Uh Oh

A reader, who poses as a faithful Catholic but who is no doubt a member of the Conspiracy of Damn Libruls motivated solely by hatred of the Faith, America and babies, writes:

I thought you might be interested to know that Marc Brammer, the Opus Dei supernumerary who funds RealCatholicTV, is starting a new think tank, the Institute for New Media, for which he plans to hire E. Michael Jones.
Yes, that E. Michael Jones. The one who claims St. Paul’s authority when he calls Jews “enemies of the entire human race.” Brammer’s fondness for him perhaps helps to explain why he funds videos like Voris’s SSPX-style rant claiming the Jews are a race, not a religion.
Brammer made this announcement in a radio interview in October 2011–you can hear him mention Jones at 45:55:


It sounds like Brammer, at the time of this interview, was already planning his exit strategy from RealCatholicTV. If you continue listening after 45:55, you will hear him explain that the Institute for New Media will not quote the Bible or the Catechism, and so–he says this explicitly–it will not need to be under the jurisdiction of abishop. At about 54 minutes in, he says that this institute will be in the form of an Internet content-delivery platform, a la RealCatholicTV.

I recommend listening to the interview in its entirety, as Brammer describes his Opus Dei membership, his friendship and financial support of Voris, and his planned new institute in great detail. Among other things, he claims to have a mandate from the Vatican to first “purify” the Church and then change the world. He also says that his new institute will explore how to reform capitalism, and he sees a connection between Islamic banking and Catholic social teaching.
About 50 minutes into the interview, Brammer goes into detail about why it is not in his interest to be in a bishop’s jurisdiction. He believes he can have more influence on people without having to work within the institutional church.

Some of us see the development of a completely unaccountable lay “ministry” that delivers itself of crackpot opinions about Jews and labors to make sure that the bishop cannot rein it in is not an altogether happy development in American Catholic life. After all, such a thing has never happened before. So of course, my reader’s concern is only explicable by the one size fits all “It’s a Conspiracy by Damn Libruls to Silence the 100% Orthodox Truthtellers” template. It couldn’t possibly be that Conservative Folk Heros pose a danger to the Church’s witness.

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