I love Bad Catholic

The guy is fantastic and a much better writer than I am. You should really be reading him, not me.

Here he is, on the novel experience of waking up and finding the Catholic Church to be the shizz for standing for conscience against this Goliath.

Don’t, for one second, think this war on the Church is over. Obama’s accomodation is a mere change in tactics. An attempt to get the Lefties he was losing and alienating to feel as though he was backing down.

Be thou not a sucker. Obama’s hostility to the Church is firmly in place and this fake “accomodation” changes nothing. He is still at war with religious liberty. He simply found a new strategy to attempt the same act of oppression. RESIST THE TYRANT!

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  • Even Worse Catholic (Marion)

    Here’s what Catholic employers could do . . . and Catholic parishes, as well.

    Sit everybody working there (in the case of employers) and worshipping there (in the case of parishes) down in an auditorium, turn out the lights, and turn on a video all about contraception and abortion and sterilization.

    Let the video describe how horrifically sinful these practices are.

    Include images of Christ’s passion, borne for us due to sins like contraception, abortion and sterilization. Really in-your-face images.

    Show images images of Hell, based on the visions of the saints. Show souls being slow-roasted over burning coals, and shreiking in agony. Have the narrator explain that this fate is what awaits souls who die in the state of mortal sin. Mortal sins like contraception, sterilization, and abortion.

    I think that this kind of witness is long, long overdue.

    Really long overdue.

  • http://thepulp.it/ The Bottom of the Sewer Catholic, Tito E.

    Yeah, another arrow in the quiver of the Church Militant!

  • Mike Drollman

    He’s not a better writer, just different. We love you both at our house.