North Korean Athletes Face Torture if They Don’t Win Gold at the Olympics


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The Sun reports that North Korean Olympic athletes have more than just the normal pressures associated with a global athletic competition:

For North Korean athletes, the prospect of failure on the big stage carries a punishment far worse than a damaged ego.

Having failed to land a single medal in South Korea so far, its Winter Olympic team could suffer the same fate as previous underperforming athletes – imprisonment in one of the country’s sick gulags.

Apparently, the North Korean football team got all the way to the second round of the 1966 World Cup, but that wasn’t enough for former leader Kim Il-Sung.  The entire team was arrested after they lost to Portugal by a mere two points.  Horrifically, they were sent to a deadly North Korea gulag — Yodok prison — usually reserved for political prisoners where inmates reportedly eat rodents to survive.

This unsettling reality makes the Olympics a little less heartwarming, doesn’t it?  It definitely makes the media’s fawning all over North Korea less tolerable.  In fact, it’s disgusting.

Mark Tapson reports on how the media “fell all over themselves praising the real-world dictator of North Korea, monster Kim Jong Un, and his advisor sister at the 2018 Winter Olympics.”  He wrote:

You can’t buy the kind of propaganda handed to North Korea on a silver platter by the mainstream media this weekend at the Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Here is a sampling, courtesy of Fox News, of headlines that appeared on smitten leftist outlets such as CNN and ABC:

“Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the winter Olympics”

“The ‘Ivanka Trump of North Korea’ captivates people in the South at the Olympics”

“North Korea’s cheerleaders steal spotlight at Winter Games with synchronized chants”

The cheerleader article referred to the 200+-person cheer squad which won over the press for dancing in perfect unison, wearing matching outfits, and waving flags in support of their team. No one in the media bothered to note that the starving families of the cheerleaders likely would be executed if the cheerleaders displayed anything less than ecstatically energetic support for the international cameras.

CNN was so obsessed with Kim Jong Un’s younger sister that they said her “warm message” has apparently “struck a chord with the public.”  Her “warm message?”  When these athletes are sent to the gulag for coming in second?


The media like to compare the Trump family to Hitler, but they give a pass to actual murderous dictators.  That’s all you need to know about these so-called journalists.  They don’t actually care about what they pretend to care about.  They simply want to score political points and morally preen.


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