Fr. Dwight Longenecker…

has a Tale of the Unexplained.

Dunno what happened, but I do believe in a) angels and b) miracles, so I figure anything is possible. Anyway, I’m glad they are okay.

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  • So why stay in the car? If you can’t get your car out of the way then at least get yourself out of the way.

  • S. Murphy

    Granted the words ‘in the distance’ were used, it may not have been that much distance – i.e., not enough time to scramble up the embankment with three sleepy kids, risking having the car get pushed on top of them as they tried to escape, as opposed to keeping the 2 tons of Detroit steel around you. It’s easy to think of escape routes after the fact, especially in speculation. Maybe they could’ve backed up, etc. My Dad remembers being in an old Pontiac with his Dad, when the engine tried to run away and the brakes failed. Grandpa had the presence of mind to cut the ignition. Dad knew that he would never have even thought of it.
    It’s actually a good idea to do little thought experiments and immediate action drills ahead of time, especially if you’re just not one of those people for whome time slows down and problems lay themselves out in clear, linear steps at the moment of crisis.