Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I have a prayer request. Actually, two.

1) I’ve been unemployed for 5 months, and I’m still unable to find work. I’m getting interviews, but ultimately(even when it seems very likely I’ll get the position) I’m rejected. I was even told by one company they were going to hire me, only for them to back out without explanation. I’ve been living off a credit card for 3 of the 5 months and I’m worried about what will happen when it becomes too much to pay off.

2) Unemployment has been eating at my religious faith. I’m a convert from unbelief, so it comes easily. I went to Mass today but didn’t receive because I felt it was in bad faith to consume the Eucharist feeling as I do. My Catholicism feels completely dead, nothing but actions and words devoid of meaning. I feel like inertia and social pressure are the only things keeping me there.

Well, okay, make it 3:

3) The extended unemployment has also made me very depressed, and I’ve been thinking more and more about killing myself if I can’t find something within the next few months. I don’t know how I can continue like this for another 5 months.

Father, we ask that you would grant your servant the grace to see that this time in the desert is a gift, not a curse, and that from it he would realize that his value comes from the fact that he is a human being, not a human doing. Give him the grace and strength to chose life and love, no matter what. Once this period in his life is past (and it will pass, we trust you for that) show him how he can extend hope and mercy to others suffering what he is suffering. In your time, give him the work and provision he needs so that he may best serve you. Mother Mary and St. Joseph the Worker, pray for him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Babs

    You are not alone. Our family went through this for nearly a year. Remember Jesus said, “That which you do to the least of my brothers, you do to me.” Sometimes we are Christ to others by being the least. Our pride rages against it, but we can be healed of pride through the sacraments. Do not stop receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Tell the priest about why you didn’t receive Communion, he will instruct you. You are and will be in my prayers. May God grant you fortitude in this time of tumult.

  • Ryan C

    Touched by this, since I’m in a similar situation. Hang in there.

  • Confederate Papist

    Prayers, prayers and more prayers! I’ve been there too, with two babies to feed and diaper.

    Please, *please* don’t do anything rash! You are too valuable a person and do not have the ultimate authority to take your life. Don’t let this situation deny you a ticket to eternal paradise on God’s time!!

  • Please hang in there! Almost eight years ago, I too was living on the last of my credit cards, and being hounded by bill collectors for all the other ones. I was almost literally on my last dollar when I got a call out of the blue from someone who’d seen my resume online, and printed it out for her boss. I had just the combination of skills (especially language skills) he needed. I still have that job today.

    I think God always comes through just in the nick of time not because he has a hero complex, but because he really does want us to trust Him. Such trust is hard to learn but it pays off. Truly. I’m praying for you.

  • MK

    I have been in a similar situation twice. The first time I did a novena to St. Jude, the patron of desperate cases, and the day before it ended I got a call from an agency that materialized into a job that I loved. The second time, when I got the call telling me I had the job after two months of interviews and negotiations (and six miserable months of unemployment), I was in church right before a Confirmation service started. I ran into the lobby and at the words, “They want you, they need you, they love you” from the recruiter, the organ started and swelled in a glorious crescendo. It was like a slap from God for ever doubting him.

    It will get better. Please don’t do anything rash. May St. Jude and St. Joseph the Worker intercede for you, and may Mother Mary hold you close and comfort you during this difficult time. Keep praying and receiving the sacraments. I will pray for you.