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Digital App Encourages Rosary Reflection

New Tool Allows Shared Prayer via Social Networks

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Little i Apps, LLC, makers of Confession: A Roman Catholic App, is proud to announce their collaboration with Our Sunday Visitor in the development of The Rosary of the Hours, an app that helps Catholics pray the Rosary “around the clock,” whereby a decade, with its own special theme, may be prayed for each of the twenty-four hours of the day and prayers and intentions can then be shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Little i Apps developed The Rosary of the Hours to include the full, original text of the original devotional of the same name, as well as a convenient reminder system that can be customized to fit the users schedule.  The app provides a simple and inspirational method of sanctifying every hour. Specially chosen prayers from the Psalms, beautiful meditations gleaned from the popes, and Scripture passages for further meditation are available to inspire and comfort, whatever the time, day or night.  Users can even post to Facebook and Twitter about their prayers, intentions and devotions, allowing Catholics to pray both for and with the Universal Church in a new way.

“It was an incredible opportunity for Little i Apps to take part in this project with Our Sunday Visitor. We look forward to seeing the Catholic community embrace the meditation, prayer and social networking that the Rosary of the Hours encourages,” says Patrick Leinen, co-founder of Little i Apps. “Our Sunday Visitor has created an incredible tool for those seeking deeper prayer in the Rosary. We are excited to see Catholics open to combining technology and spirituality!”

The Rosary of the Hours is available for $.99 on the iTunes Store.

For more information, please visit Little iApps online at or contact Patrick Leinen, developer and co-founder, at or call (574) 303-8102.

Little i Apps is a mobile applications development start up with a Roman
Catholic twist.

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  • Dr. Mary Callan

    Thanks for this, Mark! Sometimes when I mention various Catholic apps, folks look down their nose at me like I’m cheating or something. In truth, there are some absolutely wonderful apps out there that help any busy soul “get their prayer on.” I have the Holy Rosary app from EBS that I like, but I will definitely try the one you mention, too. Another GREAT app that I love is the Divine Office app from Surge Works…tough to lug around 4 volumes and whip ’em out to pray in the office, or on the bus, but Divine Office from Surge Works has all the prayers and hymns for the entire day, exactly what needs to be said, AND has audio, too! You mention the Confession app: the examination of conscience included therein has saved this Catholic’s forgetful fanny many times! I also use iMissal from Cantcha, which has the entire Missal, daily prayers, and Catholic news as well, for every day of the year. OK, enough with my infomercial here…point being, Catholicism plays quite well with technology, thank you, and these little apps are great places for Catholics to move toward “praying without ceasing.” Thanks again, Mark! God Bless….