Tyranny 101

Get the public used to murdering, torturing and indefinitely detaining foreigners, then Americans abroad, and finally Americans at home. The State is protecting you! Only an enemy of all that is good and true and decent–only somebody who themselves have something to hide–can be opposed to stripping citizens of those silly “rights” when we are at war! Oh sure it was bad when Bush did it because he was an evil Republican. But now, with our God King, things are different. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Americans used to be able to afford the luxury of due process and civil rights. But if Caesar is going to keep you safe in these oh-so-special times, you have to be willing to sacrifice your freedom so he can do that efficiently. And if a few losers nobody will miss accidently wind up dead or eternally in prison without counsel or hope of escape from the clutches of Leviathan, well that’s the price we decent, normal, timid folk have to pay to keep quiet and have our bread and circuses. After all, *all* crime is a form of terrorism when you think about it. Our founding fathers never realized that, and therefore enshrined “rights” which only serve to coddle terrorists and slow down the efficient working of the state in protecting us from terror. As our Ruling Classes shake off those antiquated 18th century notions and erect the gleaming and efficient police state machine, we will all be much safer and more content, if we know what’s good for us.

Now let us sing:

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  • Anthony

    Their opposition to injustices perpetrated by the Bush administration is revealed to be mere tribalism and not at all based on moral principles. As long as it’s “their guy” in power it’s all ok. Although the same could be said for Republicans.

    • RLM

      I don’t know about that, Anthony. I’m a conservative and I had my doubts that the Iraq war really fulfilled the requirements of just war doctrine. I know many others who vote Republican and who felt the same way and, furthermore, who also found the Patriot Act and other encroachments on our liberties to be very troubling.
      Being in academia and living in a true-blue neighbourhood in a very blue state, I am around loony left-wingers all the time. I can honestly say I’ve never heard a single Democrat denounce Obama’s perpetuation and escalation of the police state, in stark contrast to the honest doubts I’ve heard conservative Catholics voice over the Bush administration’s practices.

      • R. Howell

        I am not 100% certain that Glenn Greenwald is a Democrat, but he is certainly a prominent figure on the Left who has vociferously criticized Obama on this subject.

      • Donna Miller

        I’ve seen a few liberals forthrightly denounce Obama’s perpetuation and escalation of the police state, but more often, there is some vague mumbling into their sleeves about “disappointment”. I use the term”disappointment” for things like watching the Packers do a one and done in the playoffs last year, not for things like junking our civil liberties because 19 murderous thugs blew up some buildings a decade ago.

        I’ve heard some liberals blame the Republicans for Obama’s actions, or even praise him (“He must have some sort of classified intelligence that shows what he is doing is necessary”). The latter group owes Bush and Cheney an apology.

        • Donna Miller

          No offense meant to Mark, who I’m guessing is a Seahawks fan!

  • John

    So it’s coming from Left and “right”. Now what? I’d encourage us all to get to know some Vietnamese refugees, some Africans and Eastern Europeans personally because they have lived experience under overt, social and political persecution.

    This is no longer “tinfoil” – a fully operational “battlestation” of a federal government can crush any individual or small group of individuals into powder. So effective opposition has to be passive.

    Go paper-less (and computerless) for essential communication.
    Geo-cache priceless heirlooms – like Catechisms, bibles, “cultural and religious seed corn”…
    Create priest-holes and other places of refuge where the faith can be taught and practiced in secret – beware of spies and informants and UAVs with thermal/infrared imaging (i.e. go underground or into interior rooms).

    Network with trust worthy people for the sake of catechizing the next generation.

    Avoid all hostilities, flee anyone who would preach armed resistance as right now they’re almost certainly either insane or actively employed by an alphabet agency to get you in trouble.

    When government bureacracies and political parties get this sort of power they rarely give it up – it becomes cultural. So the anecdote is similarly a cultural one that’ll take generations.

    The People can only be a counter-weight when the numbers are overwhelming. But even Mexico experienced a hundred years of open persecution of the Church by the top 10% who were masons and atheists (but who happened to control all the means of production and army).

    England’s anti-Catholic persecution lasted 150 years and the faith survived there only underground for well over 200 years from the 1550’s to the 1750s and the ‘thaw’ came only with an influx of French refugees fleeing the Terror of the 1780s…. and who brought their priests with them.

    It’s not only possible, it’s LIKELY. There’s more than enough people in power, with serious mental and moral chips on their shoulders against Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular, to go “kinetic” against the Church and any individual Catholic they deem “a threat to their way of life” and “human rights”.

    Being a public personality (ahem Mark) won’t save you but neither will being a ‘silent’ one if you’ve a relative who plays for the other team and has a reason to sell you out. So martyrdom or a life of poverty and hardship is very possible for us all as the price to pay for fidelity to the faith.

    So it’s a gut check time and a time for hasty preparations of “continuity of Catholicism” tools which we may not have the time or freedom to establish tomorrow.

    Now we need to live the virtue of loving our enemies and praying for those who wish us harm.

  • http://7kids6dice1gamerdad.wordpress.com Raul

    How on earth did we end up with this guy? We knew little to nothing about him. He spent less time in the Illinois senate than I spent in high school. I am still quite baffled.

  • Johnb

    What an insult to Reggae that was….

  • Anthony

    “… the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.”
    Robert E. Lee, Lexington, Vir., 15 Dec. 1866, in his letter to John Dalberg Acton

  • keddaw

    I don’t agree with much of what you say on your site, but you do hammer this point with accuracy and ferocity. I just wish more religious people would see the danger here (in the massive, encroaching, spying state as a whole, not Obama specifically). I really wish progressives would stop being apologists for what is, in essence, treason by their Commander In Chief.

    PS. See you in Guantanamo…

  • Ted Seeber

    Oddly enough though, our founding fathers *did* pass the Alien and Sedition Acts, which did this before. And of course, as late as WWII, we were rounding up 2nd Generation Americans (the Nisei Japanese) into internment camps. Now it’s our turn as Catholics.

  • Ted Seeber

    As for seeing the power of the state as opposed to Obama, one need look no further than last week’s vote on the Blunt Amendment.