Frank Weathers reminds us…

that Ayn Rand’s ice cold pride is at the antipodes from the Sermon on the Mount.

I’ve always regarded Rand as something like a photo negative of Stalin. Her philosophy can kill souls just as much as his. Indeed, with the creed of selfishness and her Sign of the Dollar in place of the Cross, I regard her godless inhuman individualist philosophy of pride as one of the main drivers of the culture of abortion. What Stalin achieved by force via a vast organized state system of murder, Rand’s philosophy has achieved via privatized violence and the cooperation of millions of individuals who, of their own free will, choose to participate in a system of slaughter that is all about Looking Out for Number One. No secret police or system of organized state terror is necessary. We freely choose death here in the free post-Christian West.

Comfort for Communists

“In January of last year Bezboznik complained that anti-religious Soviets had been disbanded in seventy districts, while it had been thought that in the region of Kovrov there was a whole system of atheist cells, the President of that region wrote… that neither in the town nor in the region were there any cells left—in fact, ‘in the entire district there is now only one organized atheist—myself.’” – From an article by Father C.C. Martindale S.J. in the Catholic Herald, 11 May, 1935.

“I’m all alone; I can’t organise anyone,
There’s nobody left to organise me,
And still I’m the only organised atheist
In all the province of Skuntz (E.C.).

Sometimes disgusting organised atheists
Orphan the stars without permit from me,
Unmake their Maker without their ticket
or their copy of Form x.793.

The Blasphemy Drill’s getting slacker and slacker,
Free Thought is becoming alarmingly free,
And I’ll be the only organised atheist
Between the Bug and the big Black Sea.”


Ours, ours is the key O desolate crier,
The golden key to what ills distress you
Left without ever a God to judge you,
Lost without even Man to oppress you.

Look west, look west to the Land of Profits,
To the old gold marts, and confess it then
How greatly your great propaganda prospers
When left to the methods of Business Men.

Ah, Mammon is mightier than Marx in making
a goose-step order for godless geese,
And snobs know better than mobs to measure
Where Golf shall flourish and God shall cease.

Lift up your hearts in the wastes Slavonian,
Let no Red Sun on your wrath go down;
There are millions of very much organized atheists
In the Outer Circle of London Town.

– G.K. Chesterton

If you are looking for a chance to do an unusual corporal work of mercy, you can always check out the Facebook page dedicated to the idea of plugging the Gulf oil leak with the works of Ayn Rand. A worthy endeavor!

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