Hey Seattle! Come help out at 40 Days for Life This Saturday

The Pro-Abort Brownshirts will be out in force at the Madison Clinic and the 40DFL folks who will be there to pray could really use your support in the face of the screaming, threats, and intimidation:

Hi 40 Days for Life friends,

I’m emailing you personally to ask you for a favor.

The group called “Seattle Clinic Defense” is planning on having 3 protests during our fall campaign for 40 Days for Life (I have linked the 3 Facebook events here, here, and here). I am writing you personally to ask you if you would come and pray with us on these three Saturdays (Oct. 8, Oct.22, and Nov 5) from 12-2pm so our 40 Days for Life group can have a strong presence. Also, please forward this to anyone else that you think would come, too.

This group thinks that we bully and manipulate women into doing what we want – it’s very sad.

Thank you so much,

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Bravo, Mr. Rowen!

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  • We have pro-lifers in Seattle? I mean, besides you, Mr. Shea?

    • Sonia Holmes

      Yes, we do. I’ll be there!