Go Simcha!

One of the most grotesque aspects of uber-conservative Catholic culture is the bizarre phenomenon of men who can only be described as repressed pigs trying to deal with their repression by dominating women and treating them like servile crap. You know the types: “Foul temptress leading me to sin! You need to completely reorganize your life according to my micromanaging control freakery because I can’t cope with my passions!”

#1 on my list is the stomach-turning spectacle of CatholiCity (closely associated with clowns who ditched their family) handing out orders commanding women to get rid of their “damned pants” because the repressed horndog editorial writers at CatholiCity can’t deal with their own weird issues at seeing a woman in pants.

Simcha Fisher tells the Dominators to put their repressed control freakery where the sun don’t shine, resulting in cheers from elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Message to lustful male control freaks: Failure to deal with psychosexual issues on your part does not constitute a lack of modesty on the part of all the women on planet Earth. If you can’t deal with what normal people call modest dress, then get a shrink. Pants may be immodest with your soulmates in Saudi Arabia, but for the rest of the world, they are just fine. Instead of writing twaddle like that list of instructions from Mount Sinai to all women, how about a big splashy piece on why wife-ditching Catholics need to repent and why extraordinarily quiescent ministries major in minors when it comes to the relative importance of pants vs blowing off marriage vows?

Oh, and I resent that you use my stuff, CatholiCity. I didn’t realize that till today. Makes it look like I approve of wife-ditching. If you are reading this, I’d prefer you take down the links to my stuff.

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