It turns out the former head of Mossad…

also thinks pre-emptive (read: “unjust”) war would have disastrous results–for Israel. Who knew Mossad was run by pro-mullah anti-semites?

Meanwhile, an opposition leader in Iran notes that Iranians, who are remarkably like human beings, have this bizarre tendency to solidify behind their leaders when foreigners start dropping bombs on them and that, because of this inexplicable patriotism and love of their homeland, an attack on Iran would be a “gift from God for the mullahs“. Me: I’d like to see the mullahs gone and their opposition, which seems to want out of the Bronze Age, take their place. Indeed, I even remember that, crazy as it sounds, something similar happened in our country after 9/11 with people like Rosie O’Donnell thanking God that George Bush and not Al Gore was president and getting in line to support their leadership in the face of huge violence done to their country. And so, since this tendency to put patriotism over factional differences does seem to be exhibited even by nearly-human Iranians, I think it inadvisable to plunge into unjust pre-emptive war with them, for much the same reason it was unwise for Japan to launch a pre-emptive war against us. Even near-humans can exhibit almost American levels of pique when you kill their wives and children in large numbers unjustly. And if Russia doesn’t appreciate your chickenhawk class’ election year need to look tough and throw some crappy little country against the wall just to show you mean business, you might discover that China wasn’t just whistling dixie when she warned of WWIII as a result of your rash pre-emptive war.

Speaking of China, it may pay for our chickenhawk classes to stop watching WWII movies and pretending every foe is Hitler and note what the politicians who fought WWII actually did when a murderous regime got the bomb. Instead of conflating brutality with courage and bravely sending other people to die in a war with China, or going all Dr. Strangelove on their nuke facilities, they learned to negotiate and avoided WWIII. True, we had our proxy wars in Korea and Vietnam (the latter resulting in Iraq levels of success for us). But the Cold Warriors were not dumb enough fall for the Ledeen doctrine with China or Russia, and fought the Commies with other means than pre-emptive war. Result: Communism has collapsed or been seriously co-opted (though China manages to combine the ugliest features of both communism and capitalism now). Still and all, that’s better than some Gotterdammerung courtesy of damp-handed Generation Narcissus draft dodgers plunging us into another war to prove to Daddy that they are men too.

The real men (and women) are the people like the brave and honorable folks I ‘ve met at various military bases in my travels, who have been shoveled around like concrete by these geopolitical geniuses for the past 10 years and who have endured family trauma, death, watching loved ones get buried in land fills by a grateful ruling class, family members unable to discuss what they have endured on the battlefield, unemployment upon retirement, and multiple endless deployments back in to futile and pointless attempts to build the Great Society abroad while watching their benefits get cut down to nothing at home–with the added chutzpah from their greedy and traitorous ruling swine that further sacrifice on their part will inspire people. I think a far better system would be for every elected member of the Federal Government to be stripped of everything they have gained beyond their salary since their election and the money to be place into a fund for our vets and active service military and their families. But then, I also think it would be cool to see pigs fly.

Human beings are only flesh and blood and our Ruling Classes can only abuse our troops for so long before a day of reckoning arrives.

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  • quasimodo

    In a day when your nation can be reduced to slag and rubble, without warning and in seconds, I ponder the unjustness of a non-nuclear preemptive strike to prevent such an attack.

    • Mark Shea

      You might also ponder what the Mossad Chief said. Unlike laptop bombardiers eager for war, he actually knows what he’s talking about.

      • quasimodo

        “Desk Top Bombardiers eager for war.”

        Do you me ?

        I did not comment on the Mossad Chief’s opinion. I tend to agree with him.

        I limited my comment to the area that troubles me: in this day of potential instant annihilation that just war doctrine would be used to thwart self defense against another try at elimination of the Jewish people. It is worth pondering.

        Catholic teaching is clear but I have had hundreds of hours of formal training in the church’s moral teaching (none of it on Just War) … enough to recognize that where the rubber meets the road it is not always easy to apply. If it were easy, there would be less emphasis on intention.

        • Mark Shea

          No. I don’t mean you. I have in mind more the readership things like Front Page Magazine and their chickenhawk sports writers.

  • Xpat

    I’m with you on Iran but to be fair I’m pretty sure Ledeen is, too (c.f. “the Ledeen doctrine”), and has been very consistently:

  • A preemptive strike is unlikely to succeed, regardless of the moral issues. The Mossad ex-chief is correct.

    But let’s not pretend we have obvious, good options that aren’t painful. Any decision we make hurts and is risky in a way where we really can’t afford to be wrong.

    If I had to choose today, I’d strategize like we’re in a new cold war. The last one was stressful and I was really hoping we were done with it, but there it is. I think we need to plan (I hope we already are planning) what the world will look like with a nuclear Iran. Understand, we may not like it.

    I’m glad I’m not making the decisions, I’ll tell you that.