Congratulations Catholic Torture Defenders!

Your efforts at catechesis have not been in vain! 60% of American youth join you in your Cafeteria Catholicism and support the use of torture! In fact, they even endorse the torture of American prisoners of war and the murder of prisoners. You have achieved the same goal as Catholics for a Free Choice!

The Cafeteria is wide open for business and conservatives are lining up in droves!

What will be fun will be to watch the torture defenders waver between fist pumps about the triumph of their brutal species of realpolitik, and their attempts to say that we should ignore the story because it comes from the damned liberal Red Cross.

Funny how the culture of relativism so prized by the Left and culture of brutal paganism so prized by the Right meet and marry in our postmodern young who care about whales and don’t see a big problem with murder and torture if it keeps the iTunes coming.

How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity. One party goes to the mat to let draft dodgers commit war crimes in the name of courage and another party sheilds them from prosecution while expanding the powers of thexecutive to allow writs of murder to the President, should he feel like it.

It’ll be great if we ever get a two party system.

"So much for hating the sin and loving the sinner. Boy was Augustine dumb."

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