I’m in Los Alamos till Wednesday

…and flying home on Thursday. The plane leaves at 7:15, so I’m up at 5 AM. Therefore, I’ve cleverly pre-posted some stuff to launch while I slumber.

Here’s the scoop on where I’ll be:

December 5-7 Immaculate Heart of Mary parish, Los Alamos, NM.  Topics: 101 Reasons Not to be Catholic, Family as the Icon of the Holy Trinity, Mary, Mother of the Son

Don’t miss it if you can, New Mexico!

I will be a bit scarce in the comboxes, particularly since I’ve got a ton o’work to do this month and am taking the peace and quiet during the days on the road to try to do it. Your prayers would be appreciated as I try to dig out from under the load and that I serve Immaculate Heart of Mary parish well. Ciao!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/gabriel.mosher.op Br. Gabriel, OP

    Please tell Fr. John Carney that I say hello. He was my first vocation director.

  • Jacob Yoder


    My wife and I really enjoyed your talks over the past few days . I look forward to reading your blog!

    • Mark Shea

      Thanks, Jacob! I love your parish! Wonderful people! And don’t drop that priest of yours cuz you won’t soon find another like him Great man!

      • Jacob Yoder

        If the Archbishop sent away Fr. Carney, the entire IHM parish would march to Santa Fe. We won’t let him go if there’s any way to stop it.