A reader (very likely here because the AOMinions are out in force today) writes:

Duh! Which way do I believe now? Sorry Mark, on any Biblical level you lose. I just checked your profile and you include your Astrological Sign as well as your Zodiac Year. Mercy. Just can’t decide who to trust can you?

As far as I can tell, Blogger plugs that info in automatically when you give your birthdate. I don’t set any store in horoscopes or divination, a fact you could have discovered if you’d written to ask, rather than to accuse. Indeed, that book you guys are all refusing to read has a rather long section in volume I on the Christian differences with things like astrology and horoscopes. It was becoming a Christian that gave me the first sympathy for people like the Magi that I ever had. I didn’t buy horoscopes when I was an unbeliever. It was only when I became a believer that I developed a bit of respect for Babylonian astrologers who made at least one good call. Here’s a piece I wrote long ago that give my basic views on horoscopes, the occult, divination, and all that junk.

You Can Trust Me, I’m a Psychic

You might try reading me with charity instead of out of a desire to look for ammo. If you make it habit, you might even find yourself discover what people you don’t know think, instead of pre-emptively telling them what they think in order to reinforce your tribal prejudices.

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