much already, okay?… Are you trying to silence us right now? Is that what you’re trying to do?” No, he was trying to take his test.

However, Trumble suspects this had nothing to do with “white privilege” at all.  “It was not about justice. It was not about the supposed ‘oppression of students of color.’ It was about laziness. Why study, read, and prepare to take a test when you can just show up, shout “white supremacy” and get out of it? (Don’t worry; they still had to take the test.)”

These kids are so stupid, they should be kicked out of the university immediately.  Not just for their poor behavior, but because they seem to just be too dumb to be enrolled at a university.  Learn more here.

Hat Tip: See Thru Edu

Image Credit: Pixabay

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