A rather charming and funny Tale of the Unexplained that is rather fitting for the day after Lazarus Sunday.

Such things happen all the time and the greatest fool’s errand in the world is to waste time trying to ignore and avoid such stories. The world is stranger than we know.

Thanks be to God for his strange and wonderful gifts, through our Lord Jesus.

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  • Sherry Weddell

    Raising the dead is so 13th century (St. Dominic raised 4 people from the dead. Dominican priest Vincent de Ferrar raised something like 25 from the dead while performing something like 100,000 miraculous healings. A number of medieval Dominicans excelled at this kind of ministry.)

    I attended a display of 150 saint’s relic’s yesterday in Denver. The priest who does this (Fr. Carlos, a member of the Companions of the Cross) usually gives a one hour presentation on the history and theology of saints and relics before the veneration begins. One story he told was of a man born with paralyzed legs, who in his mid 50’s, was miraculously healed after venerating the most precious of the relics – the largest fragment of the cross in existence. A 9 year old girl with a huge tumor in her stomach touched all the relics and her tumor suddenly vanished.

    (And yes, I talked to him about his sources – almost all the relics come certified from the Vatican. Father has a collection of about 3,000 relics, some of which have been given to him by religious communities and dioceses.)

    You can touch all of them, pray, and even lift most and bless yourself with them. There were relics of St. Catherine of Siena, St. Dominic, St. Theres and Teresa, Ignatius, Francis de Sales, etc. After telling their stories for years, it was surprisingly thrilling to touch the relics of so many saints whose stories I knew.