Turns out the Jesuits Engineered 9/11

Practitioners of the Paranoid Style in American Politics dredge up the Infamous Jesuit Oath (“it’s in the Congressional Record you know”) and do a little ambush journalism on the Black Pope, whose deer in the headlight expression is the perfect counterpoint to the paranoid Know Nothing nut from We are Change LA.

For people who actually want to try to understand things, the Jesuit Oath is a rather easy to trace forgery whose origins you can determine with a little help from Mr. Google. But the paranoics and conspiracy theorists who make up the chaotic subculture of outfits like We are Change don’t go in for hard thought so much as for pseudo-thought activities which randomly “connect dots” without doing the hard work of finding out if you know what you are talking about. The notion that the Jesuits are a sort of quasi-fascist paramilitary organization dedicated to eviscrating the enemies of the Pope is… charmingly naive.

Thanks–I think–to Vox Nova for this weird find.

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