Failing to get on the global warming/climate change Global Climate Disruption bandwagon?

You should be forcibly tattooed by the state!

Perhaps a Yellow Star would be a helpful identifier too? Can we avoid all this ruckus if we just recite this and offer a pinch of incense to our Savior State?:

I believe in One Earth, the Mother, the Almighty, creator of the Biosphere.
I believe in Totalitarian Environmentalism, her only begotten Daughter, our Master.
She was conceived by the power of Gaia, born of the mind of Greens, and became an Ideology.
For our domination and for our punishment, she tattoos Wrongthinkers and should have the right to crucify, kill and bury them if necessary.
On all days her budget shall rise again, in fulfillment of the triumph of the will.
There is no need for the Ideology to come again because it’s not leaving: you are, if you question it.
We believe in the spirit of Gaia, the totalizing state, the rights of the elite to dominate, and everlasting power.

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