I’m baaaack!

Been on the road all day yesterday, partly because I stoopidly set the alarm wrong and overslept, thereby missing my flight home and necessitating a re-schedule.


Anyway, I note that there appears to be something wrong with the comboxes the past 24 hours. We were getting a lot of spam, so I asked the webelves to create a spam filter. As near as I can tell, it appears to have metastasized into an Everybody filter. So the webelves are tweaking it and we should all be able to comment soon (unless you are an evil spammer).

Your longsufferance is appreciated!

Oh, and this week I’m going to experiment with turning the thingie back on that sends summaries instead of whole posts and see what the traffic numbers are. Click-throughs: the lifeblood of blogaciousness.

Finally, I had a great time out in Cincinnati, Columbus and Pittsburgh. Got to see some old friends, record an audiobook, wheel and deal on a possible new book, perhaps pick up some new work, give a fun talk to a crowd of about 500, go to Mass several times, see the excitement of Occupy Cincinnati, eat seafood in Kentucky, get mauled by four rambunctious daughters of a friend, hear Scott Hahn speak, hear Roy Schoeman speak, hang with the Oratorians in Picksboig, meet the great students at Carnegie-Mellon, meet a reader who actually bailed on a trip to a sports bar to come to my talk last night, eat KFC, sleep in a library, and experience the sheer autumnal gorgeousness of western Pennsylvania in October.

Also, flying across America in the fall, especially past Mt. Rainier… oo la la! What a country!

And best of all, my sweetie and the guys at the end of the journey There and Back Again. Thanks be to God!

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  • Will

    It is better to miss the flight back home than the flight “there,” which means you might have missed some important business.

  • Jon W.


    I’m the guy that skipped on the bar for your talk. I just wanted to say thanks again for a great talk. I really enjoy what you have to say.
    I took a walk down to the Occupy guys/gals camped out a few blocks from my hotel after leaving Carnegie-Mellon. I was treated to a tour, live music, and an engaging conversation from a musician traveling from Denver to NY visiting the OWS groups along the way. I was offered a smoke from the hooka and coffee and treated like royalty. While I do not agree with everything for which they are fighting, I love the idea that there are still some “raw” activists out there touting their rights. And by the way, they had permission to be camped out at BNY Mellon’s park which I thought was kind of cool in a weird way. Activism with a permission slip.