Where’s Patton When You Need Him?

I am not making this up:

Soldiers don fake belly, breasts to better understand pregnant troops’ exercise concerns

One of our troops sent me that. He was… not pleased by this dumb piece of lefty sensitivity awareness raising being jammed down the throats of helpless soldiers.

That’s the thing about our Ruling Class: they treat our troops as slaves and experimental rats while they play around with their social theorizing and experiments in exporting hedonist crony capitalism to the outliers of the Empire by forcing them into umpteen repeat tours of duty while paying them crap wages. Then, they dump their remains in land fills and leave a million of them high and dry and without work when they come home. That kind of abuse and exploitation can only last so long before something snaps. Push our troops far enough long enough, and the day could well come when they might decide they would just as soon be the Ruling Class themselves rather than put up with the idiots in DC who shove them around like concrete. After all, our Ruling Class have only damp, pink hands and soft gelatinous bodies which have never worked or held a gun. Our troops actually own the guns. It’s a wonder that their sense of duty and honor has prevented mutiny before now.

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  • Michaelus

    This has to be propaganda aimed at making the Taliban risk everything in a one time all out attack right?

  • Faith

    Of all the degrading, stupid things . . . Sputter, sputter . . . There are no words!

  • Rachel K

    The silliest thing about this is that it doesn’t even accomplish what it purports to accomplish. Being pregnant involves a lot more than having a big heavy belly, and if you reduce it to that aspect, you may ironically think it’s actually easier than it really is.

    • Michelle

      Actually, that’s exactly what the male soldiers forced to do this stupid exercise are learning:

      “‘This whole thing is pretty uncomfortable,’ he [Sgt. Michael Braden] said of the 25-pound pregnancy simulator. But, ‘body armor is a lot heavier.’

      “Braden said he didn’t know there was such a thing as physical training for pregnant soldiers before he started the course.

      “‘I’ve learned that being pregnant is no excuse to avoid PT,’ he said.”

      Great. So, on top of everything else, these men are being taught contempt for pregnant women.

      • Rachel K

        Ugh. Yeah, I noticed that part. To have a more accurate simulation, they also need to raise the temperature of the room by about twenty degrees, decrease the level of oxygen so the soldiers are continuously short of breath, and stuff them full of heartburn-inducing foods before every PT session. Kicking them in the bladder repeatedly would also help, although you don’t get the full experience if the kicks don’t come from the inside . . .

        • Ollokot

          Yeah we do, it’s called wearing body armor. You try moving around in full battle rattle (70 lbs + strapped across your chest and waist).

          Try, just try, I dare you, to use the toilet with all that on.

          • Ollokot

            …and for the heartburn/urninary/bowel issues try living off of KBR for a year or more.

  • Mark R

    Constitutionally our military is under civilian control. Nonsense like this is a small price to pay.

  • Dan F.

    eh, i get the point of the continuing series but I’m not sure this one qualifies.

    My (admittedly cursory) reading of the article is that the point was to help the male NCOs teach the pregnancy PT without being intimidated or overly concerned about the pregnant soldiers but be able to provide the right training to get them back into their units as quickly as possible after giving birth.

    uncomfortable maybe but for what seems to me to be a good purpose (readiness of active duty soldiers) rather than social experimenting.

    Then again, ‘pregnant soldiers’ is it’s own kind of social experiment i suppose.

    • Cinlef

      Wait so does the US army not have maternity leave? If so then in what circumstances would pregnant soldiers ever be on active duty/need to physical training? [barring an existential crisis like an invasion of the continental USA which is unlikely enough it doesn’t bear mentioning]

      • Dan F.

        I’m not sure about maternity leave but they have 6 months from their delivery date to pass weight/height and fitness requirements. This training program (according to the article) has shown a drastic improvement in terms of the number of formerly pregnant soldiers who successfully pass those requirements.

