Irish TV Wantonly Defames Somebody as a Rapist

Fortunately, it was just a Catholic priest, so no big deal. They are basically human punching bags so it’s okay to treat them like crap. All forward-thinking people know this.

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  • James H, London

    Sue the buggers!

  • bob cratchit

    The Irish are becoming pathetically predictable. They are in such a hurry to shed their once inseperable Catholic identity they continue to stoop to new lows everyday.

  • Michaelus

    There is no such thing as Ireland. Ireland is simply a collection of people who exist in order to pay taxes (called interest) to the EU. The per capita external debt of Ireland is something like 434,000 euros per person – so for every man, woman in child Ireland must cough up over 4000 euros per year in interest.

    The reason the Irish politicians and the media are screaming about the Church is to make sure no one see that they have sold the entire country.

    • Fionnuala

      This is very true. Particularly the final line.

      I emigrated from Ireland four years ago. When I go back there is a palpable sense of gloom about the place. I never felt that before, even the the darkest economic times of the 80s and early 90s when I was growing up.

      We’ve lost more than our prosperity over the past few years.

  • Michelle

    “This episode provides some valuable lessons: The accuser and her daughter are very detailed and convincing when chronicling their charges in the interview. This should serve as a future caution to all when weighing the credibility of certain claims.”

    Yeah, that’s just the lesson that needs to be “learned” in cases of sexual abuse: Someone lied, so don’t believe anyone!

    • Go, go Gadget reading comprehension!

      Try: “Someone lied, so make sure you weigh all evidence before jumping to an immediate conclusion of guilt.”

      • Michelle

        For the record, I can read and comprehend, and I got what the author was saying. Call me cynical, but I also darn well *know* that the average Joe Six-Pew is going to take this as permission to do what he wanted to do all along: Not believe anyone who claims Father Beloved did something wrong.

        • Be that as it may, your earlier comment was still an inaccurate summation of the paragraph you quoted.

  • dpt

    Unfortunately for priests, this will be the price good ones may pay because too many bishops for too long did not act to end abuse.