Heather King is a fine writer

Barbara Nicolosi Harrington writes:

I am writing to recommend a new short work from my friend, Heather King. You might know Heather from her two best-selling books about her journey through alcoholism and into Catholicism, respectively Parched and Redeemed. Or you may know her from her just published book about St. Therese of Lisieux, Shirt of Flame. Once you read her writing you will appreciate her , as I do, as a great gift to the Church and the people of our time. She is a wonderful writer – profound and gritty and funny and completely infused with a Gospel spirituality. I have long thought of her as a Catholic Anne LaMott. In taking on her experience now as a post-abortive woman, Heather goes where Anne LaMott has never been able to go, and provides all of us with a much needed tool for helping us all help our post-abortive society.

I recommend that every adult read this piece, because we all know someone who has gone through an abortion, and this book offers real insight as one woman’s testimony of where abortion left her emotionally and spiritually, and how she found healing. Particularly, I recommend it for post-abortive women, but also for the men who have lost their children and the siblings who have lost their brothers and sisters through this most terrible of choices.

I also ask that you keep Heather in mind if you ever need a godly, prayerful, funny and powerful speaker for your church, prayer group, retreat or conference. We need to get her and her message out there.

The piece, POOR BABY: A Child of the 60’s Looks Back on Abortion can be downloaded from Amazon from here for a very small amount.

Please do pass this on to the four winds to help us get this work out there and to the hands of those among us who desperately need healing from abortion. Thanks you so much and God bless you.

Check thou it out!

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  • Claire

    She’s a great writer. I read Parched and Redeemed and can’t wait to read Shirt of Flame.

  • Sal

    Big fan of Miss King, but I don’t have, or want, a Kindle.
    Any other way to read this? I’d like to, very much.

  • Mark, thank you so much! My traffic has undergone a lovely surge and I attribute at least some of that to you–much appreciated. Keep up your own fine work. And a blessed, blessed Easter season to you and your readers…

  • Nelly

    Not sure I’d like to be compared with Annie Lamott, who wrote this about abortion: “I am so confused about why we are still having to argue with patriarchal sentimentality about teeny weenie so-called babies — some microscopic, some no bigger than the sea monkeys we used to send away for”. More here: http://articles.latimes.com/2006/feb/10/opinion/oe-lamott10/2