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UPDATE: Readers have brought to my attention that Pure Fashion is one of the many tentacles of the Legionaries and Regnum Christi, which I would avoid supporting.

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  • Sandra Miesel

    Challenge and their “Pure Fashion” shows are tentacles of the Legionaries of Christ. At this stage of history, do we want to support anything connected with the LCs?

    • Mark Shea

      I missed the Legionary link. Can you point me to it? If so, I will caution my readers.

  • NYa

    If you go to the Pure Fashion website, it says “Regnum Christi” at the very bottom on their homepage. Or else you can take a look at this very long – and very important – list compiled by Erin Manning:

    • Please note that Erin’s list is pretty old, so the info she compiled may not be accurate anymore.

      • Hi, Simcha! I do make the best effort I can to keep the list accurate. I have tweaked the list over the years and will continue to do so. If an organization has definitely cut ties and someone sends me the information, I note that. For instance, I noted that the Register was sold to EWTN; on the other hand, I don’t have clear information that Faith and Family no longer has any LC/RC association (but would love to share that if so).

        More to the subject matter at hand, though: I shared some information about Pure Fashion in a blog post four years ago, here:
        I then received several emails from then then-director of the program insisting that the quote I referenced about the costs of the program were not accurate (but with no data as to the “real” costs) and some pressure to take the post down; I finally responded to those tactics here:

        I will note that, having looked up the Beloit show, it would appear that ticket prices have dropped considerably! Tickets used to run about $40 per person for the shows four years ago, and are now being advertised at a local radio station for $5 per person–a much more reasonable cost for an amateur fashion show with volunteer teen models.

        • Oh, sorry, Erin – I saw the mention of the Register and Circle Media in third paragraph, but didn’t notice (even though you put it in bold!) that you made a note about EWTN in the list section. Good for you for keeping current on the list!

  • Faith Roberts

    Is this a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water? I never liked Regnum Christi but I think the Pure Fashions are great.

  • (Scratching head)…..did I miss something? Refresh my stodgy memory please!!

  • Sharon

    Catholic Spiritual Direction is a wonderful Faith filled blog, totally faithful to the Magisterium. My prayer life has benefited greatly from this blog.

    I don’t know much about the Legion of Christ. Are these blogs “named and shamed” because they are unfaithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church or just because they have some affiliation to the Legion of Christ and/or Regnum Christi?

  • Sharon, some people have trouble supporting or being involved with Legion of Christ/Regnum Christi associated organizations because of the troubled history of the Legion, including its founding by a man who is known to have been a molester and who structured the organization in such a way as to hide his proclivities. Although officially the Legion has admitted the founder’s failings and resolved to cooperate with the Vatican in a reformation, their tendency to be a bit secretive about their various activities seems to continue and is not, in my personal opinion, a good sign. There are serious questions as to the charism of the Legion (given that religious orders usually take their charism from the founder, and yet a man who was deceiving the Church throughout his life can’t really be said to have had a true charism according to some analysis) and about its future. It would seem to me to be an act of both prudence and charity for those Catholics not already involved in the order to take a patient, “wait and see” approach in order to let the Vatican conduct a true re-formation of the order before supporting its works and ministries, which may in any case be seriously curtailed depending on some still-ongoing facets of the Vatican oversight of this order. Whether that prudence extends to not getting involved with or financially supporting the Legion or its works at this point will be a decision each Catholic will have to make for himself, of course.

    • Thanks….I was wondering that myself….I had either forgotten about this or never heard about it.

  • Sharon

    Thanks for the reply Erin. So does that mean that the have been blogs “named and shamed just because they have some connection to the Legion of Christ and not because they are unfaithful, as far as one can tell from a blog, to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church?

    • Named, yes, Sharon. Shamed? That depends on whether you think the Legion of Christ/Regnum Christi has anything to be ashamed of. The typical LC/RC answer is: no, of course not! We thought Maciel was a holy man! Now we know he wasn’t (though some of us still hang his picture in places of honors, read his letters and recite the prayers he is supposed to have written). So we’re committed to a new era of transparency and openness, which we will demonstrate by starting all kinds of new ministries and apostolates which will do a much, much better job of hiding the LC/RC connection than the old ones did–after all, all those pesky Internet types pointed out that K4J and Pure Fashion and so on were RC apostolates, and that hasn’t helped. But we’re faithful Catholics committed to the Magisterium–so why shouldn’t we start apostolates to make money for the Legion? Other faithful Catholics committed to the Magisterium start apostolates every day! etc.

      To me, there is still a lot for the LC/RC to be sorry about–sorry for helping Maciel hide his true nature, even unwittingly, sorry for the women with whom he illicitly fathered children, sorry for the male victims of sexual abuse, many of them minors whose lives were destroyed, sorry for the spiritual abuses of members of the LC/RC organization, sorry for the focus on growing the Legion at all costs, and so forth. And during a period of quiet reflection and repentance it seems to me that the order should be focused on turning inward to root out the problems, simplify the apostolates, shut down the ones that are unnecessary or that duplicate work being done better by others elsewhere in the Church, and commit themselves to a period of quiet in order to re-found the order and determine its true charism. In fact, this is what the Church seems to want the Legion to do, so ultimately it will be the Church which will determine if the Legion’s present course of action is sufficiently obedient.

      In the meantime, some people who were “burned” by unknown Legion affiliation in the past (e.g., signing a child up for “Conquest” or “Challenge” only to have the leadership start demanding donations for the Legion or Regnum Christi in addition to demanding the child be sent for “vocation discernment” at ages too young for this discernment to take place in some cases) don’t want to sign up for a new parish women’s Bible study only to discover that the whole thing is based on Legion/Regnum Christi formation practices. So I maintain the list as a public service, since the LC/RC hasn’t reached the point where they’re willing to come in openly and say: “Introducing a new Catholic women’s Bible Study group proudly created and run by Regnum Christi!” Which is odd–I mean, if the Secular Franciscans run a Bible study, for instance, you don’t usually have to hunt around on obscure websites (mine) to find out that the program in question is a Secular Franciscan creation.

      One final thing: it’s common practice for people involved with LC/RC to try to tag those who raise any negatives with the “uncharitable” label. So, for the record: it is not uncharitable for me to maintain a list the purpose of which is to help people figure out when schools, programs, apostolates or ministries have ties to the Legion of Christ and/or Regnum Christi. If the Legion of Christ and/or Regnum Christi would clearly label every program they or their lay apostolates are heavily involved with or running, my list would no longer be necessary.

  • Glynn

    The main point you are all missing is that you need to see past the sins of other people in all institutions. The Pure Fashion program is outstanding, it is not a “tentacle.”

    The Holy See and the LC are doing a great job of working together, and by early 2013 there may be a refoundation. There are very few, if any, Catholic institutions (parishes, Lifeteen, various scandals financial or otherwise included) which have not had a troubled past. You are wasting your time on this earth condemning and instead should be seeking Christ. However, when anyone of you hear this, you complain even though it is true…so I wonder…you all need a great deal of prayer.