Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

I ask you to pass on prayer requests for neighbors who are enduring awful losses. L and her 2 year old granddaughter, J, died in an accident. Certainly, J is beyond need of our prayers but I would ask prayers for L if she is still in need of them. Still among us on earth, please pray for P, who lost his wife and granddaughter and for D, who lost his mother and daughter. Perhaps most urgently, I would beg prayers for J’s mother, who may be in greater need than any of them for these and other reasons.

Father, hear our prayer for the people involved in this horrible tragedy. Grant eternal life to L and J and peace, grace, strength and consolation to those who survive them. Let your grace bring them together in love by the power of your Holy Spirit. Mother Mary and St. Jude, pray for them. We ask all this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Another reader writes:

Can you please keep a young woman and her unborn baby in your prayers? My husband’s coworker, just found out her 12 year old is pregnant. The coworker tried to take her daughter for an abortion, but the local abortuary won’t do the procedure until the girl is 13. So, the plan is that on her birthday, December 28th, the woman will take her daughter in and have the baby killed. My husband is trying to find a way to reach the woman with information and change her mind, but obviously this is a delicate situation. Please pray that the woman changes her mind and finds real help for her daughter and unborn grandchild. The poor baby is slated to die in less than a month, please pray now and pass this on to your readers.

Father, we ask that you would intervene to spare this baby’s life through Jesus Christ. Change their hearts and minds to see that this child is yours and that you love the baby and her mother. Grant the right words through the Spirit to my reader’s husband. Mother Mary, pray for all involved here. Guardian angel, protect both these children. Guardian angels of the parents, drive away any demonic power that seeks to frighten them into doing this evil. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord that all will issue in the glory of your Name!

Another reader writes:

Would you please have your readers pray for my brother, Daniel? This past Saturday he herniated a disk in his spine and has since lost the use of his legs. He had emergency surgery to correct it, and has showed some minor improvement, but he is still unable to walk, and we do not know if he will regain mobility. Please pray for him that he will be able to walk again.

Father, hear our prayer for Daniel’s complete healing and recovery of the ability to walk through Jesus Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for him!

By the way, please keep praying for Lorna, who is struggling to recover her ability to walk. Also, pray that her sense of taste and smell would recover. They seem to have been affected by the head trauma. Father, we ask for all this and for her complete recovery (and grace and strength for her family) through Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, continue to pray for them.

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