The Kalakala!

Futuristic aquatic transportation for the Age of Buck Rogers!

One of my favorite relics of Old Seattle. Right up there with the Bubbleator and Jones’ Fantastic Museum.

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  • Worstest Catholic (Mike)

    Turns out, the remains of the bubbleator is now a greenhouse in Des Moines, WA.
    SACRILEGE! My wife and I both remember riding in it as 12 year-olds at The World’s Fair.

  • Anthony Kunz

    I had never heard of the Kalakala until I chanced to pick up a report about it on NPR”s “All Things Considered.” My curiosity piqued, I went searching for it on the net, a bit of a challenge as I did not even know how to spell it. Finding it eventually on a Washington State Parks website, photogra[phs of the boat in her prime, I was blown away.. I had never seen such a gorgeous sea craft in my life. The Kalakala is more just a historic ship, she is of a unique and ground breaking design. Considering her significance as a long time ikon of Seattle, I find it astounding that tthe city seems indifferdnt to her fate. You might as well imagine NYC letting the Empire State building go to seed. Or Nashville the Reimann Auditorium .

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