Do Not Laugh…

…at the People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven. Feel safe and shut up, or you will be severely punished.

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  • Confederate Papist

    Lincoln must be proud.

  • Joseph

    Here’s my take on Alex Jones and his pals… if they were legit, and if the conspiratorial shadow world government existed to silence and dominate the masses, then wouldn’t he have had a lethal accident a long time ago?

    That being said, I have occassionally seen some edible morsels on his web site before, but because he doesn’t see the obvious link to the battle between the devil and Christ’s body, His Church, he misses the mark and ends up going down multiple rabbit holes taking with him all of his profane secular, atheist, anti-theist, video game addicts who live perpetually in the high school mindset and in their parents basements at the same time. When you don’t understand what’s really going on and think you can understand it without reading historical documents (like the dozens of papal writings dating from before the French Revolution to modern day) that explain it all in black and white, you end up wearing a tin foil hat and complaining about black helicopters.

  • That looks like legislation against impersonating an air marshal or TSA agent, not against satirizing them – sort of like how it’s illegal to impersonate a police officer.

    I love your blog, but there is often a lot of overreaction and misinterpretation in your posts. That kind of thing only hurts our credibility when we try to bring up things that really are serious issues.

  • MarylandBill

    I agree with Sleeping Beastly; yes it does not specifically exempt parody or satire, but then again, neither do copyright laws expressly exempt parody and satire. They are protected by the Constitution. Further, the text of the bill does state that it would be illegal if it

    is reasonably calculated to convey the impression that the wearer of the item of apparel is acting pursuant to the legal authority of the Transportation Security Administration or Federal Air Marshal Service, or to convey the impression that such …[stuff]…, is approved, endorsed, or authorized by the Transportation Security Administration or Federal Air Marshal Service.

    Now I might be naive, but I think most people would recognize that those acting in dramatic or comedic presentations are not trying to convey the impression that they are acting with the real legal authority of their characters or that they are acting with the approval of organization be satarized.

    • enness

      I agree. I have had to make some amateur study of copyright law for my work. Parody and satire fall under the “Fair Use” doctrine, if I’m not mistaken — indeed, in my opinion this is one of the least complicated and most reliable applications of Fair Use.

  • I’ll add my voice to the chorus. This has nothing to do with disallowing parody. It has to do with impersonating an official from the TSA. The reason the language about “colorable imitation of such words” is in the bill is so that someone can not make a slight tweak to the initials or insignia and claim that they weren’t impersonating an officer. “No, no, no, I didn’t impersonate the ‘police’, my insignia said ‘pollice'”.

  • Will

    And one of the commenters on the site points out that the US Code already includes similar language protecting the symbology of the FBI and most other federal enforcement agencies.

    And people call ME paranoid.

  • Tim

    I don’t think “colorable imitation” means satire, but rather that an acronym could arguably refer to the TSA. But don’t quote me on that.

  • Ye Olde Statistician

    Sadly, in the post-modern literalist age, one must specifically add such things to 18USC709 because the lawyer will argue that if it did not mention TSA specifically, then forbidding impersonations would not apply to TSA. It’s the same reason that new laws have to be written against fraud or theft using the Internet rather than simply say theft is theft no matter what medium is used.

  • Sean O

    The slow boil of us frogs in water. Police states don’t generally just appear in full bloom. They grow by the accumulation of state powers and the reduction of citizen rights.