Regarding My Question the Other Day

about “In what sense do we live in a democracy when we so consistently wind up with frontrunners nobody wants?”:

I’m inclined to think that this and this has rather a lot to do with explaining the phenomenon. I don’t believe in “smoke-filled rooms” or people jiggering voting machines. I do believe (and think it rather obvious) that monied interests have become extremely skilled at what has aptly been described as “manufacturing consent”: giving people the illusion that they are freely choosing something when they are, in fact, being skillfully and persistently herded toward something our Masters of Persuasion in corporate media and in the political classes (and the powers and principalities Paul speaks of) want. It’s not an exact science and sometimes a significant enough percentage of people refuse to be herded that other plans must be made to adapt (an example of this is the intransigent prolife movement, which has been a problem for many years). But, as the nomination of Romney demonstrates, the prolife movement can be minimized and (as many will be) co-opted by the old “IF YOU DON’T VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN THINGS TOO TERRIBLE TO DESCRIBE WILL HAPPEN!!!!” strategy that has worked for decades–as though Romney cares in the slightest. And so, consent will again be manufactured.

Since it is the case that it is our Ruling Class against the rest of us, the trick is to have two candidates who will both be faithful guardians of the interests of the Ruling Class. We now have that locked in. Partisans of each will now man the barricades, vigilant again the Awful Consquences of the Other Guy Getting Elected. But the folks in that chart above will cast the real deciding votes because American elections are, in the end, about the best politicians money can buy.

Put not your trust in princes, but in the Lord Jesus Christ.

HT: Caelum et Terra

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  • Tominellay

    …lots o’ newly unbound Santorum delegates for Paul to harvest…our glass is half full…

    • ds

      Your glass is delusional.

    • Ted Seeber

      Only when Paul comes forward and DEFIANTLY rejects the atheism of Rand and Mises.

  • Thomas R

    Although I’m not planning on voting for either you do go a bit too far at times. I am living in this life not the next for the foreseeable future so there will be times I might want to vote for someone who can win or live in the world.

    Much of what you’re saying sounds close to Noam Chomsky, I don’t pull that from nowhere as “Manufactured Consent” was his deal, or something. If America is so full of corporate or Hollywood brainwashing or whatever I’d say if you have the money to leave you really do need to consider it. Even if America is like a parent I don’t know that it’s immoral to get away from child abuse. Maybe there’s some “uncle nation” out there that won’t mistreat you that you can move in with.

    L. Brent Bozell Jr. looks to be one who decided the US is just not easily reconcilable with the Catholic conscience. This is not something I’m totally unsympathetic toward.

    • Ted Seeber

      I don’t have the money to leave. I have relatives that have been in this land for 10,000 years. And thus, I’m attracted to Cascadia Separatism, which would include Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Alsaska (basically the original Salish/T’Chinook trading nation and language grouping) as it’s own, self-sufficient nation.

      • Now you’re talking! You may be surprised how many people in your neck of the woods feel the same way.

        It ain’t only the Southerners that think and dream of secession..

  • Money may have a lot to do with it, but I’m inclined to think it’s a product of the “Middle Man” mentality, that the best candidate is the one that doesn’t rock the boat. I go into it here:

  • The election is over. Tyrant Obama will win because the free-loaders, marxists, socialists and white-guilt-ers will vote him back in.

    This will be the final election, if it even happens at all. I do pray I am wrong, but regardless, this forced relationship of 50 states under the cannons and rifles of DC is a lie, and the only way to cure it is for the “states” to regain their sovereignty and become States again. That’s what I am working towards.

    • ds

      So what percent of the voting populace do you imagine each of those to be? Are the avowed Marxists and Socialists really two separate voting groups or can we just lump them in together?

      I’m white but I don’t feel guilty. Don’t really feel like a freeloader either.

  • Lisa

    Here’s an idea: pray for Romney. Cardinal Burke said this week that participating in Obamacare will be “formal cooperation” in sin. Our pastor told my husband’s men’s club that if Obama is re-elected “you should prepare yourself for martyrdom.”

    Pray for Romney, pray that he will resore religious freedom, pray he will appoint conservative justices, pray that he gets elected. The only alternative is the further establishment of the culture of death. Of course he’s not perfect, neither are you.

    • Cardinal Burke said this week that participating in Obamacare will be “formal cooperation” in sin.

      Correction: Cardinal Burke said that participating in the contraception mandate would be formal cooperation in sin. Big difference.

      The only alternative is the further establishment of the culture of death. Of course he’s not perfect, neither are you.

      That’s not the only alternative, and if you’re hanging your hopes of anything that resembles a Christian society on Romney or Obama, prepare to be disappointed.

      Having lived in Massachusetts for his entire governance, my problem with Romney is a simple one: I. Just. Don’t. Trust. Him.

      Either he was lying then or he’s lying now. I can’t figure out which one is worse.

      • Lisa

        ***that’s not the only alternative***

        Yes it is. Sure you can vote for Tommy Smuthers if you want, but it’s a vote for BHO. A third party candidate has a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of being elected. “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!”