        • S. Murphy

          It’s not really 6 mos from the baby’s birth – it’s 6 months from the day a medical officers declares you fit for full duty – which means healthy, and ready to engage in normal, everyday physical activity, not necessarily running the obstacle course 5x in a flak and kevlar. At least, that’s the case in the Marine Corps, and I suspect the Army does the same thing.
          Most women who’ve chosen to serve and to make it a career have a decent base of athletic fitness when they get pregnant, and, especially if they do what they can during the pregnancy- the MWR on base will offer ‘pregnancy aerobics,’ there’s usually a pool, etc – they don’t have too much trouble getting back within standards by the end of that 6 months.
          Sounds like the aim of he class was to show small-unit leaders how to set their soldiers up for success

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Maybe I’m crazy (or clearly sexist, or something?), but maybe we just shouldn’t put pregnant women on active duty?

    • Cinlef

      Is it even legal? Mandatory maternity leave for physically demanding jobs is the norm in Quebec where I’m from….

    • S. Murphy

      Active duty means employed full- time. It doesn’t necessarily mean your job is carrying the mortar base-plate on a 20-mile hike every Friday. If necessary, people can be put on light duty in later stages of pregnancy. If your job is programming routers, or running unit diary entries, you can do your daily work with problem. Pregnancy does make a woman non- deployable. People take maternity and paternity leave or permissive TAD (amounts to non- charged leave in this case) after the birth, and usually spend additional charged leave as well.

  • Well first off did you know Mother Margaret Georgina Patton, OSB is Patton’s granddaughter? She was on Al Kresta’s show yesterday.

    Social engineer using the military as lab rats seems to be a favorite of Democratic administrations. I remember while serving as a Chief, they were actually going to remove all the urinals from the heads onboard ship to make them equal with women’s heads. Of course this came about from the debacle of sending women to sea and since I served on the first Aircraft Carrier to deploy with women as crew I saw first hand the disaster that political correctness was and again we weren’t allowed to notice all the apparent problems.

    • Patrick

      “I served on the first Aircraft Carrier to deploy with women as crew I saw first hand the disaster that political correctness was and again we weren’t allowed to notice all the apparent problems.”

      Like what? That sounds fascinating.

      • Well everything you would expect from putting women and men together for cruises including a number of pregnancies while on a six months cruise and a couple of incidents of videotaping sex acts onboard. It certainly did not increase our readiness.

        The fact that many of the women were not able to fully perform their duties such as being able to carry fire fighting equipments endangered everyone. Just so many cases became exceptions. Sure some of the women were up to the physical tasks, but certainly not the majority of them.

      • Noah D

        I suggest watching the PBS series ‘Carrier’. It’s…eye-opening.

  • Margaret

    Ooooh, this whole thing has me cringing, not for the guys wearing the fake bellies, but for the gals, with the real bellies, and RELAXIN coursing through their bloodstreams. Lovely little hormone that (surprise!) relaxes every joint in the body. Nice in that someone with a chronically tight calf or shoulder will find it loosened up, but not so nice when other critical joints potentially become hypermobile. Yes, pregnant women need to exercise. But it needs to be well-supervised, and customized to the individual woman’s condition.

  • Irenaeus

    “We had been told, on leaving our native soil,” wrote the centurion Marcus Flavius to a cousin back in Rome, “that we were going to defend the sacred rights conferred on us by so many of our citizens [and to aid] populations in need of our assistance and our civilization.” For such a cause, he and his comrades had willingly offered to “shed our quota of blood, to sacrifice our youth and our hopes.” Yet the news from the homeland was disconcerting: The capital was seemingly rife with factions, treachery and petty politics. “Make haste,” Marcus Flavius continued, “and tell me that our fellow citizens understand us, support us and protect us as we ourselves are protecting the glory of the empire.”

    “If it should be otherwise, if we should have to leave our bleached bones on these desert sands in vain, then beware of the fury of the legions!”