A reader asks…

“Is our Libya combat action ‘Just War’?

I have a better question: Do we have any evidence–any evidence whatsoever–that King Obama bothered to deliberate the question of whether this met Just War criteria before his unilateral decision to commit the Empire to War Three? Given that he has given no clue what victory looks like, what the purpose of the war is, how it ends and when our exhausted and over-extended men and women (remember them?) come home from this exercise in nation-building, nor even which faction in the rebellion we are supporting should Gaddafi finally wind up at the end of a Tomahawk missile, it’s hard to say that we have a reasonable prospect for success since we haven’t defined what success is. Apparently, his majesty didn’t feel that consulting Congress was necessary before heading out to Rio.

It is entertaining, however, to see Obama supporters suddenly registering shock that His Imperial Majesty behaves arrogantly and treats the hoi polloi with contempt in his supreme confidence that he knows what’s best.

Anyway, I hope that now that we are in it (again), the McCain/Palin Obama Administration has a clue what it’s doing, where it’s going, and how to extract itself. But I have very little confidence they do. This is where we pray that the God who takes care of fools, drunks and American idealists with utopian dreams of fixing the world at gunpoint will intervene and keep us from disaster. What else is there to do?

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