News flash to our counselors of despair and defeat

…in my comboxes. There are counterattacks in war. Deal with it. Some of my readers are throwing up their hands and declaring “game over” because Obama is trying this head fake. What, pray, did you expect him to do? Of course he’s still trying to win his war on the Church. That’s what enemies do. Instead of giving up and declaring defeat because the enemy is resisting instantly abandoning the field, cowboy up and fight on! Show some fortitude for heaven’s sake. Eyes on the prize! A few days ago the defeatists were saying that the Administration wouldn’t budge and it was all hopeless. Guess what? They budged! We haven’t won yet, but there’s great hope! Press on until this assault on religious liberty is crushed and nothing is left of it. Don’t give up now!


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  • Joseph

    Yeah, I know… I said I was finished. But picture this scene from Braveheart:

    William Wallace lines up his fellow Scots for battle against the Brits because of their demand that they must first show allegiance and bow to the King of England before they can live on their own land.

    “We would rather die fighting than be forced to bow to the King in order to live on our land!”, shouts Wallace.

    “Rah! Fight! Freedom!”, shout his united Scots behind him.

    Then, the King sends out an envoy to meet with William Wallace.

    “We have a compromise William. How about this: You may live freely on your land first, and then you can bow to the King. Sound good?”, says the spokesman.

    In the midst of the Scots lined up for battle, you hear a few mumble (Keehans of the world), “Hmm… sounds good enough for me. That’s a noble King indeed to offer such a humble compromise. I always did like him after all! Well, let’s go home!”

    Then, William Wallace says, “Yes, I see your point. That’s a terrific compromise. We can live on our land free before bowing to the King. Excellent, indeed.”

    Off he goes, leaving the bewildered few who have not left and realize that it’s basically the same deal except the terms are reversed. What do you think will happen? Some of their “allies” left the field before Wallace even spoke. They waited anxiously until he did speak and when he did he cordially agreed to the terms.

    That may not be a perfect comparision, but my point is that what happens next depends on our leaders. If the bishops start walking back to their respective cathedrals pleased with this deal or not and leave us standing alone on the battlefield, then I’m afraid that this body blow that was so predictable may be enough to knock the wind out of our sails.

    I’m not trying to be a pessimist. I am just making the point that what happens next depends largely on the next move of our bishops.

    • Chris M

      Exactly. I’ll keep fighting this because we are called by our King to fight. It just breaks your heart when the King’s “Generals” compromise and surrender when the fight is still joined.

      That hasn’t happened yet, and I pray it won’t come to pass. Even if it does, we will keep resisting and not give up. Hopefully the compromisers will come back around. From what I’ve read thus far, it seems that very few are fooled by Obama’s little feint.

  • freddy

    So, Dear Leader says, “Hey, Catholics! You still have to *pay* for contraception, but now you don’t have to *talk* about it! Aren’t I good and wonderful?”

    He doesn’t get how we think, does he?

    No, Mr. Prez. we will fight you on this until you give up in dispair or embrace the truth. Do you think this is some tussle for political favor or temporal power? We are fighting for your very soul and the souls you and your cronies endanger by their embrace of evil. You can crush us under your bootheel, but we will rise. We are victorious. Your fortress cannot stand!

  • Confederate Papist

    The only way this gets truly defeated is if the smart people who have not had primaries yet to put up a nominee who pledges to completely over-turn the whole legislation….that would be a start.

    • Joseph

      I think Ron Paul has already taken that opportunity. The problem was, there were no microphones from any of the main stream media sources sitting in front of him. So, he was pretty much talking to the wall.

      P.S. That’s not an endorsement of Ron Paul. I’m just making it known that he did come out with strong language and documentary proof that he would be the strongest supporter of religious rights out of all of the Republican candidates.

  • Paul

    Far from this being a time to despair, what has happened over the last week as a result of the HHS contraception cram is nothing short of ….. well…….miraculous.

    I can’t remember the last time I was shifting through the channels on the lower portion of the FM dial and heard so many non-catholics talking postitively about the Catholic Church with a certain kind of “brother in arm” type of vibe. Outstanding!

    Further, when was the last time you heard anyone using the words “contraception” and “Catholic” in the same sentence that was not some part of a generalized anti-catholic rant?

    If your goal was to get the larger Christian population to have a positive discussion about Catholicism and contraception, you wouldn’t have got what we have today with a billion dollars and the best ad agency in town.

    Not since the Crucifixtion have we seen Satan’s victory turned back around on him as fast.

    This is exciting!!!!!!

    • Joseph

      That is true. This is the first time in my lifetime that I’ve heard so many sources loudly proclaim that the Catholic Church believes that the use of contraception is a mortal sin, from Church leadership to the main-stream media. It’s like the MSM is providing free catechism classes to Catholics and non-Catholics alike!

    • Joseph

      On that note, now is the time to participate in your parish’s RCIA program. Get ready for the influx of converts, win or lose on this issue.

