Get ready for October 21 and the End of the World–Again!

When, according to world’s worst prophet and Bible scholar Harold Camping, the world realio-trulio re-ends yet again and for sure.

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  • If the end of the world doesn’t happen, Camping can point to this little disclaimer at the bottom of his article.

    “God did not destroy the people of Nineveh. Although there is no possibility that God will not follow through on His intention to destroy the world in 2011, we can know from His dealings with the people of Nineveh that God is tenderhearted and full of mercy. This should encourage each one of us to go to God and beseech Him for His great mercy.”

    This way he can make his false predictions and still have an out when they don’t come true. I wonder if he thought of this, last time around. I guess he’s more prepared to be wrong.

  • Confederate Papist

    I’m soooooo confused. First it was back in the 1980’s when all of the planets lined up…..then, the Y2K fiasco/non fiasco, then just a few months ago, now the 21st….but wait…if he’s wrong again, there’s always 2012….there’s still hope!

    Does anybody feel like they’re part of the Star Trek TNG episode where the
    Enterprise crashes into another ship and explodes over and over again until Data realises what to do and avoids the crash? Or am I the only TNG nerd? Maybe “Groundhog Day” is more appropriate.

  • Confederate Papist

    Woops…messed up the italics…didn’t mean to finish the whole statement like that…stupid is, is stupid does…

  • Dave Pawlak

    What a way to celebrate my birthday…

    • Rosemarie


      Happy Birthday!

  • David

    I’m not sure Camping is the world’s worst prophet. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have been in the false prophesying business for quite a long time……

  • Hey, can’t it wait until after Halloween?

    Seriously, though, it’s going to come when no one expects it. Or according to another self-styled biblical scholar, in the 25th century.

    Stop worrying about this stuff, go about your life, and live the way the Gospels tell us to. You’ll have nothing to worry about, whether the end comes in two days or two milleniums.

  • astorian

    Jesus himself said that no man knows when the end will come, nor even the SOn, but only the Father.

    Got that? Jesus himself said clearly that HE didn’t know when the end would come!

    If the date of the end could be figured out by reading the Scriptures, don’t you think Jesus could have figured it out? Or is Camping saying he’s much smarter than that dim bulb Jesus?

  • jkm

    Interesting. That’s the day the Dawg is sheriff-selling the Accuser’s house out from under her up there in Montana. I’m almost hoping it is The End, just so he doesn’t get a chance to profit one more time.

  • CJ

    The first date was the birthday of a woman I almost married. This time it’s my daughter’s birthday. I had no idea I’d be playing such a huge role in the fulfillment of prophecy!

  • SKay

    The History Channel seems to be very concerned(obsessed) about the end of the Mayan calendar and December 2012.
    We are going to be hearing more of that as the year goes on.

  • Meggan

    I’m having such a bad day today, I wouldn’t mind so much if I could just move on. But of course, “the end” is supposed to come on Friday – my day off. It figures.

  • Clare Krishan

    No way!
    Mass exodus to purgatory just has to coincide with 11.11.11 at 11:11 am

    (in earlier times Lent was one looong season observed all the way thru from autumnal equinox and the vernal, so Carneval/Fasching in Northern European climes is convened on SanktMartinsTag, celebrated nowadays with parades at dusk with handmade lanterns for the kiddos and mulled wine for the grownups. Yum (and Bah Humbug to Camping).

  • Amy P.

    We’re having a party. Might as well go out surrounded by friends and stuffed to the gills with yummy food.

    • Amy P.

      And lest anyone think I’m serious, the 21st also happens to by hubby’s birthday. So we’re really celebrating *that* and not the (not happening) end of the world.

  • enness

    2:00 a.m. EDT: Hey y’all, so far I’m still here. You?

  • Matt B

    That was the scariest thing I’ve ever read.