Liars for Jesus

Liars for Jesus January 10, 2012

So down below, I noted that a reader had sent a note to the effect that the same dude who underwrites RealCatholic TV is also hiring E. Michael Jones, author of “The Revolutionary Jew” and pal (and publisher) or anti-semitic kook Bob Sungenis. My reader, a conservative Catholic, was not surprisingly disturbed by this.

Lo and behold, what should happen next but that not once, but a twice a “T Burnham” should turn up in my comboxes to announce:

Thanks for keeping us up to date on this one Mark.

As an atheist I really appreciate and enjoy this blog. You do a good job in bringing down Catholic hypocrites and show how flawed, foolish (as well as dangerous) the Catholic faith really is. Many other atheists really love this blog.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to future updates on this story as well as shining the lights on other shady religious Catholic fanatics.


I am atheist and I appreciate this site. I do not know if you are a real believer or not and that is besides the point. You do a good job exposing Catholicism. I also appreciate that there is very little actual religion on this site and you focus on the shortcomings of others and exposing them. I don’t frequent religious sites but I really like this one.

The penultimate sentence is the giveaway. The guy is actually not an atheist at all, but a Voris devotee who thought that by this dumb subterfuge he could arraign a critic of his Folk Hero as the best friend of The Enemy (and, of course, as part of the Conspiracy).

As a Catholic devotee of RealCatholic TV, it should really trouble Mr. Burnham’s conscience that he is not only bearing false witness against another in order to defend his Folk Hero, but actually denying his Lord and Savior by pretending to be an atheist in order to do it. That it apparently does not bother his conscience is (or should be) a big warning signal that something is wrong. It should also trouble him that this sort of underhanded tactic does not exactly burnish the reputation of RealCatholic TV and its devotees. Moreover, given that Opus Dei already has an (I think unjustified) reputation for cloak and dagger among its enemies, guys like this should really think twice before pulling stunts like this, since they don’t do Opus Dei any favor by defending one of their guys by such lies.

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