  • Wryman

    Mark, you were talking about how all the Catholics were finally united (and that indeed was a good thing). Since CHA threw in the towel right away, I don’t see much reason for optimism. Sorry. But a headline like this tells you what the “spin” “talking points” or “fix” is going to be:

    Obama: Revised birth control policy has support from key groups, including Catholics

    And this:
    Stephen Schneck, a professor from Catholic University who has advised the administration in the past, is also pleased with the new HHS policy. “There was great enthusiasm on the call, a real sense of relief,” he said

    And this:
    Sister Carol Keehan from the Catholic Health Association said she is”very pleased” with the White House.

    So, Obama has succeeded in dividing Catholics — which was the obvious intent.

    • Joseph

      Yes. But that was obviously going to happen. You could see it when those Wormtongues tried to blend in with the fighting force, nervously struggling to don the armor of those who have been fighting for so long. The totally didn’t fit in. This was their moment and they acheived what they came here to acheive. But, they were never our leaders. Our bishops can still retain the momentum, they are our leaders. If the don’t coward away back into the caves underneath the Misty Mountain with the rest of the Wormtongues, we’ll actually be a stronger fighting force because we won’t have to worry about potentially being backstabbed on the field of battle… they’ve already slipped back into their slimy dens. Good for them.

      I’m waiting to see what the reaction of some of the other “appalled” well-known Catholic Democrats/Obama worshippers will be. This will test their meddle and prove once and for all whether they are truly Catholic before they are celebrity worshippers and/or party members.

    • Which is why Catholics were right to be wary of the ObamaCaths who were suddenly opposed to the president, and why I think Mark’s criticism of that wariness was misplaced. By initially opposing Obama and now coming around to his view, people like Sr. Carol have made this sow’s ear of an “accomodation” look like a real silk purse of a climbdown by the Administration.

      And the Bishops and everyone else who remain opposed to the HHS mandate now look like we’re being unreasonable. After all, the nun we were just touting earlier this week (and who I was just touting earlier this morning to my wife’s non-Catholic grandmother who noted that only men seemed to be against the mandate) has now said that everything is just hunky-dory. If that nice old nun is fine with the “accomodation”, then why are all those old celibate men in the hierarchy being so pig-headed?

      No despair here. We ARE going to win this in the end, and I relish the fight, to tell you the truth. But our supposed “allies” like Sr. Carol, our wariness of whom Mark was chastising us for just a couple of days ago, have now made our job a LOT harder.

      • Mark Shea

        I never said not to be wary. What I said was that it was foolish to sneer and and drive away people who were trying to help. I’m not particularly surprised that CHA has quickly bowed to this phony “accomodation” and I think they are suckers for doing so. But it ain’t over yet. The bishops have yet to speak. When they do, I doubt they are going to get on board with this, and the fight will still be on. Hopefully, the lefties will get a clue that feeling accomodated is not the same thing as being accomodated. But whether they do or don’t, people who actually know what’s going on must fight on. I’m no persuaded that CHA has that much clout. If the episcopacy remains united, this fight will by no means be over. I think we’ve made some real gains and I have good hope for more.

        • Check Reality

          If he’s succeeded in dividing Catholics, where is that line that Catholics are divided? Isn’t it the same line that divided those Catholics that voted for Obama last time and those that didn’t?

          We may huff and puff and make strong statements, but now that the CHA and other liberal Catholics are being cheerleaders for this glorious “accommodation”, it won’t make much difference come November. The people who are upset about this wouldn’t have voted for him anyway, so they are no loss to Obama.

          Obama has already won. He’s energized his base and marginalized his critics.

          By getting the Magisterium of Nuns to cooperate with this evil, and getting his most public critics to be the Bishops, he’s effectively driven home to the populace as a whole that this is just another one of those issues on which the old Conservative Republican-voting Catholics (sexist and homophobes all) are at odds with modern society and even visible Women of Authority in their own Church.

      • Joseph

        “But our supposed “allies” like Sr. Carol… have now made our job a LOT harder.”

        On the contrary, I feel more comfortable knowing that the soldiers that share the battlefield with me aren’t going to stab me in the back in the heat of battle. Good riddance to the traitors. Better sooner than later in my opinion.

        • Confederate Papist

          The leaders of the left groups may acquiesce, but will the others in their groups?

          That remains to be seen. Let’s not count that out.

  • FdS

    Hi Mark,

    I voted for a hopeless 3rd-party yahoo in 2008, and I was fully prepared to do so again in 2012 rather than support whichever torture apologist wins the GOP nomination. But this battle has me reconsidering. In a principle-of-double-effect sort-of way, might it be OK to elect a GOPer just to stop this assault on the Church?

    I’m conflicted and would be grateful for whatever light you can shine.

    Thank you!

    • Paul

      Which is exactly what this issue is designed to do – reengage the right side of the isle.

      Seems kind of funny how the year allowance given by HHS for religious institutions falls after the election.

      This is intentional! They want the next election to be structured as a manadate to compelled the politically right to reengage in the political process.

