Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

A reader writes:

I am requesting prayers for my good friend Joe. He was in a serious motorcycle accident last year and has required regular medical supervision since then. His wife has spent the last year caring for him, but a few days ago she told him she wants a divorce. I guess I am requesting prayers for both of them.

Father, hear our prayer for Joe’s complete healing, and for hope, grace, and strength for his wife, that she will be faithful to her vows and find your life and grace in this trial. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them. St. Luke, pray for them.

Another reader writes:

Mark, this is one powerful community of prayer which your readers have made! The surgeon checked my dh’s wound and with tremendous relief I can report that there is only healthy tissue and no sign of necrotizing fasciitis. The surgeon herself was very surprised, as she had been quite concerned. I never thought a gaping wound could be described as beautiful, but this one surely is because it is infection free. He still has a long road to being able to go home, as this is quite deep, but the doc had to make it so in order to eliminate this infection. That Divine Mercy—–sure can’t beat it! (And a hug to you, too, Mark!)=

Father, all praise, honor, and glory be yours through Jesus Christ for this answer to prayer! Continue healing him through the same Christ our Lord. Amen! (And way to go, troops!)

A reader writes:

I have a prayer request. I’ve gotten myself into financial problems and am trying to solve them but they are beginning to seem hopeless. If I can’t solve them quickly it will affect my work (I may even lose my job). Please pray for me and ask your readers to do the same. Thanks

Father, you are the God of Providence. We ask that you would help this reader find the resources necessary to deal with this, and preserve her in her job. Grant her the grace of hope in you, and the knowledge that whatever happens, you remain God and will provide for her. Mother Mary, pray for her. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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