        ***there’s a big difference***

        As a Mormon there is one thing Romney will not do: interfere with religion. BHO already has interfered with the church. On that basis alone, you should vote for Mitt as many times as you can.
        Not really, since the law does not allow you to opt out of the parts you are opposed to.

        • Andy, Bad Person

          Sure you can vote for Tommy Smuthers if you want, but it’s a vote for BHO.

          Repeating a lie a hundred times doesn’t make it true. A vote for Smuthers is a vote for Smuthers. The only way to vote for Obama is to cast a vote for Obama.

          Why is it that if I vote for Smuthers, I’m really voting for Obama? Why does a third-party vote have its “real” value dictated by you. Couldn’t you just as easily say that a vote for Smuthers is a vote for Romney? Or Paul?

        • Thomas R

          I’ll concede this does work, after a fashion, if one is a consistent voter for the Republican. In that case they are “losing a vote” if you switch. Which subtracting from one benefits the others in comparison and as Obama is the main other benefits him.

          However if you are not reliably Republican than I don’t think it works the same. I am fairly reliably Republican in voting, but not absolutely so. Shea’s likely less Republican than me. So they’re not losing a vote they expect. This is even more true if the person is a swing-voter equally likely to vote for either party or if they are a consistent independent. In either case a third-party vote is either taking a vote from either possibility or is maintaining the status quo.

    • Richard Johnson

      Which Romney should we pray for? Should we pray for the Romney who governed Massachusetts as a centrist, or the Romney who has run (so far) as a conservative?

      • Ted Seeber

        THIS is Romney running as a conservative? God Bless America- because it seems nobody else will.

  • Michael

    >I don’t believe in “smoke-filled rooms” or people jiggering voting machines.

    I understand the first part since it is illegal to smoke indoors in all but private residences most places in the country but do you actually believe that voting machines are not capable of being manipulated or do you believe people are not capable of manipulating votes?

    This is first sin I of which I have heard that people are just too virtuous to ever commit.

  • Marcus

    NPR’s “This American Life” had an interesting show about money & politics last week:

    It is rather interesting that contrary to conventional thinking that lobbyists have to sneak around D.C. buying politicians off, lobbyists actually have to duck politicians calls because they are all looking for money. And as someone pointed out, the poor have poor lobbyists, so no wonder politicians ignore them.

    • That’s the story now. When the GOP takes the WH and Congress (it’s a pipe dream at this point) that story will change and charges of K Street running the country will be rampant again.

      • Richard Johnson

        Yes, that will be the meme in the media. And the meme in the halls of the GOP Congress will be to focus on anything OTHER than reform. Meanwhile the Democrats will take up the hymnbooks discarded by the former GOP minority and start calling for meaningful reform.

        It’s kinda like a chorus singing a two part round, except the chorus isn’t trying to screw you over.

  • Thomas Sowell on the fallacy of Romney’s “inevitability” and how he’s doomed to lose to Obama if (when) nominated:

    Its either Romney the professional fundraiser (Romney had about $76 million in total receipts – much of which has already been spent on the drawn-out primary) with no vision or its Obama the superior professional fundraiser (Obama and the Democratic Party so far have raised a combined $300 million) with a vision (even if misaligned). Charismatic Obama has the clear advantage when paired off with an obvious establishment shill who nobody likes.

    Romney is doomed to lose so you might as well vote for someone who you actually like and who has the same principles that you do.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I hope your pastor was being tongue-in-cheek, because hyperbole like that doesn’t really serve anything. No one seriously thinks Obama is going to start lining up Christians and shooting them. That’s just silly.

    Conservative justices and Republican Presidents aren’t going to solve anything. Look back on the last 30 years. Have Republican Presidents promoted the culture of life or death? (The correct answer is the latter.)

    We should pray for all our leaders, no matter who they are. But Mr. Shea’s original post has it right: Put not your trust in princes.

    • Obama may not pull the trigger, but he may be the enabler.

      To wit; how many people sounded the alarm when the Patriot Act was passed? I know many on this blog did….sad to say I wasn’t at the time, and I actually advocated and defended it……now look at it, it is a tool for ANY (so-called) president to take away more freedom from the populace in the name of “security”, whereas it really *is* what all of the alarm sounders said it would be….they were, and still are, right and I and many others (most of whom still support it) were wrong, wrong, wrong.

      Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!!! Ora pro nobis peccatorabus!

  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    “Obama may not pull the trigger, but he may be the enabler.”

    We’re on the slope (as is most of the formerly Christian West), but we’re a long way from the bottom yet. There is still hope.

    But we really should be praying for the conversion of our nation and that the Gospel might go forth and be received. That’s a much more effective prayer than begging God for a Republican President and Supreme Court. That’s a prime case of, “Be careful what you wish for.”

    Obama and Romney may be being used by the Enemy. But they aren’t the Enemy. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood. Or empty suits. 😉

  • Finally! I’ve been saying for weeks that the Republicans will never take either conservatives or prolifers seriously as long as we come tamely to heel when they whistle for us. This idea that we have to vote for the Republican because the sky will fall if we don’t is the reason why we make no headway in influencing political life. It’s a question of “Why buy the cow when milk is so cheap?” I don’t propose to be the Republicans’ last-minute girlfriend, and I’m glad to hear that you don’t either.