And in further insane world news

American troops to be deployed to Israel.

What could possibly go wrong?

That Nobel Peace Prize just looks better ‘n better.

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  • Tominellay


  • Old World Swine

    But remember… Ron Paul is the crazy one.

    • Yes, Paul is barking mad, not like those level-headed, responsible front-runners who want to plunge us into WWIII>

  • Sean O

    Why oh why don’t Palestinians and other Arabs see the US as an honest broker in the middle east? What could suggest bias?

  • Kirt Higdon

    Thousands are to be deployed. Could this be a cover for an invasion of Syria?

    • Marthe Lépine

      Probably … Someone has to purchase those weapons or your country’s economy will collapse!

      • Tom Connelly

        In 2010, U.S.arms sales accounted for about $102 billion. In an economy of $14 trillion, that amounts to about 0.0075% of total output. If the U.S. suspended all arms sales, it would barely register a blip on the economy, much less cause it to collapse.

        • Tom Connelly

          Actuallt, $102 billion is 0.7% of a $14 trillion. My math stinks but my point remains.

    • S. Murphy


      No. Syria’s in CENTCOM’s area of operational responsibility. Israel is in EUCOM’s. Granted, any countries perceived as ‘existential threat[s]’ to Israel are all in CENTCOM’s AOR; but at present, not only could we use any number of Central AOR countries for staging (so as not to unnecessarily cross the ‘seams’ between two combatant commands) if we were going to do something really stupid in Syria, but it just doesn’t make sense. Syria’s Arab neighbor’s are trying to address the problems there. There’s no coalition fixing to help the Syrian rebels that we can just belatedly assist with air support and then say ‘look what we did!’ There’s nothing at all to be gained by invading Syria at all – but from Israel? Just because it would be nightmarishly evil and stupid doesn’t mean somebody’s actually intending to do it.
      I’m not saying it’s absolutely impossible that we would get involved in Syria – but we’d hear a lot more about it if that was the commander-in – chief’s intent – as we did with Libya; and we wouldn’t do it through Israel.

      • Kirt Higdon

        “Just because it would be nightmarishly evil and stupid doesn’t mean somebody’s actually intending to do it.”

        Not necessarily, but the regime is always reminding us that “all options are on the table” Given the track record of the last decade or so, I’d bet on them doing something nightmarishly evil and stupid a lot sooner than I’d bet on them doing anything surpassingly good and intelligent. And there have already been several reports of the US giving clandestine aid to Syrian rebels through Turkey.

        • S. Murphy

          Setting aside whether aiding Syrian rebels is good, evil, or stupid, funneling aid through Turkey makes a lot more sense than using some bilateral exercise to stage troops for an invasion, in Israel.

          Military action starting from Turkey would have the same COCOM issues as starting from Israel; but, assuming the Turks were sympathetic to the effort,* it would still make a lot more sense than starting in Israel, which would just anger, you know, ALL the other neighbors.

          *They’re probably a lot more sympathetic to covert aid than to an outright invasion. They don’t want Syria in chaos and the Kurds on both sides of the border trying to declare an independent Kurdistan. They wouldn’t help us with OIF. I’m pretty sure they’d rather see Syria achieve stability in a way that won’t hurt them. I doubt they’d see that happening in the wake of a US invasion – since we accomplished so much in Iraq.

          Also, this isn’t the first military exercise we’ve done with Israel.

          So, EUCOM is doing some bilat with Israel. BFD. Happens every couple of years. We’re not gonna launch Operation Syrian Freedom. In an election year, yet. When we’re talking about deep cuts to the defense budget, and working on disengaging from Afghanistan. Can’t campaign on ‘I got us out of Iraq, and I’m getting us out of Afghanistan,’ and I got us just involved enough to take some credit, with no casualties, in Libya.’ After the election, if Assad manages to make himself look as bad as Gadaffi, and they’re a coalition going after him that just wants our help with a few airstrikes – yeah, a Libyan-style intervention, I could see. A full-scale invasion…no.

          I’d be more worried that our usual and customary mutual saber-rattling with Iran could get out o hand, sooner or later.

          Merry Christmas (one last time, on the Epiphany), and happy new year.

  • Ed pie

    Hey, if Carter’s and Clinton’s achievements of peace in the Middle East didn’t stick…who’s the God King not to try, too?

  • William

    Remember the USS Liberty! With friends like that, who needs enemies!