Prayer Request

I am hoping you might offer a prayer for me and my family at this time. My dear nephew, has been seduced by the lies of the enemy and succumbed to his same sex attraction. He intends to have a public union ceremony with another man tomorrow. Much of my family, nominally Catholic, will be attending and supporting him in this decision. I will not be attending, but I have not explicitly told him my reasons. I had intended to talk to him at length, but life, and my own cowardice has interfered. I am several months pregnant at the moment and do not believe it is the best time to begin a rift within the family. I do wish to tell him there is another way to live, the way we are meant to live and that the Church provides the answers, but I know this will be ill received. He is politically active regarding gay “rights” and considers himself a catholic in the Andrew Sullivan sense. I know God can change his heart. I know he can work a miracle. My nephew has a special affection for Our Lady of Guadalupe, though I believe it is mainly an aesthetic attraction to her, I see this as an “in” grace wise. If you would, please appeal to Our Lady of Guadalupe to open his eyes regarding his behavior choices, to also open the eyes of my family who do not see the conflict in his actions with Truth, and for me that I might follow God’s will in this situation.

Father, hear our prayer that your perfect will be done in this man’s life though Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for him and all who love him.

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