Reason to Homeschool #38435945493985

Your fifth grader will not be socialized into playing “rape tag”.

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  • Cinlef

    Mr. Shea

    In fairness it does appear the school handled this well, i.e. put a stop to it immediately upon finding out about it

    • Mark Shea

      And decided that parents didn’t need to know…

  • Chris

    FLASH: (AP) – Susan G. Koman for the Cure reverses decision to end grants to Planned Parenthood

    We really are in this alone…

  • Amy P.

    Another reason to homeschool: Your 6-year-old won’t be accused of sexual assault while playing regular tag (while school bureaucrats wring their hands about obesity and wonder why our kids aren’t more active…)

  • educator

    Teachers are now the biggest influx into the home school venue. Even they do not like what is happening to the government run schools.

    Thinking About Homeschooling? Teachers Are

    • Bob

      This includes Catholic school teachers, too. Imagine a Catholic school where the principal says we “worship Mary too much” or religious medals are not encouraged or most of the Catholic prayers are unknown to this person. How about person who teaches religion at this same school who thinks that Pope Joan was real! Attempting to correct these errors and one is branded too conservative. It’s enough to make you cry.