      It is also interesting the way government heathcare is referred to as “Obamacare”. Such a powerful structuring of language around this issue. On the subconcious level, this has been cast as Obama vs. Americans. Get rid of Obama and problem solved, right? Wrong!

      Abortion has lost steam as an issue to keep left and right distracted from endless war and empire building. The numbers are tipping and abortion on demand will be over in the very near future. Heathcare is the perfect surrogate.

      You should still vote for the quixotic 3rd party candidate.

      • Joseph

        My irony detector is off for some weird reason. So, I’ll be open for ridicule if I say the following:

        I must say, I agree with you. I’m convinced that the secrets are hidden in the language that they use. They never lie, they just don’t expect you to be paying attention… with all of the distractions out there it’s a pretty safe bet.

        For example, I was convinced that the Bush administration was a setup for the Obama administration (Clinton for Dubya, Bush Sr. for Clinton, etc.). When I lived in El Paso, Dubya was the governor of Texas. He came down to El Paso and had an open air speech at a community college there. I was there (decided to check it out). He spoke elegantly and, when he had finished his entire speech in English, he repeated the entire speech in fluent Spanish, which aroused the crowd, drowning out the handful of hecklers. He managed all of this without a teleprompter and without any notes on his podium (I was standing only 15 feet away from him).

        I’m telling you, the man was not an idiot. But, he got sworn in as President and his brain suddenly malfunctioned? In 2007, Obama and his wife went to the White House for a photo op with Cheney. Why? Because it had been discovered that he was Cheney’s long lost cousin… related by blood (much like the discovery that Obama is Irish)! I jested to my Russian friend at the time, “There’s the ‘tap’… that’s the next president of the United States”. I was saying that cynically, but it actually came to pass. And when you think about McCain’s campaign and how it completely imploded, especially with the brilliant decision to select, what appears to be, the biggest bimbo on Earth as his VP (who was continually let free to speak to whomever she willed in the media despite her obvious inability to articulate). The Obama campaign was the “we’re not Bush” campaign. The Bush campaign was the “we’re not Clinton” campaign. This one is totally being set up, like you said, as the “we’re not Obama” campaign. Each successive administration gave the goverment more power (especially the last two). This was orchestrated on both sides of the isle in tandem when they weren’t pretending to fight on television. Anyway, excuse me for my conspiracy theorist rant.

  • Wryman

    With frinds like this …..

    U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has been one of the leading critics of the Department of Health and Human Services’ mandate that employers must provide birth-control coverage — even companies affiliated with religious institutions opposed to birth control.

    With President Barack Obama retreating from that mandate on Friday, Rubio said the health-care law the Democrat incumbent signed in 2010 needs to be repealed so religious liberty and other rights can remain secure.

    “It’s good that the president reaffirmed that the federal government cannot force faith-based institutions to provide services that they teach are wrong,” Rubio said. “Unfortunately, as more of these rules are written, our constitutional rights will continue to be threatened by the administration’s policy goals. This issue exemplifies the problem with putting the federal government in charge of health care, and shows why we must fully repeal Obamacare.”

    See, Rubio is caving while pretending not to.

    • I’m missing the cave. He’s saying, from what I can see, that it’s good the President has said the government can’t force religions to do what they believe is wrong. He then goes on to say that this will continue until the whole bill is repealed. And as the bill stands, that’s probably true. So I’m missing the caving part, at least based on the quotes at hand.

      • Wryman

        He’s Ok with the Obama “compromise”, is how he’s caving.
        “Oh, but we’ll fix it when we repeal Obamacare.” Right. Along with the help of the CHA, I assume.

  • Chris

    Oh, this is far from over. We just need to stay on message here. Obama’s is the way of the serpent. Stay nimble.

  • Wryman

    The. bishops. just. caved.

    • Chris

      That’s not a cave. That’s a “what else you got?” statement.

      The Bishops are not going to render their discernment until all the cards are on the table. If they come out swinging, it gives Obama a chance to produce some “fine print” that makes them look like over-reactive fools.

      The truth is, there is no “fine print”. The Bishops are punting it back to Obama and challenging him to put up or shut up.

    • Mark Shea

      No. They. Didn’t.


  • Wryman

    Dolan: “First step in right direction” and “plans to work with administration.”

    • Joseph

      Ugh… I hope this doesn’t mean what that voice in my head is telling me it means.

    • Joseph

      Nevermind… where’d you get your news? That’s definitely not a cave. They’re playing politics. Read this article:

      • Wryman

        When you “reserve judgment” and call for further discussion, you basically take the issue off the burner and Obama can dilly-dally and postpone any substantive discussion until after the election. That’s when he will administer the slapdown. The only thing that could have kept this thing front and center was a resounding “no,” not a “let’s talk some more”. Talk when? And as long as the pro-contraception Catholics are happy, the media will be happy and say this whole thing is over ’cause “look, reasonable Catholics are satisfied.”

        • Mark Shea

          I thank God you are not a bishop. You want to hate Obama more than you want to defeat him.