Orson Scott Card…

…who managed to make obscure President William Henry Harrison into one of the most horrifyingly evil characters in all of fantasy fiction, offers his curious thoughts on humans and their struggle with their inner chimp. Bear in mind that he is a Mormon (which may color some of this) and that he is a fun fantasy and sci-fi writer who’s strong suit is being imaginative, expressive, and entertaining.  In short, your mileage may vary.

And yeah, I know it’s the third in a series, but I can’t find the first two.

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  • http://www.ephesians4-15.blogspot.com/ Randy

    I met a guy a few days ago who had a theory that Mormon theology is so like science fiction that Mormons tend to make very good science fiction writers. He said from his personal experience the proportion of Mormons who wrote science fiction was huge. Higher than non-Mormons by about a factor of 10. I kind of nodded and really didn’t buy it. What are the odds the next Mormon I run into will be a science fiction writer!

    • http://ontheotherfoot.blogspot.com Joel

      I don’t know that it’s directly connected to their theology (at least not in the “they’ll swallow anything” sense), but I think their religion suits them well to SF because (a) they’re not bound to materialism or cynicism and (b) they tend to have a sophisticated sense of morality that enables them to write in a milieu that includes right and wrong.

  • http://ontheotherfoot.blogspot.com Joel

    Part 1: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700175273/Witnessing-a-moral-dialogue.html

    Part 2: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700179160/The-moral-dialogue-continues.html

    I’m going to start from the beginning. For all that he’s a Mormon, Card writes better sense for a Christian audience than many more orthodox Christian writers. (Always excepting our dreaded Dark Lord, of course.)

  • Pseu

    “[B]elieving that you believe is what believing is.”

    That… bears some thinking on.