Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

A while ago I asked for some prayers for a young man I was working with who was trying to discern is he should become a priest. The priest who works with with these young men advised my student to complete his BA, he is in a program to become a special educator. He was to go student teaching this fall, but to do so he had to pass a test from the state (his grades are not the best). He received the notice that he did not pass the test. He can take it again in June. But right now he is thinking of quitting college. This is a problem on several levels – to enter the pre-vocational program in our diocese he needs his BA; student teaching would give him the confidence in his abilities to work with all sorts of people, a skill needed to be a priest, and completing the degree whether he becomes a priest or not would help his self-efficacy. COuld you please ask your readers to offer a prayer for this young man as he prepares again for this test and for his decison making process.

Father, help this young man pass his test, do well in school, and find the path you have for him. Mother Mary and St. Jean Vianney, pray for him. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Another reader writes:

If you and your readers would offer a prayer for my grandmother, I would greatly appreciate it.

Father, hear our prayer for this woman, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Mother Mary and St. Anne, pray for her.

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