Prayers for the UK

Screaming mobs discomfit the Royals in their limos (probably good for them) and flaming jerks cut down the Thorn Tree at Glastonbury. There’s hope for the tree (since it’s been cut down before by Cromwell’s flaming jerk Roundheads). But the country seems to be unraveling.

Of course, all this is distorted by the lens of media. What we see is confined to a small area in front of the cameras at London. The rest of the country is probably going about its business. Much the same thing happened here in Seattle during the WTO riots ten years or so ago. A few blocks downtown were affected. Everywhere else: life as normal. And the media were so palpably *thrilled* to have a riot to report that it was funny.

I’m thinking it’s a tossup between yobs or some radical Muslim as to who cut down the tree. Or it might have been some Dawkins acolyte on a Mission from Darwin. All are species of Jerk.

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