A reader asks

A few months ago Jimmy Akin mentioned on the call-in that you had written stuff about the origins of celebrating Christmas, a counter to those saying it’s of pagan origin. Would you be kind enough to direct me to that???

Here you go!

This is a small snippet from my new trilogy Mary, Mother of the Son (Volume I: Modern Myths and Ancient Truth).

The whole trilogy will be published in about a month, by Catholic Answers. You’ll be able to order it here (and I might even have a link for pre-orders up by today, as soon as I know the prices).

By the way, just so we are clear, my point is not that there are no pagan elements incorporated into Christmas. Of course there are: Christmas trees, holly, ivy, etc. It’s that there does not appear to be anything to the notion that Christmas was picked for that date to coincide with the winter solstice or the Feast of Sol Invictus.

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