Our Lady of Zeitoun

A reader writes:

I was wondering if you had seen this Christmassy article concerning the apparitions of Our Lady in Zeitoun, Cairo during 1968 (which were officially approved by the local Patriarch Cardinal Stephanos I, and listed as one of the officially approved the current Card. Secetary of State, Tascio Bertone in his book The Last Secret of Fatima). As well as being Christmassy, it also has a strong anti-abortion message. It notes that the various Marian apparitions in Egypt since 1968 have all occured at locations associated with the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt. This has suggested to many commentators that these apparitions are in some way re-enacting the travels of Jesus, Mary and Joseph throughout Egypt during their escape from King Herod’s slaughter of the innocents. The article then goes on to suggest that since the primary reason of the Holy Family’s flight into Egypt was to escape from the slaughter of the innocents, this fact may lend a key insight into the true significance of this heavenly re-enactment – which the author believes was timed to announce to the world that a modern “slaughter of the innocents” was taking place in the legalisation of abortion. The apparitions first began to appear on 2nd April 1968, just a few weeks prior to the implementation of the UK Abortion Act, which came into effect on 27th April, 1968. The UK Abortion Act was the tipping point in the legalisation of abortion throughout the world, with President Lyndon Johnson calling for a repeal of U.S abortion laws in the same year, paving the way for Roe vs Wade in 1973. After this pivotal moment, abortion laws would eventually be loosened throughout Europe, since people were free to travel to the UK in order to procure an abortion anyway, and the Jane Collective began to operate in the U.S. the following year, in 1969. After this moment, we seen the legalisation of abortion spreading to countries such as India, the U.S and various European nations.

I hadn’t given that any thought, but it seems reasonable to me. Certainly the tidal change of the West to a contraceptive and abortion culture is the epoch-making civilizational choice of our age and dwarfs such dust ups as World War II in terms of it power to deform and destroy our society. If Mary can turn up at Fatima to warn the world of a relative triviality like World War II, I don’t see why she wouldn’t warn the world of entering into a great cooperative venture of Moloch worship.

Our Lady of Zeitoun, pray for the rapidly de-Christianizing West to choose life and grant your children in Africa and Asia the grace to re-evangelize us who have so shamefully turned our backs on you and your Son.

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  • “a relative triviality like World War II”?

    Hmmm. I get the point. But that could be restated. It wasn’t trivial in any way. Certainly not to those who suffered and died as a result. Any more than a single child dying of cancer is a triviality next to the abortion culture. Certainly not to the human lives affected. Perhaps make the point some other way with some other terms.

  • Thanks for the link!

    I can see the point Mark is trying to make – the ongoing modern genocide of the unborn that is abortion has claimed many more lives than that of the first and second world wars combined. It causes us as Catholics to face up to the problem whether we consider this as a an act of genocide on the same scale as the Holocaust, or whether the unborn don’t count. I don’t think we can drag our heels on this matter, which is levelled at the most vunerable members of our society. We all like to think that if we lived in Germany during the years of the Shoah, we would be up in arms against the Third Reich to protect our brother Jews from the tyranny of the Nazis. Yet when it comes down to it, we seem to be just as complacent – as if the lives of the unborn are not equal to those outside the womb. It might be down to the invisibility of this reality which helps us to look the other way when our fellow human beings are in need of our protection. There are no concentration camps – just hospitals with incinerators. Yet even if we remain silent on this matter, it seems that heaven will not. The apparitions of Our Lady at Zeitoun are the most widely witnessed appearances of the Virgin Mary in history – eclipsing even Fatima in the sheer numbers of witnesses – and in an altogether different fashion. Our Lady was only visible to the three shepherd childern at Fatima (the crowds at the Cova da Iria only seen the dancing of the Sun), whilst these apparitions were seen by all.
    The timing of these apparitions are the most telling factor – it seems Our Lady has appeared at the onslaught of every major genocide of the 20th century. If we look at Fatima, the Miracle of the Sun occurred at the rise of Communism and Stalin’s Gulags. The apparitions at Banneux and Beauraing occurred simulteanously with the rise to power of Hitler. And the appearances of Our Lady at Kibeho announced the impending Rwandan genocide. (Some might include Medjudgorje and the Slavic genocide of the early 1990’s – I’ll refer judgment myself on this matter to the current commission of the CDF)

    • The wording was the problem. The death of one, much less millions, is never a triviality. Even if they died at Pearl Harbor, as some have been quick to point out.

  • Oregon Catholic

    I have never heard of Our Lady of Zeitoun but I am definitely going to read up on this. I have been wondering lately why Mary, our Holy Mother, had not seemed to have spoken out about abortion – our great genocide. I think I was meant to find this post as an answer.

    Isn’t it strange that these apparitions have not been better publicized by the Catholic pro-life movement, even within the movement?