Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

Please pray for family members of mine who are having difficulty with their marriage.

Father, hear our prayer for the complete healing and restoration of this marriage through Christ our Lord. St. Joseph and Mother Mary, pray for them.

Another reader writes:

My good friend, who works for me and who is also the daughter of my landlady, has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer, Her mom, my landlady, is a Holocaust survivor, What do you say to a Holocaust survivor whose only daughter is dying of cancer? I am heartbroken in more ways than one. Please ask your readers to remember this family in their prayers.

Father, hear our prayer that this heavy cross be lifted, or else that grace would be supplied so that it will issue in life and not death through Christ crucified. Grant this woman healing and her mother hope. Give my reader grace, peace and strength through Christ Jesus. Mother Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for them.

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  • We’re praying for them and have included them in our OZY Prayer Warrior Book. The Prayer Warrior email will go out this week to more than 200 OZY Prayer Warriors. Copy and paste this web address to become an OZY Prayer Warrior:

    On a personal note, offering a 54 day Novena is very powerful.

    Your kin in Christ- OZY Rosary Bracelets

  • Clare Krishan

    Praying in PA with Boeteia, Our Lady Help of Christians, Saint John Chrysostom and Saint John Bosco

    * The Fathers of the Church referred to Mary as Βοετεια “the helper.” John Chrysostom used the title in a homily of 345, Don Bosco established his apostolate amongst the street urchins of Turin in her honor, and Pius VII instituted today’s feastday in gratitude for his release from 3-yr Napoleonic republican captivity the day he returned to Rome in 1814 (gotta love Wikipedia, eh!).

  • Clare Krishan

    While images can vary (scepter and orb are common symbols of celestial majesty, for example as patroness of Bavaria and Australia) I’m fond of the Chinese style ‘Our Lady of Sheshan’ elevating the majestic Christ child as a beacon to the lost or lonely, see here:

  • maritza

    solo oren por mi vida espiritual