Priest who denied communion to lesbian Buddhist placed on leave

and his faculties are removed. What gives? Ed Peters comments and he knows more than I do, so I’ll defer to him.

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  • Tom

    Mark, there are two things this story illustrates: (1) that the US Bishops are willing to punish the priest based on mere accusation; and (2) that the Left and its agents of evil are more than willing to use this weakness to smear anyone with the nerve to stand up for what is right/true/good. That is bad enough. But, perhaps the Bishops know more than has been reported. SO I am willing to wait for the truth to emerge. What is truly sad is that Catholics, who should know better, and who support evil (homosexuality, buddhism, etc.) are so willing to pile on to the priest without hearing the real cause. This, and the news coverage of it, shows all the signs of Satan’s work. The US Bishops showed some real backbone in standing up to Obama — and this will be only used to show that Catholicism is merely another Protestant like community — where each parish follows its own tune and has its own definition of morality.

    Shame on any Catholic (inlcluding the Bishops — if this political) who piles on this Priest. If his only crime is denying communion to self professed lesbian and buddhist — then he deserves our prayers and support.

  • Mark, I’ve been following this story since it first broke. Both of them are wrong, in my opinion.

    Why didn’t Father Guarnizo finish the Mass and accompany the family to the burial? The Mass was for Johnson’s mother, not her. That was disrespectful to the long time parishioner and faithful Catholic who the funeral Mass was for.

    Johnson had no business even expecting to receive Communion if she wasn’t a Catholic. Most non-Catholics respect our rules about Communion. Why didn’t she?

    The whole thing is a mess, and if Johnson was indeed trying to make a political statement with receiving Communion…appalling.

  • Chris

    Regardless of the situation, they need to send in a PR consultant and straighten out the ham-handed strategy of the Archdiocese. “Intimidation” is a rather loaded word. We have here a priest who is under fire for running afoul of the secular Golden Rule (anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any reason whatsoever, and keep your disapproval to yourself) and they trot out a letter accusing him of being “intimidating” in apparently other circumstances. What does that mean? If there’s an investigation and presumably nothing is yet proven, why even say something like that? Send him on a sabbatical, state it as such (it’s not a lie), and do an internal investigation of those allegations.

  • Clare Krishan

    “using God as a weapon” would seem to me to fall under an acceptable comprehension of intimidation – putting the fear of God into someone (as in photographing them entering abortion clinics like some cheap private eye)

    I think our Dear Lord put these two fallen characters in the sanctuary that day for our edification. Truely. Consider this a valuable teachable moment, top-down PR strategy and all.

  • Sharon

    Why didn’t Father Guarnizo finish the Mass and accompany the family to the burial?

    The truth, according to Stauffenberg,[ a source close to the incident], is that Fr. Guarnizo suffers from migraines which are triggered by stressful situations. He had a migraine during the funeral, and discreetly left after the first eulogy ended, looking for water to revive himself. When he returned to the sanctuary, Johnson was about five minutes into a eulogy that lasted around fifteen to twenty minutes.

    After the Mass was over, he accompanied the body in procession down the aisle and out the door to the hearse, where he informed the funeral director that he would be unable to make the 11 mile drive from the Church to the cemetery on Aspen Hill. He personally arranged for the funeral director to contact another local priest, Fr. Paul Sweeney, who joined the family at the cemetery

    The Mass was for Johnson’s mother, not her. That was disrespectful to the long time parishioner and faithful Catholic who the funeral Mass was for.

    It might be an idea to wait until you are across all of the facts before rushing into print with a condemnation.

    • I didn’t condemn him; I merely said I believe they were both wrong.

  • alex

    My wife has a friend who goes to that parish and works with the youth group there. She told her months ago that she went to the pastor to complain about Fr. G. coming to the youth meetings and yelling at them about the music they were playing (Christian rock). She told the pastor that all the kids will leave the group if Fr. G doesn’t stay away from it. Maybe some insight on his demeanor. But still he is a faithful priest who works hard at the nearby abortion clinic picketing and praying. maybe he’s just not pastoral enough and this really has nothing to do with the Communion issue as the archdiocese stated.