A Question…

…about the HHS Snow Job.

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The Trump-Protecting Anti-Trumper
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  • I hate to say it, but I think these utterly baffling fatalistic leaps come directly from feminism. Take any feminist issue and you will see the same bizarre tendencies. “If you make abortion illegal than millions of women will die getting back-alley abortions, thus you hate women and want them to die.” I don´t know if it´s because feminists need to make drama in order to feel relevant, or if they just get high off the fumes of indignation, but such things depress me. It makes me question whether the old sod about women being more “emotion than reason” doesn´t have some truth to it, and that makes me want to cry. Lord, show me at least one thinking woman capable of a reasonable and nuanced position, who can critically engage a diversity of views without reducing her interlocutors to “enemies of the good” and screaming memes at them.

  • ds

    I don’t think the HHS mandate is that bad. I think the reasoning behind it is that whether or not a particular medicine or treatment is good for a woman is a choice best made by that woman and her doctor. I don’t think coverage decisions should be influenced by whether or not it offends the employer. I don’t really see it as a freedom of religion thing, thought I acknowledge there are aspects of freedom of religion to it.

    • “I don’t think coverage decisions should be influenced by whether or not it offends the employer.”

      If the employer is paying for it, he has a right to make such distinctions. Being an employee does not give me a right to my employer’s money.

      Besides which, the premium that the employer pays is simply a part of my paycheck that doesn’t go to me. I’d rather have that and purchase an individual plan.

    • Ted Seeber

      The reason it’s bad: it is a first salvo at redefining pregnancy as a disease to be eradicated at the service of the radical environmentalists.

      • ds

        I don’t see it Ted. Frankly, that’s pretty weird.

        • Ted Seeber

          That’s because you don’t live in the People’s Republic of Oregon, where salmon are more important than people to the extent that we actually have a group called Environmentalists for the Extinction of Humanity (luckily so far they leave almost everybody else alone, after their eugenics program was stepped on by the Supreme Court back in the 1960s).