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we are discussing Daniel Avila’s unspeakable act of giving a basically accurate assessment of where disordered appetites ultimately come from, which is the fall, which is not the work of God but of the devil, which offends gay brownshirts, which made Mr. Avila, persona non grata.

Break the Conventions. Keep the Commandments.

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  • Richard C.

    So how many diocesan papers continue to carry columns by McBrien or Rohr, while Avila will be looking for work elsewhere?

    The essay did need revision, since it didn’t place SSA in the context of the Fall, but USCCB and the Pilot don’t look like profiles in courage or as models of forgiveness here.

  • kevin

    Well said. Isn’t one of our baptismal promises a rejection of Satan, the Prince of Darkness? We refuse to be mastered by sin, and we know who the master ultimately is.

    Incredible that he got fired over that.

  • caroline

    I think Avila’s real crime was to embarrass the bishops by expressing explicit belief in the existence of the devil as a pesonal being.

    • Mark Shea

      All the bishops? Every last one? Should Michael Voris make another video urging Real Catholics to condemn all the bishops as heretics again? Anti-Catholic conservatism strikes again!

  • My 11 yo son asked me in the car, on our way to CCD, and totally out of the blue:

    “Mom, is homosexuality a sin?”

    I said yes. My whole statement was, simply being gay isn’t a sin, but homosexual acts are.

    Having the disorder isn’t a sin, but fully yielding to it certainly is.

    No BS, nothing politically correct, no sugarcoating.