After GOP Tax Bill Passes Senate, Twitter Users Wish Death And Suffering On Cancer-Stricken John McCain


I’m no fan of John McCain, but the left is truly, unimaginably unhinged.  After Republican Senators passed a tax plan, Twitter users decided to express their beliefs and aspirations for Arizona Senator John McCain. McCain, as you know, is a former prisoner of war who now has brain cancer.   Sometimes the Left loves McCain’s “maverick” personality, when he goes against his fellow conservatives.   Other times, they despise him.  This wavering approval is a powerful lesson for those who believe they can earn approbation from the left just by moving over to the middle sometimes.

The liberal fascists demand 100% loyalty.  If not, they might send out tweets like these that were sent to McCain:

its truly a travesty that john mccain didnt die in vietnam


John McCain has the best healtcare. at Mayo Clinic which doesnt take insurance. Only money up front. McCain has taken away health insurance from his constituents and Americans giving himself the best cancer treatment. Consolation is it wont work, he will die in screaming agony


But that’s who John McCain is — a spineless do nothing who says the good thing and then does the bad thing. He doesn’t give a fuck about people or this country. He’s a selfish old fuck who should be left to die.


At least we get to watch #JohnMcCain die soon.

That’s about right for political discourse these days.

Do you think for one minute that any of these angry Tweeters have read even one page of the GOP tax reform?  I’d dare say not one of them.  It’s a very sad day when people will read headlines, internalize the media’s snarky revulsion toward Republicans, and end up spouting off death aspirations to a man with brain cancer.  (A man who served his nation bravely in uniform, no less.)

This is yet another disgusting moment in our modern political dialogue which shows just how despised Republicans are by those on the left.  They do not believe conservatives are human.  They don’t believe conservatives even deserve to live.


Hat Tip: Daily Wire

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore on Flickr

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